• April 11th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, millions of milkshakes

    update 2/11: we’ve heard that millions of milkshakes no longer offers vegan shakes. 🙁 they now have some kind of milk alternative shake, but it isn’t vegan. sad, sad, sad.

    FINALLY, millions of milkshakes in weho has legitimate vegan milkshakes, and they are INSANELY DELICIOUS!!!!!!

    vegan milkshake with temptation ice cream by chicago soy dairy and oreo cookies.

    as of this week, millions has started serving up completely animal-free shakes made with none other than chicago soy dairy’s incredible temptation ice cream. i stopped in recently for a vegan chocolate/oreo cookie shake, and my mind was officially blown. i was drinking this shit up like daniel plainview, and you could not stop me. it was thick, rich, sugary, and creamy as can be—absolutely heavenly.

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