• fire at doomie’s! please help our beloved restaurant!

    June 23rd, 2011quarrygirldoomie's, LA restaurants

    BAD, BAD, BAD FUCKING NEWS PEOPLE! doomie’s home cookin’, by far the best vegetarian restaurant in town, had an electrical fire today and is closed until further notice. because they are insanely amazing people, they will still be at the LAVBF this weekend, but their vine location will not remain open at the moment.

    they need our help, tonight if possible!

    doomie’s needs an electrician ASAP! are you one? do you know one? call doomie and help them out, please! FOR THE GREATER GOOD. 714-883-7657

    sadly the fire occurred this morning while doomie’s was out taping a segment for KTLA news about the vegan beer fest. they brought their best game to the shoot—amazing vegan fried chicken (pictured above), a pulled pork sandwich, some incredible croissants, and gourmet dessert items. we are so heartbroken that harm came to their restaurant while they were just spreading the vegan love to the morning news-watching masses.

    right now, doomie’s doesn’t know when they’ll re-open….so don’t believe anything that doesn’t come straight from them.

    please, please, please help us find them an electrician tonight. and i’m thinking we should start a fund for them or something. their food is epic, and some of the only vegan stuff that i’d dare feed an omnivore.

    photo from doomie’s facebook

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  • Damn. They just can’t catch a break. This place serves some seriously fun and good vegan grub. Good luck to you, Doomies!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Ohh I wish I wasn’t such a broke vegan and I wish I knew some electricians. Hope they can get back on their feet soon!

  • Really sucks that they have to close literally right after doing a promotional segment that might attract new people to their business.

  • Da Data Monkey


  • I got no money, but I am willing to donate my time and crafty skills to help in any way I can!!!

  • Heartbreaking! I have heard such great things, I hope they get the help they need so they can reopen and I can eat there. 😉

  • This sucks. I was about to go there this weekend too. 🙁

  • Nooooo!

  • Is there a picture of the extent of the damage? (to those who may want to help) Don’t they have insurance to cover it?

  • Seabirds would like to help! What do they need?

  • I stopped by Doomie’s today and Doomie showed me all the damage from the fire. It’s a big mess over there, but lucky it wasn’t a total loss. I do believe they had insurance, as there was someone was there making a list of damaged items apparently to give to the insurance company.

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