• October 25th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    this weekend is gonna rule. not only is there a vegan halloween party on saturday, but there’s a pop-up all you can eat vegan brunch on sunday to celebrate dia de los muertos and benefit one of our favorite charities, ARME!

    advance tickets are only ten bucks (they go up to $15 the day of), and i highly encourage you to RSVP sooner rather than later. not only because the event will probably sell out, but because the organizers want to be sure to cook enough food for everyone to be absolutely stuffed. the menu is looking insane: think herb roasted potatoes, smoked jackfruit burritos, seitan sausage, aztec tofu scramble, muffins, sweet rice, drinks, and cocktails for an additional charge! if there’s one thing LA is missing, it’s an all you can eat vegan sunday brunch. let’s take advantage of this one, even if it’s just for one weekend!

    more details after the jump…

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  • September 11th, 2011quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), portland

    that’s right. it’s sunday, which means sweetpea baking in portland is holding its weekly all you can eat vegan buffet…and today is biscuits and gravy day!

    there is a whole lot of good food to eat in pdx, and if you are there on a weekend, make sure to put sweetpea’s sunday brunch buffet at the top of your list. it’s ten bucks for all you can eat, and it’s absolutely fantastic. it starts at 9am, and be sure to get there early because it gets crowded pretty quickly.

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  • July 5th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, savyon cafe

    another one bites the dust! after just a couple of months, savyon cafe on pico has decided to discontinue their all you can eat vegan sunday buffet.

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  • June 29th, 2011quarrygirldoomie's, LA restaurants

    yes, yes, YES!! doomie’s may have been temporarily thwarted and shut down due to an electrical fire…but that’s not gonna stop them from throwing an epic all you can eat buffet this holiday weekend to use up their food. WE CANNOT LET THAT FOOD GO BAD, RIGHT? we all need to hit up this buffet.

    crazy vegan stuff from doomie's: croissants, "pulled pork" sandwich, "fried chicken", gorgeous dessert things.

    plus, a mere ten bucks for a bottomless serving of the insanity that is doomie’s cuisine is just way too good to pass up, no matter what the circumstances. here are the details:

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  • June 14th, 2011mr meanerlondon, more restaurants (not LA)

    Indian-inspired curries are the national dish of my home country, England. We Brits eat an astonishing 3.5 Indian dishes per person EVERY WEEK, we have over 10,000 Indian restaurants (as opposed to “only” 1,400 McDonald’s outlets) and Tikka Masala is the number one consumed dish by a very wide margin in the UK. Indeed, Fish and Chips have long been relegated to and also-ran in the national culinary identity league.

    As a vegan, I’ve yet to find an Indian restaurant that can’t cater to my preferences. Most can prepare vegan dishes if you ask that they not be cooked with butter ghee, and instead use oil or vegetable ghee and omit any yoghurt or cream. Also, there are many Indian restaurants (often Hindu owned or run) which have a strict lacto-ovo vegetarian policy having no meat anywhere on the premises.

    One such restaurant in London is Indian Veg Bhelpoori House which has stood for over 30 years on picturesque Chapel Market in Islington, a few minutes walk from Angel tube station or a nice stroll from busy King’s Cross station. Chapel Market is a narrow cobbled street that has hosted a daily market since Victorian times. Despite much modernization and full immersion into the cultural smorgasbord of the area, Chapel Market oozes old time London – one could be in the 1940s or the 2000s. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell depending on your viewing angle.

    Crammed into what looks like the ground floor space of three large Georgian houses, Indian Veg Bhelpoori House has loud green banners outside proclaiming things like “A vegetarian diet will save the world!” and “Come and try our £3.95 all-you-can-eat buffet!”. Yes, the restaurant is at the same time lovingly familiar yet absolutely quirky.

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  • April 16th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, savyon cafe

    vegans, rejoice! savyon cafe on pico has officially decided to offer their all you can eat vegan buffet every sunday from 11:30am to 4pm!

    every sunday at lunchtime! all you an eat for $8.99!

    from what i hear, this buffet is killer…

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  • April 6th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, savyon cafe

    have you been following this savyon cafe stuff?! two weeks ago, the pico restaurant introduced an all vegan sunday lunch buffet.

    they debuted with an epic spread, but nobody showed up to eat it. they figured they should cease the buffet due to low attendance, but still decided to give it another go. this time, though, TOO MANY people showed up…and savyon ran out of food! it’s a shame, because apparently their cuisine is like insane, tasty, life-altering shit. check out the yelp reviews about the buffet—they make me feel like WE ALL NEED TO EAT THIS FOOD IN UNLIMITED PORTIONS….

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  • March 30th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, savyon cafe

    great news, people! savyon cafe on pico has decided to give the all you can eat vegan buffet another try this sunday from 11:30am to 4pm.

    we heard their buffet last weekend was incredible, but it suffered from poor attendance. luckily for us, the owner is giving it another shot, so let’s show some support. here are the details:

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  • March 27th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, savyon cafe

    sadly, we were otherwise engaged and missed the epic all you can eat vegan buffet at savyon today. however, ken from living eco was kind enough to send us loads of photos just to make us jealous. i thought i’d share them with you guys in tonight’s quick bite.

    vegan minions, please make it priority to check out savyon ASAP. they’ve recently added a separate all vegan menu, and their food is apparently delicious. unfortunately, the turn out for today’s buffet wasn’t super impressive…so they may not do it again in the future. WHAT?! that’s fucked up! let’s show them that the vegan demand in LA is strong. we need more options, always. go to savyon and order off the vegan menu, pronto. alright, i will step down off my soapbox now and share ken’s great pictures from the buffet. here ya go:


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  • March 25th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, savyon cafe

    whoa LA vegan dudes, this is epic! in the past few days, savyon cafe on pico has not only added an entirely new and separate vegan menu…but they’ve decided to offer an ALL YOU CAN EAT VEGAN LUNCH this sunday from 11:30am-4:00pm for $8.99. do you already have plans? cancel that shit! you know you gotta go to this.

    i haven’t eaten at savyon yet, but i’m dying to check this place out. they have some positive vegan yelp reviews, and the owner is all about making the menu super vegan-friendly. i mean, they are holding an exclusively vegan all you can eat special this weekend with over 20 items! i can’t even name a vegan restaurant in this town that’s willing to do that.

    savyon is taking the healthy vegan route, and their entire menu is made from scratch with real, unprocessed ingredients. here’s a menu of what’s going to be at the all you can eat special this sunday:

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  • November 22nd, 2010quarrygirldoomie's, LA restaurants

    the pre-opening doomie’s home cookin’ all you can eat brunch went down on saturday, and while the lines were long and the place was packed, the food definitely didn’t disappoint. in fact, it was one of the best meals i’ve had in quite awhile and after this weekend i’m even more excited (if that’s possible) about doomie’s opening next month.

    the brunch was scheduled to start at 10am, but the kitchen was running a bit behind. one thing about doomie’s is, they can be unpredictable. at their worst, they might be running late or running out of food early…but one thing’s for sure, the quality of the food never suffers. EVER. on saturday at 10:15, doomie’s still hadn’t started serving, but there was already a huge crowd ready to eat. seriously, vegans were excited about this place, and with good reason…

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  • November 18th, 2010quarrygirldoomie's, LA restaurants

    aka are you trying to fucking kill me?!

    SERIOUSLY, the opening of the new doomie’s location is the LA vegan event of the year as far as i’m concerned…and the fact that they are teasing it with an all you can eat brunch is just plain insane.

    we got a SNEAK PEEK at the menu and just had to share it with y’all…

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  • October 17th, 2010quarrygirllondon, more restaurants (not LA)

    there are tons of vegan buffets popping up all over london, but let it be known that 222 veggie vegan’s is the best as far as we’re concerned. the latest craze in england’s capital city seems to be vegan asian buffets…they are ubiquitous, in the same kind of way vegan thai food is here in los angeles. anyways, if you are looking for an all you can eat feast in london, skip the mock meaty chinese-inspired cuisine and opt for 222’s lunch special: a fresh and healthy buffet for only £7.50 (or £5.50 per takeaway box).

    we have been to the 222 veggie vegan lunch buffet twice, and i can safely say that their clean and tasty dishes are like a breath of fresh air. everything is well prepared and flavorful, and the restaurant promises that all dishes are low-fat and never fried or microwaved. a typical lunch consists of several hot dishes as well as a salad bar. hot dishes include chickpea curry, grilled potatoes, eggless quiche, and sauteed vegetables (all pictured above).

    the salad bar is impressive as well…with everything from mixed greens, to chopped vegetables, as well as marinated beets. and make no mistake, it’s all ridiculously crisp and fresh.

    inside 222 is extremely comfy and spacious, in fact, it’s a crime that the restaurant wasn’t more busy when we were there.

    you see, WE HAVE NO VEGAN BUFFETS IN LOS ANGELES. the fact that london has one with insanely fresh and delicious foods offered EVERY DAY makes me overwhelmed with jealousy and pretty insulted that more people aren’t takin’ advantage of it! if you go to london, DO NOT MISS THIS.

    222 veggie vegan
    222 North End Road
    London W14 9NU
    Neighbourhood: Earls Court
    020 7381 2322
    Lunch buffet 12:00-15:30
    222 also offers a la carte dinner in the evening times. 17:30-22:30

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  • September 4th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), portland

    i kinda wanna move to portland, just so i can hit up the all you can eat vegan brunch at sweetpea baking company every sunday.

    sweetpea is located in the famous vegan strip mall, a sight that must be seen to be believed. honestly, i thought it was a mirage the first time i went there—an entirely vegan clothing shop, bakery, grocery store, and tattoo parlor all right next to each other. it seemed too good to be true.

    sweetpea is the all vegan bakery of the bunch, but they do much more than just baked goods. of course they have a slew of vegan cakes, cupcakes, and cheesecakes…but they also make daily soups, sandwiches, and even host an unbelievable ALL YOU CAN EAT SUNDAY BRUNCH! and that’s what this post is about; the motherfuckin’ brunch. oh yes.

    the buffet-style brunch takes place every sunday from 9am until noon (or until food runs out), and features rotating specials each week. be sure to check sweetpea’s website for the latest on hours and menu. the brunch we attended was all about biscuits & gravy, chicken fried seitan, kale, and tofu scramble. plus coffee! sounds amazing, right? we decided to get there early to ensure a good seat.

    we arrived at 9:08am, and the place was already hoppin! i’m talking a solid buffet line, with about 3/4 the tables full, and many people already happily eating. it looked pretty busy, but the line moved fast. the trays were quickly emptied by hungry folks, but were always immediately refilled with what seemed like an endless supply of food.

    we were able to grab a seat at the counter by the window, which suited me perfectly. we were on stools rather than chairs, but we weren’t crammed in, and eating in the sunlight was lovely.

    all you can eat brunch: biscuits and gravy, chicken fried seitan, kale, tofu scramble and coffee. $10

    most importantly, the food was excellent. as you probably know, portland is known for its vegan biscuits & gravy, and these held their own against the best of them! the gravy was a tad on the thin side, but what it lacked in creaminess it made up in flavor. the biscuits were absolutely perfect—moist, soft, and slightly flaky. next up, the chicken fried seitan was unbelievable. a deep fried crispy shell covering an incredibly moist and spongy wheat meat center. i ate about 9 pieces of this stuff, and then i felt like i couldn’t move…in a good way. the kale and tofu scramble were also on point. i have no complaints whatsoever.

    there was also something sweet at the brunch, maybe it was apple cobbler? i forget. i didn’t try it, whatever it was…because i don’t usually like baked fruit. i’m sure it was awesome though, because everything else was WONDERFUL.

    i can’t speak highly enough of sweetpea’s brunch. the food was perfect, we got a decent seat even though it was crowded, and we ate a load of good stuff for a ridiculously cheap amount. and it was ALL VEGAN. god, i love portland. go there!

    sweetpea baking
    1205 SE Stark Street,
    Portland, OR 97214
    (503) 477-5916
    sunday brunch 9am-12pm

    PS: this week’s brunch 9/5 is Faux McMuffins and McGriddles, with sides of hashbrown patties and kale, and fried apple pies for dessert!! GET ON THAT.

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  • February 20th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, meet market (closed)

    all you can eat. vegan brunch. $10. yeah i know it’s kind of old news at this point, but this is just a reminder that the meet market is there for you when you want good food…cheap and fast.

    the self-serve buffet used take place only on sunday, but now it happens on both saturday and sunday from 10am-2pm. when you aren’t feeling like a fancy pantsy decadent brunch, the meet market is the perfect cure for those long non-weeknight drinking sessions, and seriously the most stress-free way ever to start a relaxing day. the menu varies but never disappoints—check out my haul from last week:

    plate #1: tofu scramble, tofu bacon and breakfast potatoes with orange juice and coffee.

    on plate number 1 (because you cannot go to meet market without several trips back to the buffet table), i had a hearty portion of tofu scramble, sauteed breakfast potatoes and smoky tofu bacon with a side of coffee and orange juice.

    one item you are always sure to find at the meet market’s weekend buffet is the tofu scramble…yet the scramble itself is never the same. sometimes it’s chunky, other times it’s fluffy…sometimes it has spinach in it…you get the point. this time it was super scramble-y with lots of vegetables and the perfect amount of nutritional yeast. it was a great one for sure, and my only complaint is that lately the scramble has regularly contained bell peppers (which i HATE). 🙁 oh well, they were easily picked around. similarly, the breakfast potatoes had peppers as well, but were cooked just right and still delicious. the tofu bacon is no doubt my favorite thing pictured above, because it is seriously the best faux bacon ever. marinated tofu thinly sliced and grilled to dark brown perfection….yum!

    seitan sausage at meet market

    plate number 2 yielded more awesomeness, this time in the form of seitan sausage. what you see pictured above is probably the juiciest animal-free breakfast sausage ever. i have been known to pay admission to the all you can eat buffet and get nothing but plate after plate of this stuff. it’s thick, tender, and deliciously spiced…and it is available in unlimited quantities. lookout!

    vegan french toast

    also on plate 2, some pancakes and vegan french toast are represented. meet market makes good vegan pancakes…but so do lots of other restaurants, so i won’t go on and on about it. what i will freak out about though, is the french toast! in order to make traditional french toast, i think you break up some eggs, milk, butter and/or other monstrosities and coat your bread with it before cooking? i know, that sounds gross, but meet market’s take on it is INCREDIBLE. i am more of a savory breakfast person, but this thick slice of sweet battered bread really hit the spot.

    i dunno what your plans are tomorrow, but i think you should definitely consider meet market for brunch. they open at 10am….and aren’t uncomfortably crowded. i know there was some kind of snafu on new years day because they ran out of food or something…but i can tell you that is not typical and has never happened to me.

    meet market
    3206 W Sunset Blvd (at Descanso)
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

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