• all you can eat vegan buffet at savyon is here to stay!

    April 16th, 2011quarrygirlLA restaurants, savyon cafe

    vegans, rejoice! savyon cafe on pico has officially decided to offer their all you can eat vegan buffet every sunday from 11:30am to 4pm!

    every sunday at lunchtime! all you an eat for $8.99!

    from what i hear, this buffet is killer…

    i’ve gotten several emails from readers saying how awesome it is, with a huge selection of vegan dishes including stuffed pizzas, hummus, potatoes, stews, grape leaves, vegetables, pasta, and A FALAFEL BAR. a falafel bar is a huge deal, considering savyon claims to “the world’s best falafel”. that’s a bold statement, and i think we need to go investigate.

    i’m so glad we finally have a vegan sunday buffet in this town…let’s all go show it some love!

    savyon cafe
    6118 W. Pico Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90035
    Phone: 323-655-5506

    savyon on facebook
    savyon on twitter

    (thanks to eric m. for the photo!)

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  • Awesome!!! Finally!!1

  • yaaaay!! Thanks for the heads-up Quarrygirl – U rock. I can’t wait to go!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    I ought to look into whether or not they have a to-go box that you can pack for a fixed price.
    Being on a diet + tasty vegan buffet = problems, haha.
    I’m attempting to cut down portions a bit in order not to be a hippopotamus.

  • I want falafel. That looks delicious and might actually be making me miss LA a little.

  • i give the owner a lot of credit for coming up with creative vegan menu items that don’t include fake meats and don’t overload on carbs.

    i had the plate pictured above this week for lunch, and it was AWESOME!!!

  • Last Sunday I asked about a to-go-box and they said it would be $8.99.

  • I think it is funny that QG has been promoting this place like crazy and begging us to go, but she still hasn’t gone herself

  • there is so much food to eat in this town, i can’t eat it all.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    ^ Thanks!!

  • I’m actually quite pleased this place is no where near me. I’ll definitely have to try it once, but the phrase all-you-can-eat strikes fear in my under worked flabby buttock region.

  • jealous. i am soooo far from there lol. someone ship me a doggy bag 😀

  • Went today, and everything was delicious! My husband and I both ate 2 plates full of food, and we were still chastised by the owner for not eating enough! 😀

  • QuarryGirl..ya gotta go to this buffet! The food is so rockin’!

  • The owner keeps changing the dishes. This week, he had these veggie panini’s that were soooooo yummy..omg. He said that next week, he is going to change some dishes again.

  • The problem with Savyon is that Rahel Ethiopian Veggie Cuisine Buffet is right up the street. Is there an Ethiopian holiday when they’ll be closed?

  • I used to like Rahel’s, but I think their buffet is really bland these days. Their reviews have gone way down (I haven’t eaten there in about 1 year, but it seems their food/service has declined considerably according to Yelp. I saw that Savyon Cafe is rated #1 on Yelp’s vegan buffets:


    Rahel’s is #2.

  • Will they give you silverware at Rahel’s, or do you have to just use the injera (spelling?)?

  • I’ve eaten at Rahel’s and they do give you silverware.

  • I should have said that I have eaten at Rahel’s buffet and there has been silverware available. As far as ordering off their menu, I would think you could ask for silverware if they didn’t provide it already.

  • Thanks, Tony. It’s good to know that they have silverware at the buffet. And I do remember that once, years ago, when we dined at one of the other Ethiopian restaurants on Fairfax, I think it was Nyala’s, I asked the waiter for silverware and he brought me some, so I would think that Rahel’s would do the same.

  • I know Rahel’s has silverware, but I still think the buffet has become really bland tasting. The guy who owns Savyon is trying to go completely green with his restaurant he said. He soon will be able to afford dish washers so he can have silverware and regular plates.

  • I’ve got to try this next time I am in Lalaland

  • FYI, Sunday May 1st will be the last opportunity to get the Savyon buffet for only $8.99 per person.


    “Due to the major increase in food costs, Savi has decided that he must raise the price of the vegan all-you-can eat buffet to $10.99 starting on Sunday, May 8th. Still an amazing deal, considering most of the buffet ingredients are USDA certified organic/locally grown. The great news is, for just 2 dollars more, the buffet will include dessert!”


    The buffet now costs $12.99 ($14.25 with tax). They had 2 obvious meat dishes in the buffet. One was chicken and the other was a meat and pasta dish. They also had some kind of bean dish, but that had a meat broth base. The panini’s were vegetarian, but they made some vegan panini’s for me. There was still plenty of vegan food there for me to eat. They didn’t have any dessert though.

    FYI, they offer the same buffet on Saturdays from 11:30AM to 4:00PM, and a dinner buffet on Saturdays from 5:00PM to 9:00PM.

    Some things they should do:

    Update the info on their website to reflect the change in the price and to indicate that the buffet now has vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes.

    Put labels on the buffet dishes so people will know what is vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

    Put up some screen doors to keep the flies out of the restaurant and out of the buffet.

  • Erica Johnson

    All-you-can-meat. How gross is that!! No Thanks!!

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