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    vegan roast beef and cheddar sandwich at the meet market

    this week the meet market, a hybrid vegan sandwich and specialty grocery shop, has opened in silverlake in the spot that used to be flore cafe. they have a small but appetizing and reasonably priced hot menu, as well as some grocery shelving and a refrigeration unit full of goodies. i stopped by yesterday to have a look and a taste of what was going down, and i must say i was impressed!

    roast beef and cheddar: "beef" strips with grilled onion, bbq sauce and "cheese" sauce. $5.95

    roast beef and cheddar: "beef" strips with grilled onion, bbq sauce and "cheese" sauce. $5.95

    i ordered the roast beef and cheddar sandwich, which is quite sizable and a total steal at under $6. the thing comes piled with strips of faux meat, grilled onions, and an amazing runny “cheese” sauce. the dude who took my order was super nice, and gave me a cup of water to sip as i looked around the shop and waited for my sandwich.

    although the meet market doesn’t have a ton of groceries right now, they definitely have some good stuff. they have a shelf full of snacky things like tings, have’a corn chips, vegan gummy bears, and soy jerky. they also have a refrigeration case up front filled with staples like kombucha, silk nog, and the non-hydrogenated tofutti cream cheese.

    meet market in los angeles

    i got my food to-go, and when i unwrapped it at home i just couldn’t believe the big beefy and cheesy hot mess staring back at me. it was great. since the vegan spot shut down, there just really hasn’t been a place where you can get fast, hearty comfort food…so this was a real treat.

    vegan roast beef and cheddar

    over the next few weeks, the meet market will continue to grow and offer more and more products. for now though, just drop in and pick up a few of those vegan novelty items that are hard to find, and enjoy their sandwich and salad menu. for now, the meet market has pretty short opening hours (11am – 4pm on weekdays and 11am-8pm on weekends), but let’s hope those expand as well.

    here is a peek at the menu, so you can decide what to order when you visit:

    Meet Market Menu

    oh and BTW, the meet market will continue to do the all you can eat buffets on weekends that flore cafe was famous for. yay!

    the meet market
    3206 W Sunset Blvd (at Descanso)
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

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  • Yay! So Stoked. I hope Miranda carries marshmallows there.

  • Sounds like it has a lot of potential!

  • what kind of frankenstein store is this?

    limited hours, limited products, food that looks just like the food at the old (failed) vegan spot, and all-you-can-eat brunches from the menu of the failed business that preceded it?

    cool idea – especially for people who live in the immediate area – but i’m skeptical about the execution.

  • The Vegan Spot didn’t go out of business because the food wasn’t good. It was just so expensive. If these sandwiches are as good as the Vegan Spot ones but for $4 cheaper, than this place should be able to make it.

  • People shouldn’t make jokes about Meat Markets. That is disprespectful to animals.

  • I was kind of skeptical about this place, but I was in the area and I decided to try it, and it really is good. I went with my mom, who’s an omni and she loved it too. I got the sausage and peppers sandwich, and my mom got the avocado and cheese. The avo had a huge slab of cold FYH on it, which sounded super gross, but wasn’t at all. If they can manage to make cold FYH taste good, they can do anything. I’m still not quite sure how they turn a profit though…

  • Beatrice Sanchez

    I just had the roast “beef” with “cheddar.” It was absolutely delicious! Yum!

  • I stopped by and picked up the vegan cheese-steak sandwich and the avocado salad, both good. I’ll be back to try their other sandwiches soon. The guy behind the counter was very nice and my order was ready quickly.

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    I would also be happy to drop off another CD.


    Marc Irving Weber

  • i’m relocating to california and i’d love to come and work with you all!!

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