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    September 14th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), NYC

    sacred chow is a cute little vegan restaurant in nyc, and ever since we had a good experience there a couple years ago, i have been dying to return for brunch. it’s only served on weekends, and the menu is small but mighty. there are only 9 items available, but within those items you’ve got biscuits and gravy, a breakfast sandwich, banana french toast, and all kinds of other good stuff.

    whenever i see vegan biscuits and gravy on a menu i HAVE TO order them, so naturally that’s what i got…

    better than biscuits and gravy: two biscuit halves layered with steamed greans and tofu scramble; with white gravy and choice of side. $13.75

    the plate was HUGE, as it should have been for almost $14. i mean, that’s expensive, right? i dunno how they roll in NYC, but here in LA you can get a massive plate of biscuits, gravy, sausage, and bacon for under ten bucks. anyways, i must say the gravy was fantastic and was the highlight of the meal. it was of the thicker and whiter variety, which is my favorite kind. the tofu scramble had a great flavor, but was a little to mushy for my taste. the biscuits were decent albeit a tad dry.

    the meal came with a choice of side (steamed greens, salad, or fruit), and i went with the steamed greens, not realizing they already came with the dish…so an extra side of them was way too much. look at the plate above, it looks like its about 50% greens. what you can’t see though, is that there were greens in the tofu as well and on top of the biscuits. it was greens mania! sadly, they kind of overpowered the whole brunch.

    tofu scramble: tofu crumbled and sauteed with onion and special seasoning, served with home fries and choice of side. $13.75

    my husband was initially going to get the breakfast sandwich (a biscuit topped with tofu scramble and tempeh), but fearing it would be too much like the biscuits and gravy, he went with the tofu scramble instead. this was also $13.75, and it came with a huge lump of scramble, roasted home fries, and choice of side (GREENS!).

    the home fries at sacred chow are amazing, and were probably the best thing on the table. huge hunks of roasted potatoes that were crispy, perfectly seasoned, and not the least bit oily. the greens and tofu were the same as in my dish, there was just more tofu and less greens…which was a good thing!

    overall, brunch was pretty good…but it was very expensive and the biscuits and gravy didn’t live up to my super high standards. i know i will be back to sacred chow though, i really like the vibe of the place and our previous visit was so outstanding.

    sacred chow
    vegan bistro – tapas, wine and beer on tap
    227 sullivan street
    nyc, ny 10012

    (212) 337-0863

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  • What is sice? UD defines thus..



  • @dadata you are da best for finding my typo. <3

  • 🙂

  • Sacred Chow might seem expensive, but everything is carefully prepared to order and served beautifully in large portions. Their ingredients are 100% Kosher, the veggies are organic & locally grown, and they are committed to fair trade.

    Kind of disappointing that you both went with such similar dishes when there is so much to choose from!
    Please check out some of their other incredible offerings on your next visit:

  • So people tend to either love or hate Sacred Chow. It tends to stem from menu item selection. I have learned what to order there and always leave with a full belly and happy taste buds! For non-brunch: Dijon Marinated Raw Kale Salad (amazing. and I can never quite recreate it at home), Roasted Black Olive Seitan, Baby Root Vegetable Latkes w/Indonesian Date Butter, and Sliced Ginger Soba Noodles w/spicy peanut sauce are my favorites. For brunch: I hear the Banana Bread French Toast is to die for. I’m just saying…

  • I find it’s hit or miss. Next time, break out of your normal rut and either get the Frittata or the Tempeh Sweet Potato hash, or ask your husband to get the other. I tend to get the salad as my side, but that’s just my default. Also, I say get yourself to Champs and get a Pignoli Cookie, Chocolate Danish, and/or a Chocolate Cinnamon bun.

    Thanks for such a great site.

  • Looks quite appetizing!!!

  • MollyG, All good choices!! (And definitely try the banana bread french toast; you’ll be hooked)

  • Looking ahead of time the menu looked kind of weird but I went for lunch and just piked some stuff out and everything was totally delicious and original. Some very not-obvious dishes but I appreciate not just having the same standards.

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