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    July 13th, 2008quarrygirlhealth, LA restaurants, newsroom

    so before you go on reading about how much i loved my breakfast at this place, you should probably know about the very low “C” grade it received after a recent health inspection. a reader wrote in to quarrygirl.com with a link from TMZ, of all places.

    the gossip rag reports:

    We got hold of the inspection report. Among other things, the city found mold inside the ice machine. Glasses on the bar had gnats that went in for a landing. Some of the shelves were dirty. The waiters’ counter had paint chipping off. And restaurant workers were placing cut watermelon in the sink.

    As for the fridge — problems with potatoes, feta cheese and the meat drawers.

    that’s fucking gross. let’s hope they get their act together and pull that grade up stat. i think they are actually closed right now for “renovations”, attempting to fix the problem. in the meantime, i suggest you check out the interim cafe in santa monica…which was started by the same peeps, who i don’t believe still have anything to do with the robertson newsroom location.

    that’s it. thought you should know. below is our original post, as published on june 25th. vegans, be careful out there.

    i so love going out to breakfast. it’s my favorite meal by far, and the one i get the chance to eat (let alone dine out on) the least; life is a cruel bitch sometimes. fortunately, i live in los angeles where the vegan breakfast options are plentiful enough to (just) appease me. if i’m lucky, i can get out to breakfast once a week, always on saturday or sunday—weekdays are just too hectic & demanding to excuse a morning indulgence that may offset my schedule or productivity.

    so imagine how excited i was on saturday to drive all the way to silver lake for the much-hyped flore vegan brunch. so excited, in fact, i plotted the course, set the alarm clock and arrived promptly at 9:50 am (ten minutes before they open) to avoid the inevitable hipster sunday brunch rush—only to find out FLORE WAS CLOSED. but only for the next 4 days, to “prepare for the summer” presumably take care of their health code violation? who knows. i was livid.

    so there i was, driving back through uncharted territory, after 10 am on a sunday, feeling that my breakfast was officially fucked. that is unless, i could book it to the newsroom on robertson in time to grab a table. thankfully, there were plenty of seats at the bar when i arrived at 10:45 am.

    spicy tofu cancún: tofu scrambled with salsa chipotle, baked corn tortilla rajas, tomatillo salsa and salsa quemada w/whole wheat tortilla. no toast.

    mixed vegetable juice: carrot, beet, celery & spinach.

    yep, looks like i can always count on the newsroom for a spectacular breakfast. i tried the spicy tofu cancún a few years ago, and it was so good that i’ve never been able to bring myself to try something new in all the time i’ve been going there. it’s by far the best scramble in los angeles. so hot, served with incredible salsa, and mixed with soft flavorful tortilla chips.

    on top of that, you can watch your juice being made from scratch if you sit at the bar. every time i leave i vow to get online and finally order a juicer, before i convince myself that it won’t be worth the hassle and mess in the end.

    the newsroom is also a great place to take those unenlightened meat-eaters in your life: they offer a full menu of dead animals, dairy products and vegan food alike. so you can really count on this place being a crowd-pleaser.

    i highly recommend the newsroom for a wonderful weekend breakfast—great food, great juice and a seat at the bar make for a lovely experience.

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