• July 16th, 2010brittanyLA restaurants, nature's grill

    a couple weeks ago two of my good friends got married (yay!), and to celebrate they planned a beach camping trip out in oxnard. camping for me means i’m stuck eating snacky things like chips and peanut butter pretzels because i’m not going to cook a veggie dog on a grill that’s covered in meat residue and i don’t have the foresight to bring, say, a sandwich. i’m good at being prepared like that.

    so after a night of shoving my face full of tortilla chips and salsa, the next morning when one of my friends suggested we go in to ventura to check out the thrift stores i was all for it, hoping to find some real food.

    we came across nature’s grill on main street, walked up to the counter and checked out the menu. honestly i saw the word “tempeh tacos” and didn’t really look at anything else.

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