• January 5th, 2010quarrygirlmore restaurants (not LA), NYC

    one thing i really hate about traveling to nyc, is that i always find a wonderful restaurant with food so delicious and lovely, it makes me sad that i can’t pack a lifetime supply and smuggle it back home in my suitcase. sure enough last week when i visited the big apple it happened again, and the one restaurant that screamed “holy shit why don’t we have this in LA?!?!?!” the loudest, was curly’s vegetarian lunch.

    curly’s vegetarian lunch is a meatless hole in the wall located in the east village, with a larger than life menu full of greasy diner food that more than makes up for their lack of square footage. to call this place vegan-friendly would be an understatement, considering ANY item curly’s offers can be made vegan (and the most appetizing of the selections are already).

    we arrived around noonish on a weekday and were welcomed in from the blustering cold by a friendly gentleman who looked like curly himself, judging by the newspaper clippings hung allover the walls. the service was impeccable; a friendly waitress immediately took our order and was always ready with a refill of hot coffee. we settled on two of the menu items that were vegan by default, the open-faced turkey sandwich and the tofu scramble.

    open-faced turkey sandwich: sage and garlic rubbed soy fillet over corn bread stuffing and toasted rye, napped with gravy and served with cranberry dressing, garlicky kale and butternut squash. $12.95

    while both dishes were great, and the experience overall i cannot fault….the one thing that keeps haunting my dreams is the FUCKING TASTY TURKEY SANDWICH. i know, i know i rave about food a lot on this blog, but please believe me…this deserves extra attention. first off, it was massive. the plate was so full of food, i only ate about half of it and i went from starving to bloated. secondly, it comes with ample servings of all the food groups we vegans crave: tons of greens, check. seitan, check. ridic amount of gravy, check. not to mention the squash, oily yet fluffy stuffing, and sweet chunky cranberry sauce. wowowow. lastly, this plate (enough to feed 3 people) was under $13….in manhattan. that is less than real food daily, and even m cafe holiday plate prices. oh, and this is offered all year round.

    seriously, so many nyc restaurants get talked up, but this REALLY WAS amazing. please put this on your ultimate, must, no matter what, to do list.

    on to the next dish! although it was a little late, it was our first meal of the day….so my husband went with the vegan tofu scramble plus added spinach. (curly’s serves breakfast all day!) this thing came fried up with mounds of yellow tofu, sauteed greens, wedges of toast and deliciously crispy curly fries. not quite as good as my sandwich, but definitely a wonderful indulgence.

    scrambled tofu: with toast and curly fries. plus spinach. $8.70

    look at all that food! eh?!?! i have been brought up to believe that you are supposed to pay more in manhattan for everything…but this was a shit ton of breakfast for under $9, and i challenge you to find a deal that good in LA!

    i cannot even stress how superb our experience at curly’s was, and i urge you to visit them whenever you are in nyc. the place is SUPER SMALL (for the LA crowd, it’s about the size of the meet market/flore cafe/the vegan spot) but they do wonders to actually transform it into a comfortable dining experience.

    i will be back for sure, because curly’s has earned a place in my heart as one of my favorite restaurants ever.

    curly’s vegetarian lunch
    328 East 14th Street
    New York, NY‎
    (212) 598-9998‎
    Mon-Fri: 11am-11pm
    Sat–Sun 10am-11pm

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  • September 18th, 2009quarrygirl101 coffee shop, LA restaurants


    walking into the 101 coffee shop in hollywood is like sticking one foot back in time. the throwback diner filled with modern-day hipsters is modeled to look just like the coffee shops of the 1960s—complete with retro booths, a stone wall, and a long counter lined with bar stools that stretches through the restaurant.


    as stated on their website, “The menu at 101 Coffee Shop features retro diner fare with a Southern California twist.”…which of course means they have a few vegan options! while there isn’t a huge selection for us vegans, the diner does offer a very popular animal-free breakfast item called “no huevos” rancheros.

    "no huevos" rancheros: tofu, black beans, corn, soyrizo, ranchero sauce and guacamole. $7.95

    "no huevos" rancheros: tofu, black beans, corn, soyrizo, ranchero sauce and guacamole. $7.95

    i hit up 101 recently with fellow vegan blogger brittany, from sickoflettuce.com…and although it was well into lunchtime, we both opted for the coffee shop’s signature vegan breakfast dish. as you can probably tell by the name, the “no huevos” rancheros is an eggless take on huevos rancheros…and comes complete with scrambled tofu, vegan sausage, black beans, corn and ortega chilies atop tortillas, all smothered in ranchero sauce and topped with a dollop of guacamole. i think this dish incredible because it’s chunky, sloppy, spicy, and savory—everything i love all at once.


    the ranchero sauce is bursting with rich tomato flavor, the tofu is well-seasoned, and the soyrizo is perfectly greasy. mix it all up with the chilies to give it some heat, then cool it down with the guacamole, and you have vegan breakfast bliss at any time of day. brittany and i both loved it, and although 101 has a couple other vegan dishes, i don’t think i could ever see myself straying from the “no huevos” rancheros.

    whether you live in los angeles, or are just visiting, i would classify a meal at the 101 coffee shop as a “must”. don’t go just for the food, but for the classic diner vibe and the retro interior. the staff and clientele are all ridiculously cool and beautiful, and the 60’s design is spot on. you’ll feel like you’re eating in a time-warp or a quentin tarantino movie…same thing, i suppose. and how great is it that a place like this ALSO caters to vegans?!

    go there, and get the “no huevos” rancheros. eat them for breakfast, lunch, or as a late night post bar snack…whenever you have them, they won’t disappoint.


    101 coffee shop
    6145 franklin avenue
    hollywood, ca 90028

    open daily 7am-3am

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