• Vegan Field Report: Wildflower Cafe in Arcata, CA

    September 21st, 2011quarrygirlarcata, more restaurants (not LA)

    hey everyone! time for another northern california post from our field reporter, righteous fist! you may remember his last soul food find in eureka, and today he’s bloggin’ breakfast foods from arcata. enjoy!

    On our way out of Eureka we made a stop for breakfast at Wildflower Cafe in Arcata. They serve eggs and dairy there but also have a good number of vegan choices. Since having so many options to choose from was a rare occurrence on this road trip, I opted for both a savory AND sweet dish.

    Scrambled Tofu - Locally made tofu, sauteed with ginger, garlic, onions, and a wonderful blend of herbs and spices. Served with homefries. $8

    The tofu scramble was good. (As far as tofu scrambles go.)

    Vegan French toast with real maple syrup. $7.50

    But it’s the vegan french toast that I’ll be dreaming about.

    It was so delicious I barely remembered to put my fork down to snap a photo.
    Don’t know when I’ll be back in Arcata but if I’m near I’m staying for breakfast.
    They also had a few vegan baked goods behind the counter to choose from. I bought one of each to try. I wish I could remember what they were but it’s all a french toast induced blur now.

    Wildflower Cafe
    1604 G. St. Arcata, Ca
    Phone: 707-822-0360
    Hours: Daily 8AM-9PM

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  • That vegan French toast looks so good!!
    I am a huge fan of vegan versions of all these breakfast type things, like pancakes, waffles, French toast etc…so delicious.
    Thanks for the review:D

  • arcata is my hometown!!! we have so many great restaurants that make vegan as well and local and organic foods its amazing!! humboldt county is filled with love and all things delicious!!

  • I’ve also heard that Humboldt County is filled with other things neither sweet nor delicious that have been known to have medicinal and recreational uses?


  • Doesn’t ALL towns have those things, “neither sweet nor delicious that have been known to have medicinal and recreational uses?”
    I am subjected to whiff of those “things” all the time here in Canada’s capital!

  • Thanks for covering Wildflower too! The last time I was back home I went there and bought some vegan baked goods. When I was growing up there weren’t any vegan restaurants in the area and Wildflower was the only vegetarian one. There are a lot of good vegan options around though and it’s great to see that Wildflower is still going strong.

    P.S. Righteous Fist, if possible, I think the food pictures would look better if you took them before you started eating.

  • Smart Balance is not vegan.

  • Actually the organic smart balance IS vegan.

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