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  • OMG this is killing me! Right in my ‘hood and it sounds amazing. Everyone go so it’ll happen next year and I can attend then! 🙂

  • crap, I wish I had known about this earlier! Verdugo and halloween sounds like a killer combo.

  • Tutti Frutti Vegan Dance

    Why don’t you ever do a blog on Sugar Beets Bakery in Chino, CA. Gluten Free and Vegan Baked Goods? The desserts are exceptionally delicious. We just tried their apple cidar cupcake today. Man the caramel sauce was delicious. Oh, I also love their cake balls. Chocolate with their own home made white chocolate. Owner is super nice and very cool environment. They are only open limited hours, however, it is worth the wait. Check them out Ms. Quarrry Girl…

  • Haha those frosted skull cookies look awesome

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