• July 9th, 2010quarrygirlcowboys and turbans, LA restaurants

    want FREE FOOD from cowboys and turbans this weekend?

    check the DETAILS…

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  • May 3rd, 2010quarrygirlcowboys and turbans, LA restaurants

    hey LA, we have some great news! our favorite indian/mexican-inspired food joint has added a slew of new animal-free dishes to its menu!

    that’s right, cowboys and turbans has had a total face-lift, and their new menu includes even more delicious vegan items than before. not just that, but they now DELIVER (literally, not just on taste) to the silverlake area.

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  • March 10th, 2010quarrygirlcowboys and turbans, LA restaurants

    hey everyone, just want to let you know about an exciting offer going on at cowboys and turbans in silverlake and how you can get some FREE VEGAN FOOD. from now until march 15th, if you order a vegan entree between 11am and 5pm and mention quarrygirl, you also get a complimentary vegan taco with your meal! hell yeah, this deal is only available vegan, which is another reason why i love it.

    vegan burrito at cowboys and turbans

    if you haven’t been to cowboys and turbans, this is a great chance to check them out. we are big fans of their indian and mexican inspired street cuisine, their huge portions, and their low prices. check out our previous reviews of them here and here.

    as far as what’s vegan on the menu, you are gonna have a lot to choose from. two types of tofu naanwiches (just be sure to get the whole wheat naan), tofu tikka masalas, tandoori burritos (my personal favorite), samosas, fries, and more.

    and i speak from experience when i say that the tandoori tofu taco you’ll receive with your entree is pure delicious. it comes with huge chunks of cubed tofu, two types of chutney, vegetables and crispy pea strips. just be warned, at first glance the crispy pea strips look like cheese. don’t worry though, they are vegan!

    so head on over to cowboys and turbans between now and the 15th for some great grub and a free taco! here are the deats all spelled out:

    when: march 10th -15th, between 11am and 5pm
    where: cowboys and turbans (silverlake location only)
    how: order any vegan entree and get a free vegan taco when you mention quarrygirl

    see you there!

    cowboys and turbans
    2815 Sunset Blvd.
    Everyday: 11AM – 10PM

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  • February 27th, 2010mr meanercowboys and turbans, LA restaurants

    One of the defining moments of any English person’s day is the breakfast ritual. Nowadays, rather than beans on toast, most of us Brits are partial to microwaving last night’s Indian takeaway leftovers. I can tell you, there’s nothing quite like a spicy vindaloo and a cup of strong black coffee to knock out the cobwebs and get one ready for a long tube ride on a cold and rainy morning.

    tofu bhujiya. $7

    Imagine, then, this English boy’s delight when I saw that Cowboys and Turbans, LA’s newest Indian-style restaurant has a special vegan breakfast item. I’d very much enjoyed the Tandoori Burrito and Tika Masala from our previous visit, so couldn’t wait to go back for the breakfast. Accordingly, wasting no time, we hit them up this morning for a breakfast to go, and I can tell you this is one of the best vegan breakfasts anywhere in LA, and is a steal at only $7.

    The vegan breakfast, Tofu Bhujiya, consists of thinly diced tofu chunks which are lightly fried in Indian spices and vegetables including tomatoes, cilantro, onion and chilies. As if that’s not enough, the Bhujiya also comes with a succulent Aaloo Tikki, a thick, “meaty” Indian-style hash brown that’s spiced like crazy, and based upon a recipe from Chef Baba Ji’s mother. The smooth potato patty is punctuated by fresh peas cooked into it, like periods at the end of sentences in a paragraph of delight.

    Breakfast is available on Saturdays and Sundays only (exclusively at the Silverlake location), from 8am-3pm. So next time you’re doing your best to wake up on a weekend, pop down to Cowboys and Turbans, order the vegan breakfast with a cup of strong coffee and wake up in style. You won’t be sorry!

    Cowboys and Turbans
    2815 Sunset Blvd.
    Sat and Sun: 8AM – 10PM
    Mon-Fri: 11AM – 10PM

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  • February 25th, 2010quarrygirlcowboys and turbans, LA restaurants

    living in a household that is 1/2 english and 1/2 southern californian, it is a common debate which is better: curry or mexican? they are the two great take-out foods of our respective nations, and we can never settle on just one….and now with cowboys and turbans, we don’t have to.

    cowboys and turbans has two locations in LA (one in silverlake and one on wilshire), and they specialize in “indian mexican street food,” meaning they shove curry into awesome vessels such as burritos and tacos, and offer tikka masala without a south of the border flare. yep, this is pretty much my favorite combo ever. i went all out on my recent order from the silverlake location with burritos, tacos, and tikka galore!

    spinach tofu burrito with spanish rice, lettuce, tomato, cilantro, tamarind chutney, mint chutney and crispy chick pea strips wrapped in a soft grilled flour tortilla. $8

    the tofu burrito was MASSIVE and came wrapped in thin white paper (as any self-respecting street burrito does). it also was accompanied by a huge portion of mexic-indian chips that were somewhere between flavorful flat bread and tortilla crisps. they were so fucking good; i ate them before i could photograph them. oops.

    inside the burrito, was a mixture of rice, indian spices, tofu and spinach, and crispy chick pea strips. i am a traditional burrito lover, but this was a very welcome change. if you are a fan of both indian and mexican food, you are gonna go nuts for this thing. and just to put your little vegan minds to rest, i did double check that the tortilla was vegan as well.

    spinach tikka masala: spinach and tofu in a red non-dairy curry sauce with a side of basmati rice. $8

    another good option at cowboys and turbans is the tikka masala. both the spinach and spinach tofu varieties are vegan, and they are delicious. huge chunks of cubed tofu mixed up with a vegan red sauce and served with the perfect portion of basmati rice.

    now let me tell you about a little mistake i made with cowboys and turbans, which is actually quite embarrassing…

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