• all you can eat vegan biscuits and gravy at sweetpea baking today in portland!

    September 11th, 2011quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), portland

    that’s right. it’s sunday, which means sweetpea baking in portland is holding its weekly all you can eat vegan buffet…and today is biscuits and gravy day!

    there is a whole lot of good food to eat in pdx, and if you are there on a weekend, make sure to put sweetpea’s sunday brunch buffet at the top of your list. it’s ten bucks for all you can eat, and it’s absolutely fantastic. it starts at 9am, and be sure to get there early because it gets crowded pretty quickly.

    sweetpea rotates their brunch menu every sunday and always has something good on offer. from tofu benedicts, to breakfast nachos, to chicken and waffles—i want it all. my first visit to their buffet was about a year ago and i completely fell in love with their biscuits and gravy. when i returned recently, it was biscuits and gravy day AGAIN, and i didn’t complain.

    all you can eat sunday brunch: biscuits and gravy, kale, tofu scramble, breakfast potatoes, chicken fried seitan and coffee. $10

    i was happy to find that everything was exactly as i remembered it: the gravy was rich and flavorful, the biscuits were flaky, and the chicken-fried seitan was ridiculous. it also came with unlimited super noochy tofu scramble, leafy kale and diced breakfast potatoes. there was even some sort of dessert on offer that i forgot to try. talk about an epic breakfast!

    sound pretty good to you? if you’re in portland, go hit up sweetpea today and eat your weight in biscuits and gravy.

    sweetpea baking
    1205 SE Stark Street,
    Portland, OR 97214
    (503) 477-5916
    Mon-Sat 8am – 6pm
    Sunday 9am – 5pm

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  • Well, that’s what I needed…my husband just loves biscuits and gravy…the old fashion and disgusting one..However, he hasn’t had any for manny, many years since he became a lacto-vegetarian and since I am a vegan..well i just need the recipe..please!

  • I highly recommend their breakfast buffet! Every time I go to Portland on the weekend, I have to come here! Their biscuits with gravy are sinful, but they fill you up fast so it’s a case of your eyes ending up ahead of your stomach.

  • I wonder why excellent vegan websites like this one and many others, focus so much in California, Oregon etc. where in reality is vegan heaven. We really need help,you guys nned to discover and research about wonderful places like Sweet-pea Baking here in FL or Miami, please!. I am surrounded by ignorance( in the literate sense of the word, no offense intended) meat eaters from Colombia and Cuba, HEEEELPPPP!!!!

  • @beatriz: i focus on california because that’s where i live and eat out. when i go on vacation (like to portland) i review the restaurants i eat at. check out the florida posts…


  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Very appetizing

  • Looks really good ! I wish Ottawa ON would have other restaurants that is vegan like the little restaurant THE TABLE, but bigger !
    If I had enough money I would built an all, totally, vegan restaurant, a big one, lots of seating, lots of parking, and create an all-you-can-eat buffet for breakfast and lunch.
    (I wouldn’t be open for dinner though, that’s too much) but that’s my dream right now, and since I don’t have the money, it’ll stay a dream…

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