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    September 17th, 2011quarrygirleureka, more restaurants (not LA)

    heyo! today we’re bringing you a field report on soul food in northern cali. who doesn’t LOVE soul food? nobody! now sit back and enjoy this post about bless my soul in eureka…courtesy of field reporter, “righteous fist”!

    Stopping off in Eureka on my way up the coast my Happy Cow app (which I’m grateful for) lead me to Bless My Soul Café, a small soul food spot on 5th street that serves both meat and veg options.

    I opted for the “Veggie Plate” with sweet potato and collard greens…

    veggie plate (vegan): red beans and rice and a choice of 2 veggie sides, salad and corn muffin. $12.95

    And my mom who went on this adventure with me ordered the same but with different sides (creole corn and sautéed cabbage)washed down with their very own secret recipe sweet tea…

    The food was delicious and comforting. Felt like we were having a home cooked meal in someone’s house, which judging by the look and layout of the dining room, is exactly Sweet Mama Janise’s plan.

    Bless My Soul Cafe
    29 Fifth Street
    Eureka CA.
    Reservations (707) 443-1090

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  • This is rad. I’m actually gonna be in Eureka next week!

  • Wow! That’s pretty cool. I saw the word “Soul” and I started craving Collards!

  • That’s terrific

  • I Love Eureka! I think I’ve even been to that place and their food was AWESOME!

  • Wow, a I never expected to see a review from Eureka in quarrygirl. I grew up in Eureka and then moved to the LA area to go to college so I know pretty much every block from walking and biking around. There wasn’t any soul food restaurants at all when I lived there so it’s cool to see that they have some vegan food.

  • i had the fried tofu there when i was working in eureka/humboldt it was AMAZING. the markets there are also (or were a few years ago) brimming with delicious vegan foods. also they had this thing called “woofstock” where everyone in the area brings their down for a puppy pride walk around the city it was super amazing. and the friendliest emergency room staff and cab drivers i’ve ever encountered (scratched the lens of my eye at work)

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