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    October 17th, 2010quarrygirllondon, more restaurants (not LA)

    there are tons of vegan buffets popping up all over london, but let it be known that 222 veggie vegan’s is the best as far as we’re concerned. the latest craze in england’s capital city seems to be vegan asian buffets…they are ubiquitous, in the same kind of way vegan thai food is here in los angeles. anyways, if you are looking for an all you can eat feast in london, skip the mock meaty chinese-inspired cuisine and opt for 222’s lunch special: a fresh and healthy buffet for only £7.50 (or £5.50 per takeaway box).

    we have been to the 222 veggie vegan lunch buffet twice, and i can safely say that their clean and tasty dishes are like a breath of fresh air. everything is well prepared and flavorful, and the restaurant promises that all dishes are low-fat and never fried or microwaved. a typical lunch consists of several hot dishes as well as a salad bar. hot dishes include chickpea curry, grilled potatoes, eggless quiche, and sauteed vegetables (all pictured above).

    the salad bar is impressive as well…with everything from mixed greens, to chopped vegetables, as well as marinated beets. and make no mistake, it’s all ridiculously crisp and fresh.

    inside 222 is extremely comfy and spacious, in fact, it’s a crime that the restaurant wasn’t more busy when we were there.

    you see, WE HAVE NO VEGAN BUFFETS IN LOS ANGELES. the fact that london has one with insanely fresh and delicious foods offered EVERY DAY makes me overwhelmed with jealousy and pretty insulted that more people aren’t takin’ advantage of it! if you go to london, DO NOT MISS THIS.

    222 veggie vegan
    222 North End Road
    London W14 9NU
    Neighbourhood: Earls Court
    020 7381 2322
    Lunch buffet 12:00-15:30
    222 also offers a la carte dinner in the evening times. 17:30-22:30

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Totally agree with that last paragraph!! I’d love it if there were vegan buffet type places here in my hometown. Especially with proper salad bars and all.

  • The vegan places here in Houston are not buffets (Lord knows there are a crap load of other buffets for our obese population to feast on daily… although the Indian vegetarian buffets are uniformly great). But the vegan places here do give one more than enough food on the plate that doggiebags are necessary. But I miss the variety mostly.

  • I miss that place! At night the owner will make what ever you want oil free, too. He’s a baking machine. No fryer in his kitchen

  • Not vegan, but you got to love the buffet at Govinda’s (vegetarian)… and they clearly mark which things aren’t vegan. And it’s ridiculously cheap, and it’s run by Hare Krishna…

  • what about the vegan ethiopian buffets? recommend paying with cash though. some weird stuff just went down with my card and a friend’s card after dining there..

  • Im traveling to inner London saturday and will definitely look this place up for lunch yum yum thanks quarry girl !

  • I was in London recently and was pleasantly surprised with all the vegan food options and how delicious everything was. Even the take-away food at the train station had vegan meals that were super tasty!

  • silverlakerunner

    And don’t forget the infamous Korean Vegetarian buffet in Ktown, now long gone. A few of us were lucky to have eaten their unique vegan and vegetarian food. Too bad the owner is not interested in bringing it back.

  • Nyala, in little Ethiopia, is not a vegan restaurant but the lunch buffet Mon-Fri is all vegan (unless something has changed since last I’ve been). It’s quite good as well.

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