• September 13th, 2011mr meanermore restaurants (not LA), nashville

    As a vegan that routinely travels on business I’ve become used to sustaining myself on overpriced chips from the in-room minibar due to the almost 100% lack of vegan offerings at most business hotels. Back in the day I used to take sandwiches in my carry-on, but they don’t let you bring food through security any more, so I’m bereft of and bites when I land – especially a problem when I get back to the hotel late, tired and hungry.

    My recent trip to Nashville, TN was no exception: Early flight, endless meetings punctuated with nothing but salad at the office and a late arrival to my hotel room at The Hutton Hotel – a relatively new hip and trendy place on the outskirts of downtown. I usually don’t bother studying the in-house restaurant menus at hotels and have long given up calling room service to see if their pizza dough is vegan, but something prompted me to read through the menu for the in-house bistro, 1808 Grille.

    chile relleno (vegan). brown rice, pinto beans, tomato, red chimichurri. $16.50

    To my shock and surprise, the menu clearly listed a “Vegan chile relleno” which sounded wonderful: brown rice, pinto beans, tomato, red chimichurri…

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