• September 14th, 2011quarrygirlcheesecake factory, LA restaurants

    ah, vegan chain dining! we don’t like it…but sometimes we just gotta do it. it may not be the best meal in the world, but it’s worth noting that the cheesecake factory has at least one decent vegan option.

    thai lettuce wraps (no chicken!): carrots, bean sprouts, coconut curry noodles and lettuce leaves. served with peanut, red chili, and tamarind cashew sauce. $12.95

    you’d think that a restaurant with a menu the size of a college text book would have more to offer us, but sadly their best vegan option is the thai lettuce wraps, minus the chicken. the dish comes stacked with fresh vegetables, noodles, and an assortment of sauces for you to assemble yourself. fun!

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