• May 2nd, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, vegan world

    it is with great excitement that i inform you…los angeles has a brand new vegan restaurant called vegan world, located at ventura and vineland in studio city. this weekend marked their grand opening, and naturally we were there to suss it out. in true unmatched valley class, the restaurant was sandwiched between a beauty shop and a fast food place, all within a very respectable strip mall.


    naturally, we arrived at the restaurant starving…and craving a unique meal that would send us into blogger-eater-paradise. however, one look at vegan world’s menu and it’s limited options of tahini wraps, salty noodles and cowboy burgers told us that this restaurant just wasn’t our style….vegan world turned out to be just another vegan thai place. zzz.

    i’m kinda tired of vegan thai at the moment, so we ended up going elsewhere for lunch. in its defense, vegan world is brand new…plus, it’s the ONLY VEGAN THAI PLACE between tujunga and vineland in studio city (the other vegan thai joints are at least 2 blocks east). plus, it advertises “casein-free” cheese, and it’s fairly priced. i wouldn’t rush to eat here, but it would definitely do in a bind. Read the rest of this entry »

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