• August 10th, 2011quarrygirlbabycakes, LA restaurants

    well this is definitely good news for vegans in los angeles! according to eater LA, babycakes is expanding to a second local storefront later this year in larchmont village!

    the vegan nyc-based bakery opened its first LA outlet in 2010, and we’re stoked to see that they’re growing…

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  • September 22nd, 2010quarrygirlbabycakes, LA restaurants, m café

    hey cupcake lovers, i’ve got some great news for you! in case you haven’t already heard, babycakes treats are now available at all three los angeles m cafe locations!

    babycakes goodies that m cafe currently stocks include 5 different cupcake flavors, brownies, macaroons, cookies, biscuits, muffins, and crumb cakes. wowza!

  • June 30th, 2010quarrygirlbabycakes, LA restaurants

    last week i was fortunate to attend an awesome event hosted by LA’s only vegan bakery, babycakes. the party was held on june 24th to officially celebrate their opening, and to introduce a new concept to the public: FROSTING PARTIES!

    from the invitation…

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  • May 19th, 2010quarrygirlbabycakes, LA restaurants

    UPDATE 5/26/10: we have a winner! the dozen cupcakes go to sampson, congratulations! check out sampson’s winning haiku:

    downtown lights abound
    cupcakes, loaves, and cakes astound
    babycakes is here

    thanks everyone for playing, and a HUGE thanks to babycakes for donating cupcakes! even if you didn’t win, you must go get some of there delicious treats from their downtown LA bakery!

    FREE CUPCAKES! that’s right, it’s time for another giveaway! today’s contest comes courtesy of babycakes in downtown los angeles. our city’s only brick and mortar vegan bakery opened early this year and specializes in delicious organic treats, free of animal products and allergens. if you haven’t had a chance to try babycakes yet, this is a great opportunity.

    this one is gonna be a lot of fun, because instead of just picking a winner at random, we are having a haiku contest! get creative and come up with haiku poem about babycakes, for the chance to win a dozen cupcakes. babycakes founder erin mckenna and i will be judging the poems, and picking a winner within a week.

    here’s exactly what you need to do to win…

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  • January 3rd, 2010quarrygirlbabycakes, LA restaurants

    happy sunday, everyone! we just got back from the grand opening of LA’s very first all vegan bakery, babycakes. while they have existed in new york city for quite sometime, the downtown los angeles location opened at 10am this morning, and there was a healthy crowd of customers to greet them.

    with a focus on organic ingredients and lots of gluten-free menu items, babycakes’ treats are probably healthier than most, and i think they are just as delicious. i left with a whopping haul that included a chocolate-covered donut, some gluten-free brownie bites, a cookie, a cupcake, and a brilliant invention called a “cupcake top” (just the frosting and a thin sliver of cake).

    here’s a quick review of each item. the donut was decent, the best part of it being the frosting; definitely a less-decadent vegan dessert item. the cupcake top was perfect for me, because i’m the kind of person who likes to just eat the frosting off stuff anyway.

    the cookie was a little disappointing, kind of dry and not very flavorful. the brownie cupcake was excellent, there were even little chocolate chips littered throughout the cake.

    and lastly, the tiny 99¢ brownie bite was INCREDIBLE. it was small, full of chocolate chips, and had creamy frosting in the middle. shocking, but it was the best thing i ordered!

    overall i really enjoyed babycakes’ baked goods and i can’t wait to go back. vegans, you should head over there and give this place a try. by the time i left, there were many many satisfied customers.

    here are some more photos of the shop for your enjoyment:

    130 East 6th Street (between S. Main Street and S. Los Angeles Street)
    Los Angeles, CA
    Telephone: 213.623.5555

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  • January 2nd, 2010quarrygirlbabycakes, LA restaurants, vegan bakers

    i know, i know, you anxious vegans. you have been tracking the arrival of babycakes vegan bakery on twitter for ages (i know i have!), and now it is finally time for them to open up in los angeles. tomorrow at 10am is when the adventure begins!

    cookies 'n cream frosted cupcake: $3.95

    i reviewed the babycakes nyc location awhile back on this blog, so i speak from experience when i say, these cupcakes are FUCKING AWESOME. i got the cookies and cream flavor which was great, along with a creamy cookie and frosting sandwich. babycakes was originally set to open in weho, but tomorrow they are opening in downtown LA. their menu is epic, and they will also be carrying donuts…just what los angeles needs, if you ask me.

    everyone from vegan celebs like rory freedman, to to live and eat in la and ecorazzi, to vegan forums are excited about babycakes opening up, so you should get stoked as well! for more info on the company, and to see a real time countdown to the opening of the new store, check out the babycakes website.

    (opening Sunday, January 3rd, at 10 a.m.!)
    130 East 6th Street (between S. Main Street and S. Los Angeles Street)
    Telephone: 213.623.5555

    if their baked goods are ANYWHERE NEAR as good as the ones in nyc, we are all in for a real treat.

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