• all you can eat doomie’s buffet on the 4th of july!!

    June 29th, 2011quarrygirldoomie's, LA restaurants

    yes, yes, YES!! doomie’s may have been temporarily thwarted and shut down due to an electrical fire…but that’s not gonna stop them from throwing an epic all you can eat buffet this holiday weekend to use up their food. WE CANNOT LET THAT FOOD GO BAD, RIGHT? we all need to hit up this buffet.

    crazy vegan stuff from doomie's: croissants, "pulled pork" sandwich, "fried chicken", gorgeous dessert things.

    plus, a mere ten bucks for a bottomless serving of the insanity that is doomie’s cuisine is just way too good to pass up, no matter what the circumstances. here are the details:

    we have been to two doomie’s buffets in the past, and both were EPIC!!!! seriously, guys, this is a rare occurrence. get over to the 4th of july buffet, and get there on time. i’m talking 4pm sharp. i promise the food will be amazing.

    and PLEASE, tip well. leave an extra few bucks or ten on your way out. doomie’s just suffered a totally crappy fire while they were filming a promotional piece for the vegan beer fest. we hate the fact that they’re shut down, and we want them to re-open ASAP!

    save doomie’s!

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  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I’m not around on the 4th but would like to support them and try some of that delicious looking stuff. Will they be open on any other days next month, even for limited hours? Thanks

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  • WOW. We just got our first taste of Doomie’s at the Beerfest and it was AMAZING. Definitely going to try to make it up to LA for this. Hopefully they can get back up and running soon.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ Thx for links

  • You’re welcome.

    FYI, I stopped by Doomie’s today and Doomie showed me all the damage from the fire. It’s a big mess over there, but lucky it wasn’t a total loss.

  • If you’re planning on going, sign the RSVP list so they know how many people are coming and how much food to make.


  • Vegan in Vegas

    MUST be in Anaheim at 6pm for baseball game. Can I eat and run and still make it to Anaheim for the game?

  • Can I bring my dog?

  • Why don’t you call Jewel’s Catch One and ask them: (323) 737-1159

  • No promises and no complainers!
    Possible menu currently:
    Pot Roast
    Stuffed baked potatoes
    Fruit Coctail
    Corn Dogs
    Chow Mein w/ Chinese Black Bean Sauce
    Sloppy Joes
    Chopped Salad
    Cilantro Almond Pesto Cream Fusilli
    Fennel glazed carrots
    Spicy garlic aioli Gyro pitas.
    Chorizo Dirty Rice
    Hamburger Helper
    Southern Style Mac
    Hot Frys
    Capelini in pink sauce
    and maybe more!

  • Now that’s what you’d call a vegan smorgasbord, lol.

  • Sorry,m but this was the WORST vegan event EVER! Massive line an hour long wait, for what? cold food that wasn’t ever going to be good in a dive bar location with no seating no utensils and just chaos each time some scraps of food were brought out from the kitchen. I genuinely felt robbed. Sure they might not have been expecting SO many people, but they should have manged it better in ever way. Doomies is no longer on my list of place to check out once the do reopen but at least they have made plenty of cash to fix themselves up.

  • Doomie had told me that whatever the number of RSVP’s they got, they were going to double that amount and plan on having enough food for that number of people or more. I got there at about 3:45pm so I was at the front of the line. I ate so much food I was stuffed. My friends who had also gotten there early, had plenty to eat as well. But I did see that they were having difficulties later on in providing enough food for all the people who showed up.

    I liked most of the food they had at the buffet, but I think I prefer the meals I’ve had at their restaurant.

  • FYI, the Sloppy Joes were mostly bun.

    I overheard someone say: “The Sloppy Joes need more sloppy in them to make them Sloppy Joes!”


  • They did have seating and utensils. Perhaps not enough though. I’d like to find out how many people RSVP’d and compare that number to how many people showed up.

    I understand your feelings, but I don’t agree that it was “the WORST vegan event EVER”.

    FYI, a friend of mine went to a vegan event last year that charged $20 and he reported to me: “Other than all the tortilla chips anybody could want (& how many is that?), there were only a few cupcakes & a handful of garbanzo bean sandwiches.”

  • FYI, there’s mostly positive comments on the Facebook page for this event:


  • Howdy Folks,
    Here is a letter to our Commenders and Complainers:

    Dear Commenders,
    Glad that you enjoyed the buffet & hope you had a great holiday. Stay tuned for a few special things we might do while we are still closed and come see us when we reopen!

    Dear Complainers:
    SORRY 🙁 We know that “sorry” doesn’t really make up for it so here is the bottom line, you can get FREE FOOD here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.216382508398433.45744.100000800573013&saved#!/event.php?eid=152598504810174
    We actually have leftovers from the buffet so if you feel jipped, go to the “No Meat & Mingle” Potluck tonight (7/6)! We will be bringing the leftovers there.
    Hope that helps and thanks!

    And for those of you who wanna know what happened:
    First, there were more people that showed up than RSVP’d and a lot of people RSVP’d at the last minute which doesn’t really help us in terms of advance preparation. We figured this would happen so we planned for extra food. We actually didn’t run OUT of food, we just couldn’t replenish the food for a period of time after the initial offerings and backups were depleted. Due to the fire, we could not prep in the Doomie’s kitchen. We were able to get into the Catch One kitchen only one day in advance. The kitchen at the Catch One is small so there is a limit to what we can safely prepare in advance to be hot and ready to send out. The rest of the food has to be stored in parts that need to be assembled and heated. That takes time and that is the time that people said we ran out of food. We came back with a second wave to fill the buffet but at that point most people had either gotten full already or felt like we were out and left. We ended up packing up quite a bit of food at the end of the night. We put up pics of some of the leftovers on our facebook page. Remember that some items ran out and did not return because the point of the buffet was to get RID of food that we felt would go bad while we were closed. That is why the menu was so diverse. Our backup foods were based more on shelf stable items while the majority of the perishables went out in the first round. To those that were displeased with what ended up being served we would point out that the proposed menu was listed on the invite. If you came expecting something else then perhaps you didn’t see the invite info and thus possibly didn’t RSVP? Not only did we make all the listed items (except Chilichangas, which apparently were Potitos, oops) but we even managed to kick out more things including, garlic bread, stuffing, lime chili pork wontons, and French onion soup! As far as the situation with the bar, we are sorry things didn’t start off smoothly but the bar was not actually our jurisdiction. We inquired as to what happened and were told that the scheduled bartender had to take his son to the emergency room. Drinks did eventually get served, thank you to Bartender Mike for rushing over last minute. What’s a buffet without a few kinks? On a side note, if you want to complain or felt like you got robbed, try sending us a direct message thru facebook or email (DoomieVeg@gmail.com). Please don’t tarnish our hard earned Yelp stars with a review of a ONE TIME EVENT which is rather unrelated to our regular restaurant operations and thus only truly useful to someone that owns a time machine. If you must express your vexation to the world, create a new Yelp one time event page or feel free to complain on our facebook page. If you’ve read all this and you are still angry, or maybe just hungry, don’t forget we are bringing food to the “No Meat & Mingle” Potluck tonight (7/6) and it’s absolutely FREE. Anything else?


  • Hi Doomie – My wife and I were early birds and enjoyed the food and were stuffed afterward! For $10 it was a great deal, though of course we weren’t expecting food as good as what you serve in the restaurant. (Bummer that we missed the later offerings like the wontons and the stuffing!) Sorry some people complained. We tried to do the right thing by loading up only once and not going back for seconds, then leaving as soon as we were done so that our chairs would be freed up. I’m sure others did this too, but you always have a few jerks (like the parties of two who took up tables for four instead of sitting at the bar, then putting their bags on the empty chairs)… what can you do…

    Since this was a one-time-only deal, there’s probably no need for advice, but I heard that there were some squabblings between people who had waited outside for a half hour to get in, and those who were already inside and cutting in front of them at the buffet to get seconds. An awkward situation, I’m sure. My suggestion, if you ever do a buffet again, is to just make it a two-sided buffet, so that the first timers can access it from the left and the second-helping people can access it from the right.

  • Good idea, thanks. Glad ya enjoyed it!

  • Actually I have idea as well. First of all, at a buffet, people are supposed to use a CLEAN plate every time they get more food from the buffet. From what I’ve read, it’s a health code thing.

    So, next time what should be done is have a sign telling people to get a clean plate when they return to the buffet. Even better would be to have someone standing at the buffet to enforce this rule because people might not pay attention to a sign(s).

    So looking back at the situation at this particular buffet, I would have had people who wanted to return to the buffet get into a separate line at the bar (where the plates were handed out when payment was made) where they would be given a new plate and then they would be interspersed back into the buffet line with the first timers to the buffet.

    How does that sound?

    Here is are some online discussions I found regarding the clean plate rule at buffets:

    Changing plates at Buffet-any rules?

    Buffet etiquette question: new plate every trip?

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