• September 21st, 2011quarrygirlarcata, more restaurants (not LA)

    hey everyone! time for another northern california post from our field reporter, righteous fist! you may remember his last soul food find in eureka, and today he’s bloggin’ breakfast foods from arcata. enjoy!

    On our way out of Eureka we made a stop for breakfast at Wildflower Cafe in Arcata. They serve eggs and dairy there but also have a good number of vegan choices. Since having so many options to choose from was a rare occurrence on this road trip, I opted for both a savory AND sweet dish.

    Scrambled Tofu - Locally made tofu, sauteed with ginger, garlic, onions, and a wonderful blend of herbs and spices. Served with homefries. $8

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  • June 1st, 2011quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), san diego

    san diego is a beautiful place to visit, and when in town its worth organizing your trip around a weekend breakfast in ocean beach at people’s organic foods market. the all vegetarian co-operative store has been around since the 70s, and houses a small vegan cafe upstairs with a morning spread that can’t be beat. we’ve reviewed brunch at people’s co-op before, and i’m happy to report that when we visited again a few weeks ago, it was just as good as we remembered.

    vegan biscuits and gravy, rice and beans. $3.99 per pound

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  • September 19th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), seattle

    chaco canyon cafe is a sweet little restaurant in seattle that’s 95% organic, and almost entirely vegan (they offer dairy milk for coffee). the menu is huge–they’ve got soups, salads, sandwiches, bowls, raw entrees, breakfast items, and even desserts. we popped in for lunch on our recent vacation to the pacific northwest, and were impressed with the cafe’s charm and delicious food.

    tofu scramble sandwich: turmeric seasoned tofu with onions, mushrooms and spinach, grilled on rye bread, with sprouts. served a la carte. optional soy cheese for additional charge.

    much to my delight, breakfast is served all day at chaco canyon, so we started off with a tofu scramble sandwich. it came on grilled rye bread and was topped with loads of tumeric tofu, onions, mushrooms, spinach, and sprouts. so freaking good. the tofu was perfectly flavored, and not too mushy. hot little nuggets of soy, just they way they should be. the vegetables were fresh, and the bread was warm and crispy. i’d definitely order this again.

    the basic bowl: brown rice or quinoa and black beans with either our peanut sauce or garlic tahini.

    next we shared what’s probably the most simple item on the menu, the basic bowl. this comes with brown rice or quinoa, black beans, and your choice of sauce. we ordered it with brown rice and tahini, and it was excellent. just so well prepared with soft sticky rice, plump beans, and creamy sauce. love, love, loved it.

    there were tons of vegan desserts to choose from as well, but we decided to pass on those since we were saving ourselves for mighty-o. next time i will definitely try out some of the cakes at chaco canyon though, as well as their vegan reuben made with field roast!

    inside, the cafe is super cute and cozy. you order at the counter, and there’s comfy booth seating where they bring you your food. oh, and they have BEER ON TAP. what’s not to love about chaco canyon?! i know i’ll be back.

    chaco canyon organic cafe
    4757 12th Ave NE
    Seattle, WA 98105
    Mon to Fri 7am to 9pm
    Sat & Sun 9am to 9pm
    Now serving
    Sunday Brunch 9am – 3pm

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  • September 14th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), NYC

    sacred chow is a cute little vegan restaurant in nyc, and ever since we had a good experience there a couple years ago, i have been dying to return for brunch. it’s only served on weekends, and the menu is small but mighty. there are only 9 items available, but within those items you’ve got biscuits and gravy, a breakfast sandwich, banana french toast, and all kinds of other good stuff.

    whenever i see vegan biscuits and gravy on a menu i HAVE TO order them, so naturally that’s what i got…

    better than biscuits and gravy: two biscuit halves layered with steamed greans and tofu scramble; with white gravy and choice of side. $13.75

    the plate was HUGE, as it should have been for almost $14. i mean, that’s expensive, right? i dunno how they roll in NYC, but here in LA you can get a massive plate of biscuits, gravy, sausage, and bacon for under ten bucks. anyways, i must say the gravy was fantastic and was the highlight of the meal. it was of the thicker and whiter variety, which is my favorite kind. the tofu scramble had a great flavor, but was a little to mushy for my taste. the biscuits were decent albeit a tad dry.

    the meal came with a choice of side (steamed greens, salad, or fruit), and i went with the steamed greens, not realizing they already came with the dish…so an extra side of them was way too much. look at the plate above, it looks like its about 50% greens. what you can’t see though, is that there were greens in the tofu as well and on top of the biscuits. it was greens mania! sadly, they kind of overpowered the whole brunch.

    tofu scramble: tofu crumbled and sauteed with onion and special seasoning, served with home fries and choice of side. $13.75

    my husband was initially going to get the breakfast sandwich (a biscuit topped with tofu scramble and tempeh), but fearing it would be too much like the biscuits and gravy, he went with the tofu scramble instead. this was also $13.75, and it came with a huge lump of scramble, roasted home fries, and choice of side (GREENS!).

    the home fries at sacred chow are amazing, and were probably the best thing on the table. huge hunks of roasted potatoes that were crispy, perfectly seasoned, and not the least bit oily. the greens and tofu were the same as in my dish, there was just more tofu and less greens…which was a good thing!

    overall, brunch was pretty good…but it was very expensive and the biscuits and gravy didn’t live up to my super high standards. i know i will be back to sacred chow though, i really like the vibe of the place and our previous visit was so outstanding.

    sacred chow
    vegan bistro – tapas, wine and beer on tap
    227 sullivan street
    nyc, ny 10012

    (212) 337-0863

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  • August 13th, 2010quarrygirlflore, LA restaurants

    just one more reason to love weekends in los angeles: there’s a new brunch menu at flore, and it is fantastic. seriously, you gotta get over there saturday or sunday and check it out. we are talking new scrambles, waffles, and last but not least…BISCUITS AND GRAVY.

    we went last weekend for the menu’s debut, and while i knew it would be pretty good, the food exceeded all of my expectations. i ordered the biscuits and gravy (natch), and they were nothing short of epic. for under 10 bucks, i got two massive biscuits covered in white creamy gravy and topped with flore’s homemade sausage. plus, a bed of kale with tempeh bacon on top. SO MUCH FOOD.

    the menu description doesn’t even begin to do these guys justice…it doesn’t even list the fact that they come covered in seitan sausage. i was in no way prepared for how delicious they would be. honestly, everything about them was top notch—the biscuits themselves were soft and fluffy, the gravy was rich and flavorful, the sausage bits were plump and hearty, and the kale was fresh. this meal was so good, i had to take its photo from both sides, just so you could get an idea of how glorious it was.

    biscuits and gravy: two biscuits topped with vegan gravy and served with your choice of tempeh bacon, fruit, or potatoes. $9.95

    honestly, i think i am gonna go order this again tomorrow. where else can you get vegan biscuits and gravy in los angeles?! nowhere that i can think of! and the ones at flore will BLOW. YOUR. MIND. i am so grateful they added these things to the menu.

    my husband went with the traditional tofu scramble, which was also flawless. it came with huge chunks of extra firm tofu, all mixed in with extremely fresh vegetables atop a bed of kale, served with sliced bread and potatoes. breakfast perfection.

    tofu scramble: savory tofu, tomato, mushroom, red onion and basil scramble served atop sauteed kale. serverd with sliced batard and your choice of fruit, tempeh bacon, or potatoes. $9.95

    flore’s brunch menu is only served on weekends from 10am – 1pm, so don’t strut in there expecting biscuits and gravy any ole time of day. also just to clarify, these items are only available at flore in sunset junction, not to be confused with its sister restaurant the meet market down the street.

    if you don’t already have plans this weekend, i highly suggest you work brunch at flore into your schedule. the food is second to none, and the biscuits and gravy are my new favorite meal. oh, and while you are there, be sure to pick up a few croissants!

    flore vegan
    3818 W. Sunset Blvd.
    Silverlake, CA 90026
    (323) 953-0611
    brunch: weekends 10am – 1pm

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  • January 5th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), NYC

    one thing i really hate about traveling to nyc, is that i always find a wonderful restaurant with food so delicious and lovely, it makes me sad that i can’t pack a lifetime supply and smuggle it back home in my suitcase. sure enough last week when i visited the big apple it happened again, and the one restaurant that screamed “holy shit why don’t we have this in LA?!?!?!” the loudest, was curly’s vegetarian lunch.

    curly’s vegetarian lunch is a meatless hole in the wall located in the east village, with a larger than life menu full of greasy diner food that more than makes up for their lack of square footage. to call this place vegan-friendly would be an understatement, considering ANY item curly’s offers can be made vegan (and the most appetizing of the selections are already).

    we arrived around noonish on a weekday and were welcomed in from the blustering cold by a friendly gentleman who looked like curly himself, judging by the newspaper clippings hung allover the walls. the service was impeccable; a friendly waitress immediately took our order and was always ready with a refill of hot coffee. we settled on two of the menu items that were vegan by default, the open-faced turkey sandwich and the tofu scramble.

    open-faced turkey sandwich: sage and garlic rubbed soy fillet over corn bread stuffing and toasted rye, napped with gravy and served with cranberry dressing, garlicky kale and butternut squash. $12.95

    while both dishes were great, and the experience overall i cannot fault….the one thing that keeps haunting my dreams is the FUCKING TASTY TURKEY SANDWICH. i know, i know i rave about food a lot on this blog, but please believe me…this deserves extra attention. first off, it was massive. the plate was so full of food, i only ate about half of it and i went from starving to bloated. secondly, it comes with ample servings of all the food groups we vegans crave: tons of greens, check. seitan, check. ridic amount of gravy, check. not to mention the squash, oily yet fluffy stuffing, and sweet chunky cranberry sauce. wowowow. lastly, this plate (enough to feed 3 people) was under $13….in manhattan. that is less than real food daily, and even m cafe holiday plate prices. oh, and this is offered all year round.

    seriously, so many nyc restaurants get talked up, but this REALLY WAS amazing. please put this on your ultimate, must, no matter what, to do list.

    on to the next dish! although it was a little late, it was our first meal of the day….so my husband went with the vegan tofu scramble plus added spinach. (curly’s serves breakfast all day!) this thing came fried up with mounds of yellow tofu, sauteed greens, wedges of toast and deliciously crispy curly fries. not quite as good as my sandwich, but definitely a wonderful indulgence.

    scrambled tofu: with toast and curly fries. plus spinach. $8.70

    look at all that food! eh?!?! i have been brought up to believe that you are supposed to pay more in manhattan for everything…but this was a shit ton of breakfast for under $9, and i challenge you to find a deal that good in LA!

    i cannot even stress how superb our experience at curly’s was, and i urge you to visit them whenever you are in nyc. the place is SUPER SMALL (for the LA crowd, it’s about the size of the meet market/flore cafe/the vegan spot) but they do wonders to actually transform it into a comfortable dining experience.

    i will be back for sure, because curly’s has earned a place in my heart as one of my favorite restaurants ever.

    curly’s vegetarian lunch
    328 East 14th Street
    New York, NY‎
    (212) 598-9998‎
    Mon-Fri: 11am-11pm
    Sat–Sun 10am-11pm

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  • September 18th, 2009quarrygirl101 coffee shop, LA restaurants


    walking into the 101 coffee shop in hollywood is like sticking one foot back in time. the throwback diner filled with modern-day hipsters is modeled to look just like the coffee shops of the 1960s—complete with retro booths, a stone wall, and a long counter lined with bar stools that stretches through the restaurant.


    as stated on their website, “The menu at 101 Coffee Shop features retro diner fare with a Southern California twist.”…which of course means they have a few vegan options! while there isn’t a huge selection for us vegans, the diner does offer a very popular animal-free breakfast item called “no huevos” rancheros.

    "no huevos" rancheros: tofu, black beans, corn, soyrizo, ranchero sauce and guacamole. $7.95

    "no huevos" rancheros: tofu, black beans, corn, soyrizo, ranchero sauce and guacamole. $7.95

    i hit up 101 recently with fellow vegan blogger brittany, from sickoflettuce.com…and although it was well into lunchtime, we both opted for the coffee shop’s signature vegan breakfast dish. as you can probably tell by the name, the “no huevos” rancheros is an eggless take on huevos rancheros…and comes complete with scrambled tofu, vegan sausage, black beans, corn and ortega chilies atop tortillas, all smothered in ranchero sauce and topped with a dollop of guacamole. i think this dish incredible because it’s chunky, sloppy, spicy, and savory—everything i love all at once.


    the ranchero sauce is bursting with rich tomato flavor, the tofu is well-seasoned, and the soyrizo is perfectly greasy. mix it all up with the chilies to give it some heat, then cool it down with the guacamole, and you have vegan breakfast bliss at any time of day. brittany and i both loved it, and although 101 has a couple other vegan dishes, i don’t think i could ever see myself straying from the “no huevos” rancheros.

    whether you live in los angeles, or are just visiting, i would classify a meal at the 101 coffee shop as a “must”. don’t go just for the food, but for the classic diner vibe and the retro interior. the staff and clientele are all ridiculously cool and beautiful, and the 60’s design is spot on. you’ll feel like you’re eating in a time-warp or a quentin tarantino movie…same thing, i suppose. and how great is it that a place like this ALSO caters to vegans?!

    go there, and get the “no huevos” rancheros. eat them for breakfast, lunch, or as a late night post bar snack…whenever you have them, they won’t disappoint.


    101 coffee shop
    6145 franklin avenue
    hollywood, ca 90028

    open daily 7am-3am

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  • June 25th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, swingers

    UPDATE 4/25/2011: DON’T EAT AT SWINGER’S. they put lard in “vegan” items.

    i know in los angeles we have loads of vegan-friendly restaurants, but sometimes it can still be really hard to find a vegan meal. for instance, after a late night at 2am or early in the morning at 7am…it’s sad, but none of the favorite spots are gonna be open at those hours. rest assured to know when other restaurants are closed, you can always turn to swingers—the all american diner has plenty of vegan options, is open 21.5 hours daily, and has 2 locations (one in santa monica and one near weho). they also serve booze and offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day long.

    recently my husband and i found ourselves stranded and hungry at 6:45am, and luckily swingers on beverly came to the rescue.

    vegan soyrizo scramble: organic tofu scrambled with soyrizo, served with black beans, salsa, and your choice of tortilla. $7.95

    vegan soyrizo scramble: organic tofu scrambled with soyrizo, served with black beans, salsa, and your choice of tortilla. $7.95

    i’m a big fan of the breakfasts at swingers, and they have loads vegan-friendly choices that are clearly marked on the menu. from tofu rancheros, to vegan nachos, to a vegan breakfast burrito there are more than enough options. on our most recent visit, i went with the veganized soyrizo scramble, with organic tofu rather than eggs.

    i must say that this scramble was exceptional. they mixed the fake meat and tofu all together thoroughly and the fried it on the bottom so it had a really “scrambled eggy” texture, but with none of the gross egg taste. the plate came with a mound of black beans, fresh chunky salsa, and a huge fluffy flour tortilla…damn good value for under $8.


    despite the fact that it was earlier than 7am, my husband wasn’t in the mood for breakfast, so he went with the swingers salad. on it’s own the salad is pretty simple, but for an extra $2.50, you can add some damn fine sauteed tofu. i wouldn’t call this salad amazing or anything, but it’s good, it’s vegan, and it’s available to eat at 6:30am.

    swingers salad with tofu: organic mixed baby greens, tomatoes and carrots with choice of dressing and sauteed tofu. $9

    swingers salad with tofu: organic mixed baby greens, tomatoes and carrots with choice of dressing and sauteed tofu. $9

    so there you have it. when other places aren’t open and you are craving some vegan grub, swingers will always save the day. sometimes the service can be hit or miss, but i’ve always left with a belly full of decent food.

    8020 Beverly Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    (323) 653-5858
    6:30 a.m. – 4:00 a.m.

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  • May 21st, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, newsroom

    if you live in los angeles, you probably know that beverly hills is a part of town where it’s hard to find vegan food. however the newsroom cafe on robertson is an extremely vegan-friendly eatery that’s often overlooked. they’ve a huge menu of healthy-style options, a full juice bar, hearty breakfasts, baked goods, desserts….even beer, wine and fresh-fruit-filled cocktails.

    i used to frequent the newsroom often a couple years ago, though i always found it a bit trendy and over-crowded with ‘celebrity’ clientele and health-nut yuppie types. fortunately and unfortunately, the place was smacked with a C rating from the health department a year ago, and business has slowed down a bit. while at first i was horrified about the low grade, i later found it was due to meat refrigeration temperatures and i talked myself into thinking, “fuckit, i’ll still eat there. serves those carnivores right! meat’s murder after all.” so now after a long break, i have finally returned to the newsroom, which is much emptier than i remember it, but the food is still bloody spectacular.

    Monja's Tofu Scramble (no cheese): tofu scrambled with spinach, bits of broken vegan sausage and caramelized oninos with ciabatta toast. $11.25

    Monja's Tofu Scramble (no cheese): tofu scrambled with spinach, bits of broken vegan sausage and caramelized oninos with ciabatta toast. $11.25

    today with my husband, i visited the newsroom after a very long break and i went with something i’d never ordered before—monja’s tofu scramble with no cheese. when my food arrived, the huge plate was loaded up with well-seasoned scramble, thick soy sausage bits, sauteed spinach, caramelized onions, and more crispy breakfast potatoes than i could ever eat. albeit a tad expensive, this dish was a serious food score…i highly recommend monja’s. plus, as a side it came with two ginormous slices of ciabatta bread that were so crispy i could barely eat them…in a good way. although it was a seemingly boring tofu scramble, monja’s managed to be a completely unique and refreshing take on vegan breakfast. here here.

    my husband stuck with the good ‘ole spicy tofu cancun, which i’ve blogged about before, but was every bit as excellent this time around.

    spicy tofu cancun: spicy tofu scrambled with salsa chipotle, baked corn tortilla rajas, tomatillo salsa and salsa quemada w/whole wheat tortilla. $10.50

    spicy tofu cancun: spicy tofu scrambled with salsa chipotle, baked corn tortilla rajas, tomatillo salsa and salsa quemada w/whole wheat tortilla. $10.50

    i used to eat the tofu cancun at the newsroom at least twice a week back in the day, and when i tried it this morning, it tasted better than ever. something about the steaming chunks of seasoned tofu all mixed in with softly cooked tortilla chips, then slathered in hot sauce…where can you go wrong? definitely give this thing a whirl; i’d say it’s up there with the best breakfasts in los angeles.

    so at the end of the day: i know i have condemned the newsroom for having a low health score before, but i cannot lie…their food is brilliant. go load up on a huge vegan breakfast with fresh juice and a few animal-free sides next time you get the chance. it will cost you, but it’s definitely worth it. and if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, hit up the sister-location interim cafe in santa monica…the menu is almost the same, except even more vegan friendly and less expensive.

    oh also, let’s take a moment to look at the silver lining. the newsroom used to be filled to the brim with total d-bags. now that they have had health department dramz, the place is mellow and much more enjoyable. since the issues were eventually about the meat storing systems, i think i can look at the dramz as their loss and my gain. let’s go enjoy the newsroom before it gets full of yuppie cuntz again.

    newsroom cafe
    120 N Robertson Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90048

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  • January 26th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, swingers

    UPDATE 4/25/2011: DON’T EAT AT SWINGER’S. they put lard in “vegan” items.

    UPDATED POST: the cinnamon rolls featured in this post were originally supplied by dee’s bakery and donuts, but after learning about the conditions of her kitchen and non-vegan ingredients, swingers has discontinued their dee’s bakery products.

    swingers diner on beverly has been a regular haunt of ours for a long time, especially on weekends for breakfast. the smart-ass and ironic pseudo-50s-style diner has a whole lotta attitude (their slogan is “ass, cash, or grass, nobody eats for free”), plus a huge menu with more vegan options than i could ever possibly try. mr. meaner and i usually both order the vegan burrito, but we’ve posted about that before and decided to branch on our past visit and try some new stuff.

    we hit up swingers for breakfast on sunday, and the first thing i noticed as i walked in the door was a huge tray of plump cinnamon rolls sitting on the counter. the waitress saw me scoping them and called out to me, “you should really try one of our rolls! they are absolutely delicious and they’re VEGAN.” that sealed it. it’s pretty rare i see a random mouth-watering dessert and find out i can eat it…that pleasure is typically reserved for omnivores. i ordered one and savored every bite regretted it later after seeing the kitchen it was made in.

    vegan cinnamon roll from swingers

    vegan cinnamon roll from swingers

    the cinnamon roll turned out to be from dee’s bakery, and i can’t stress to you how un-vegan this tasted. (probably because it wasn’t) argh.

    gratuitous frosting close up

    gratuitous frosting close up

    after murdering an entire sinful, frosting-filled bun, we opted for some healthy entrees: the vegan cobb and the tofu saute.

    vegan cobb: sauteed tofu, soy cheese, avocado, sweet corn, tomatoes, crispy onions, and carrots with organic mixed baby greens tossed in tahini-dill dressing. $10.95

    vegan cobb: sauteed tofu, soy cheese, avocado, sweet corn, tomatoes, crispy onions, and carrots with organic mixed baby greens tossed in tahini-dill dressing. $10.95

    the vegan cobb was amazing. the cheese tasted like tofutti slices (which i love) and the sauteed tofu was perfectly seasoned. plus it came with mounds of vegetables and really fresh avocado. awesome all the way around. for a big meal salad, you could do a lot worse.

    the tofu saute was also quite tasty, and had a certain asian flare to it.

    tofu saute: tofu, sauteed quinoa, broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms, carrots, red cabbage, garlic and ginger with a squeeze of fresh orange, served with a swingers salad. $9.25

    tofu saute: tofu, sauteed quinoa, broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms, carrots, red cabbage, garlic and ginger with a squeeze of fresh orange, served with a swingers salad. $9.25

    these little mounds of tofu were perfectly seasoned and came with a whole ton of crispy vegetables. it definitely tasted light and healthy; the ideal contrast to all the warm frosting floating around inside my belly.

    with so much great vegan stuff on the menu, there is no reason not to give swingers a try. ok, for some folks it may be a little bit arrogant and cooler-than-thou in an annoying hipster sort of way…but, don’t worry, it’s way too far west to take itself very seriously. if this place were in los feliz i may be intimidated, but it’s two locations are in weho and santa monica, and the servers are a lot more cooky than they are snotty.

    and whether you are looking for some hard core vegan junk food, late night munchies, healthy salads or overwhelming desserts…swingers has it all. plus, it’s a place you can take your meat-lovin’ friends and find something on the menu for everyone.

    so head over there fast. and if you are lucky enough to get a hot vegan cinnamon roll, fucking do it.

    8020 Beverly Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    (323) 653-5858

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  • October 27th, 2008quarrygirlLA restaurants, sante la brea

    it’s no secret that i’m always on the lookout for new and delicious vegan food. i try to hit up as many vegan-friendly restaurants as i can in search of that perfect tofu scramble, veggie burger or burrito. that’s why i can’t believe sante la brea has been right here in hollywood, under my nose for the longest time, and i waited until yesterday to try it out.

    it first came to my attention when someone from sante delivered the menu to my work. i skimmed through it and one thing immediately caught my attention. right there, printed on the menu was the fact that sante can prepare ANY item vegan by substituting fake for real meat. hell yeah. plus, i did some research and saw that vegan-la had some nice things to say about sante, and that pretty much sealed the deal.

    so yesterday, the husband and i headed over to give sante a shot…and everything about it was absolutely amazing: the food, service, atmosphere and presentation were all impeccable. sante la brea gets an a+!

    tofu scramble with toast and potatoes. $8

    tofu scramble with toast and potatoes. $8

    we arrived at around noon, so sante was serving both their brunch menu and their normal dinner menu. their brunch menu isn’t available online, but it was filled with really appetizing stuff. tons of scrambles and omelettes, and of course tofu could be substituted for egg in any dish. we shared the tofu scramble and it was incredible. the fluffy tofu was mixed in with tons of garden vegetables and a delicate seasoning. it was the perfect texture and tasted out of this world healthy. you know, the kind of feeling you get when you are eating stuff that’s super good for you. this tasted really good, and i know it was guilt-free. not much oil or fat, just the right ingredients. it’s so refreshing to eat a meal like this, because i am used to eating way too much junk food!

    we also ordered off the dinner menu, and what we chose happened to be vegan, without any substitutions. yay us! the macro ended up being just as tasty, and probably just as healthy as the scramble. i love being married, because it means i get to try two different meals at lunch!

    the macro: tofu, hijiki broccoli, zucchini, daikon root, carrots and onions sauteed in a tahini ginger sauce. served with black beans, tahini dressing and root slaw. choice of entree or wrap. $13

    the macro: tofu, hijiki broccoli, zucchini, daikon root, carrots and onions sauteed in a tahini ginger sauce. served with black beans, tahini dressing and root slaw. choice of entree or wrap. $13

    because it’s easier to share, we opted for the wrap, and man-o-man was it scrumptious. it was so simple, yet so full of flavor. the exotic vegetables mixed together with the seasoning and tofu perfectly, and were covered in tangy dripping tahini sauce. so divine. better than anything i’ve ever eaten over at m café, the los angeles macrobiotic headquarters. sorry, m, this shit was so much tastier.

    not to mention, both meals came with breakfast potatoes that were unbelievable. it’s so great to have a side (that at most restaurants is so full of disgusting grease) be so light AND delicious. i don’t know how they do it, but sante really puts the time and effort into making genuinely healthy food that doesn’t sacrifice taste in the slightest. we need more restaurants like this.

    not just the food is da bomb at sante though, the service and atmosphere are killer as well. the place was empty on sunday at lunch time (a total crime, considering how great sante is!) but our waitress was all over us. very attentive, friendly, and quick when it came to refilling our water glasses. the outdoor seating area was quite lovely too, big wooden tables shaded by curtains and benches with huge fluffy cushions. it was great relaxing in the sun and enjoying our lunch as calming chilled-out electro music played softly in the background.

    overall, sante was a great find. they have TONS of vegan options, plus anything they offer can be made vegan. oh yeah, and a grip of vegan desserts as well. hmmmm. i can’t think of a reason not to try them out asap. delicious all the way around.

    Sante la Brea on Urbanspoon

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  • September 22nd, 2008quarrygirlLA restaurants, stuff i eat

    i love finding new entirely vegan restaurants, especially when they offer up original food that’s new and different. so when a commenter named jason mentioned (original comment here) that i should try stuff i eat, a healthy animal-free eatery down in inglewood, i knew i just had to check it out. the result was one of the best lunches and two of the best burritos i’ve ever had.

    breakfast burrito: tofu scrambler, cottage fried potatoes, and tofu sausage, salsa, guacamole and savory sauce. served with a side salad. $10

    breakfast burrito: tofu scrambler, cottage fried potatoes, and tofu sausage, salsa, guacamole and savory sauce. served with a side salad. $10

    portobello burrito: portobello mushrooms with onions, black Beans, wild rice, savory sauce, fresh salsa, guacamole, mixed greens, rainbow coleslaw and SIE dressing. comes with a side salad. $11

    portobello burrito: portobello mushrooms with onions, black Beans, wild rice, savory sauce, fresh salsa, guacamole, mixed greens, rainbow coleslaw and SIE dressing. comes with a side salad. $11

    located on cute but abandoned little street in downtown inglewood, stuff i eat doesn’t look like much from the outside. walking in however, customers are greeted with a smile and welcomed into a cozy restaurant with a vibrant but relaxing atmosphere. small polished tables litter the dimly-lit eatery and big comfy chairs line the walls. there’s even a seating area with couches and a coffee table bathed in sunlight near the window, in case you need to wait for a table. food is ordered at the counter and paid for (cash only!) then brought to your table. the kitchen area is open and visible, and everything is clean and inviting. i can’t remember a time that i loved a restaurant so much, before even trying a bite of their food. and at stuff i eat, the food is the best part…

    lemme just say, i really love burritos. filled with the right stuff, they can be the most exciting food ever, all in one easy to eat handheld pocket. so naturally, it’s awesome being married to someone who also loves burritos…because we can order two, cut them in half and split them. 2 for 1! this time, it was the breakfast burrito and the portobello burrito that we shared. both were incredible.

    the portobello burrito was both unique and delicious. the mushrooms were perfectly seasoned, and the wild rice was soft and coated with light and tasty dressing. although this burrito was pretty massive, it tasted refreshing and healthy. i can tell they use only the toppermost of ingredients at stuff i eat, because i didn’t feel at all full or bloated after eating there.

    i’m still trying to figure out what seasonings they use at this place. there was a slight curry taste as well as a bunch of other unknown flavors, and all of it was superb. nothing was bland, and i was introduced to a whole new taste of food that i’ve never experienced before. what a treat.

    the breakfast burrito was even better. it was shoved full of scrumptious potatoes, soft guacamole and the best tofu scramble i’ve ever tasted. if only i could make that at home! again, i have no clue what they use to season it, but it was perfect. and the texture was just right as well. the burrito was wrapped tightly and grilled on the outside so it was easy to pick up and eat without spilling the innards everywhere. i am gonna go out on a limb and say this was the best breakfast burrito i’ve ever had. totally not what i was expecting when i rolled in for some casual lunch upon the recommendation from a blog commenter.

    the food is so freaking good at this place, i just can’t believe it. what a pleasant surprise! the prices are reasonable, considering you get a huge amount of food, plus the atmosphere is great, the seating is comfortable, and the staff couldn’t be more friendly.

    so all this being said, i can’t urge you strongly enough to go check out stuff i eat. you will not be disappointed. it’s a bit of a journey, at least for me anyway, but definitely worth it. plus, it’s pretty easy to access, being located right off the 405.

    i will be going back to eat there again as soon as possible.

    [googleMap name=”stuff i eat” description=”don’t miss this vegan restaurant” width=”570″ height=”320″ directions_from=”true”]114 N. Market Street Inglewood, CA 90301[/googleMap]

    Stuff I Eat on Urbanspoon

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  • August 18th, 2008quarrygirlbreakfast, field roast, products, recipes, tofutti

    who has time to cook breakfast during the week? we sure don’t. and since we don’t want to be forced into skipping it entirely or microwaving a frozen boca burger each morning, we make one huge tofu scramble on sunday, and eat it all week long. this week’s tofu scramble was (and still is, there’s so much of it!) awesome. probably because we based it on the kick-ass ppk recipe for scrambled tofu.

    scrambled tofu (adapted from the ppk recipe!) with field roast sausages, tomatoes and sour supreme.

    scrambled tofu (adapted from the ppk recipe!) with field roast sausages, tomatoes and sour supreme.

    now i’ve eaten a lot (and i mean a lot!) of tofu scrambles in my time, and this was actually one of the best. i make them constantly at home, either with mix out of a box, using recipes online, or simply by throwing everything from my cupboard and fridge into a pan with some tofu…and this was the first one that can hold its own with breakfast from my favorite restaurants. the tofu was spot on, firm and not mulchy at all, and the spices were blended perfectly, enhancing but not overpowering. 

    each morning the scrambly mixture just needs to be spooned out and microwaved for 1 minute to be the perfect breakfast again and again. we also cut up some fresh tomatoes each morning and split a chipotle field roast sausage, both fresh off the grill. and of course i cover mine with the hottest of hot sauces and garnish it with a goop of sour supreme every time, i just can’t help it. 

    all hail the ppk—they rule and so does this scramble. it has been a great sunday and monday breakfast so far, so i know it will help get me out of bed and get me through the rest of the week.

    adapted ingredients and more after the jump.
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  • August 12th, 2008quarrygirlcinnamon, LA restaurants

    last weekend marked my first journey into highland park. while i actually went there (2 days in a row) to check out an amazing bar, i also found myself at a damn good vegetarian restaurant: cinnamon. yeah, it is a bit of a trek. but cinnamon is a great place that deserves a visit if you love authentic mex cuisine, but think chicken stock is no bueno. word of warning: highland park is at the intersection of “cutting-edge hippsterville” and “i don’t feel safe walking around at night”. so come prepared (in the daylight if you happen to be a pussy like me) for good food, good bars and good times in the least expected areas.

    we (mr. meaner and i) found ourselves dining at around 11am. it was the real sweet spot of times, during that window where breakfast and lunch are both being served. i opted for breakfast, he chose lunch. both ruled.

    tofu scramble with mushroom & spinach. $6.95

    tofu scramble with mushroom & spinach. $6.95

    tofu burrito. $5.95

    tofu burrito. $5.95

    the tofu scramble was delicious. next time i want to order something a little more adventures, something really authentic sounding that i can’t pronounce—but this time i was a tad hung-over, a little worse for wear and just wanted a safe, comforting breakfast food with lots of tofu. and that’s just what i got. a mound of tofu, super tasty mushrooms and heaps of spinach all mixed together with a blob of beans and rice on the side. drown it in hot sauce, and i’m happy. nothing wrong with this dish.

    the burrito was equally impressive. lettuce, green sauce, some other vegetabley things, tofu, rice and beans all rolled into a massive wheat wrap. oozing with flavor and scrumptiousness. chipotle’s got nothing on this sucker. it tasted like an old school mexican burrito, the dangerous kind with refried beans and god knows what in the rice…yet it managed to be creative at the same time with the wheat tortilla and vegetable variety. perfect.

    cinnamon is a pretty sweet place. let’s review: vegetarian, check…huge menu, check…affordable, check. not bad. the service on the other hand, is a little slow and strange. over friendliness was followed by indifference, then again by more friendliness. and the complimentary chips suck, not only are they out of a bag, but they are ROUND. round chips are not cool. but, whatever, the hot sauce rocks and the atmosphere is lovely…with big windows that let the sunshine in to cover the cozy albeit cramped tables.

    cinnamon could definitely improve in some areas, but the food rocks. and that’s all that matters, right? the food rocks.

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  • ahhh…sunday morning breakfast. what better way to begin the end of the weekend than with a stomach full of homemade vegan food?

    fantastic frittata: quarrygirl.com’s veganized version of the monterey frittata

    i REALLY love a leisurely sunday breakfast. 3 cups of coffee and a calorific vegan feast sounds like the perfect way to prolong the agony of the forthcoming week. but in a world where most restaurants are packed on sunday mornings and/or pride themselves on the fact they shovel heaping piles of eggs onto peoples’ plates, it’s hard for me to get morning meal satisfaction on the day it matters most. 

    this week, i found solace in this amazing recipe…located right under my nose, in the back of my cupboard, on the back of a tofu scrambler box. all it needed was to be veganized…
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