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    next sunday is the first sunday of the month, and you know what that means: time for another vegan at verdugo patio session! october’s event will feature two of our favorite food trucks, fresh fries and mandoline grill, and they’ll be serving a mashup of 100% vegan specialties to be paired with the verdugo bar’s fine tap list. come join us for an afternoon of great grub and craft beer..plus board games, friendly company, and good music.

    check out the facebook event here. let’s make sure the monthly vegan at verdugo events are well attended, so they keep happening! see ya there.

    vegan @ verdugo iii
    sunday october 2nd
    3-8pm, 21+
    3408 Verdugo Road
    Glassell Park, CA, 90065

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  • November 4th, 2010quarrygirlfresh fries, LA restaurants, vegan events

    you probably haven’t heard about it, because it’s been on the super down low…but we are throwing an EPIC VEGAN BEER FEST on saturday with tony’s darts away at the roxy! and you should come!

    one of the huge perks of the beer fest is that ALL of our top 5 food trucks will be there, and each one of them will be serving an ENTIRELY VEGAN MENU. this is especially exciting news when it comes to fresh fries.

    MORE AFTER THE JUMP ——> Read the rest of this entry »

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  • there’s no doubt that there’s been a major los angeles food truck explosion, and from the beginning we’ve blogged tirelessly about all the vegan options available. it’s only fair that after all this time we present you with a list of our favorites. ladies and gentlemen, we give you what we believe to be the top 5 vegan-friendly food trucks in LA. if we are missing any or if you don’t agree with us, please leave a comment!

    yalla truck

    yalla is an entirely vegetarian food truck that has arguably the best falafel sandwiches in los angeles. they specialize in “falafel fusion,” which means their small, flavorful, freshly fried falafel balls are available in several sandwiches with non-traditional ingredients.

    most of the stuff on the truck is vegan by default, and the stuff that isn’t can be easily modified. my favorite yalla sandwich is a secret menu item called the “firestarter,” which comes with falafel, red cabbage salad, pickled turnips, pepperoncinis, onion salad, pickled carrots, chili paste, and tahini. talk about delicious!

    seabirds truck

    to be fair, seabirds isn’t actually in LA (the truck is based in orange county), but it’s all vegan and so epic that it demands a space on this list.

    no matter what your dietary preference, seabirds has everything. from unhealthy treats like beer-battered avocado tacos and cupcakes to nutritious foods like vegetable bowls and raw items by request…all completely animal-free! making regular stops in the OC, seabirds is never more than 2 hours away, and often much less than that. rest assured, the food is ALWAYS worth the drive. i can personally vouch for the tacos, burritos, taquitos, hummus, and burgers.

    the frankenstand

    technically the frakenstand is not a truck, but it’s a mobile twittering food service, so i think it counts. the entirely vegan food cart specializes in gourmet franks and has been in operation for years, way before twittering trucks were the hot new thang.

    not only does franken’s pack amazing food (think succulent sausages with a buffet condiment section), but the cart oozes with charm and spookiness. everything from the owner’s outfit to the menu names are creepy-themed. you can catch the frankenstand at various special events announced via twitter, or you can hire it for your own party. either way, this modest sausage cart really began the vegan mobile food revolution in LA, so be sure to hit it up when ever you can.

    mandoline grill

    the mandoline grill menu does contain meat, but its astoundingly good vegan items have earned the vietnamese food truck a space on this list.

    mandoline has been serving up the meanest tofu banh mi in town since early 2010, and whether it’s nachos or fried spring rolls, they’ve always got a solid vegan option on their appetizer menu. you just gotta love that deep-fried vegan goodness.

    fresh fries

    i’m hooked on fresh fries! the entirely vegetarian french fry truck has plenty of vegan options, and after trying 3 different variations of their “fancy fries,” i am a fan for life.

    french fries on their own may sound a bit boring or uninspired, but the fresh fries toppings make them a complete meal. for vegans they have options such as curry ketchup and bbq sauce, as well as heartier toppings including chili guacamole, minced garlic, and hummus.

    that’s our list! did we leave anybody out? let us know.

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  • September 24th, 2010quarrygirlfresh fries, LA restaurants

    dammit, i really do love the food truck craze! LA has so many vegan-friendly twittering trucks, and now i can add fresh fries to my list of favorites. the entirely meat-free operation, headed up by 2 vegetarian foodies who promise to use only the ingredients they would use at home, specializes in quality french fries (duh!) and has loads of delicious animal-free options. fresh fries has been rolling around the streets of los angeles for awhile, and i finally caught up with their truck yesterday near the PETA office in silverlake for some damn good greasy grub.

    let’s just say that i was beyond impressed. i mean, i’ve had a lot of good french fries in my life, but these were special. very special.

    hummus fancy fries: sweet potato fries with hummus, sprinkled with smoked paprika and sesame seeds. $5

    fresh fries has several vegan offerings—from their normal fries with dipping sauces such as wasabi ketchup, to “fancy fries” with toppings including green chili guacamole and minced garlic. for info on exactly what is vegan, check out the official fresh fries response from when i questioned them via email:

    Our vegan options include: Natural Cut & Sweet Potato fries. Fancy Fries include: Vampire Repellent aka Garlic Fries, Sweet Potato Hummus Fries, (we plan on adding more!) and most of our ketchups: wasabi ketchup, chipotle ketchup, bbq, curry ketchup, etc.

    now that that’s settled…i ordered the newest item on the menu, hummus fancy fries: sweet potato fries topped with hummus, smoked paprika and sesame seeds. this dish was actually inspired by the folks at one of my favorite blogs, drink eat travel, which made it even more delicious.

    my lunch companions went with the classic (non-sweet potato) fry option. first we have the vampire repellent topped with minced garlic…

    vampire repellent crazy fries: minced garlic fries. $5

    and the fiesta fries (veganized) with green chili guacamole…

    fiesta fries (no sour cream!): green chili guacamole over natural fries. $5

    the fries themselves and toppings at fresh fries are seriously top notch. i didn’t think i’d be so smitten after just one visit to the truck, but i am. the long potato strips are the just the right width—not too thin and crispy, but also not all fat and mushy. i’m talking perfectly sized and slightly crunchy wedges. the toppings were also completely amazing. from the sauces (we tried wasabi and curry ketchup) to the hummus, it was all homemade and hand-spiced, not out of a bottle. everything on the truck is made fresh daily, and it’s obvious in the taste.

    my only guff with fresh fries is that their menu is pretty dairy and egg heavy, and it’s all stuff that could be easily veganized. i mean, come on! is anyone gonna notice if you make the chipotle mayo with vegenaise instead of the real stuff? couldn’t you carry daiya or teese for a vegan version of the cheese fries? this is a pretty small complaint, considering how much i loved the fries…but i think it’s worth it to ask. right?! it worked with frysmith, so maybe we’ll get lucky a second time.

    either way…run, don’t walk to fresh fries! they have wonderful fries with inventive toppings that you can’t find anywhere else. and how cool is it that they don’t serve flesh? i love them with all my <3.

    fresh fries on twitter
    fresh fries on facebook
    fresh fries on the web

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