• you can’t order a vegan burger at follow your heart

    April 28th, 2009quarrygirlfollow your heart, LA restaurants

    just a quick post to let los angeles vegans know, you can’t order a vegan burger at follow your heart. i know that seems kind of weird…after all, the entire cafe is vegetarian and there are vegan substitutes for almost everything. the patties are vegan, they come with vegenaise, and there are two vegan cheese options…it’s the buns that hold the burgers back because they contain honey.

    follow your heart burger. $8.95 (everything is vegan but the bun)

    follow your heart burger. $8.95 (everything is vegan but the bun)

    i’ve ordered the ‘vegan’ burger at follow your heart several times, never thinking to question the bun until i heard from a friend that they weren’t vegan. i called follow your heart’s cafe yesterday and they confirmed: all the buns contain honey, but you can order any of the burgers on vegan bread. apparently the rolls that come with the soup are also not vegan, even though the menu specifies they are “non-dairy.” usually to me, at vegetarian cafe, i would take non-dairy as meaning it’s vegan…i guess you can never be too sure.

    i wanna point out this isn’t like a huge deal or anything, they aren’t sneaking casein into the vegan cheese or whey into the mock meat; but still, to most of the vegans i know (myself included) honey isn’t something acceptable to eat, so it’s kinda a bummer we can’t get a vegan burger at follow your heart.

    this isn’t gonna stop me though, those burgers are so damn good i will have to try them out on normal bread. here’s to hoping someday follow your heart will carry a bun that is 100% vegan. it never hurts to ask, right?

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  • I hate that honey is such a trend is things now. Or maybe it’s just me noticing it more?

  • upon request, they will use the sprouted bread (or rye bread).

    (sigh) i hate that 99% of all wheat bread has honey. Boo. 🙁

  • I ended up getting it on the sub roll (used for the meatball sub), which got the job done.

    And just FYI, this isn’t a new thing. The last time I went to FYH was nearly four years ago, and they told us about the honey in the buns then too. So when I returned yesterday, I asked immediately, hoping something had changed in such a long time.

    It baffles me that you can get a vegan bacon cheeseburger, but they can’t find a vegan bun to put it on. Come on, guys.

  • can’t trust hippies! they love their honey.
    most of the servers there will usually clue you in on the honey if they think you’re vegan. i too am dumbfounded that they can’t get a vegan burger bun there.
    and use a non honey rootbeer for your floats too!!

  • Seriously, agave is so delicious why not a few drops of that in the bread instead?

  • I have a feeling FYH would offer a vegan bun if enough people asked for it. I’ll at least give it a shot by voicing my concern (and I don’t even eat their burgers cuz I’m pretty sure there are onions hiding in those patties).

  • Maybe everyone should organize a protest outside to draw attention to this horrible atrocity. I’m sure the general public will quickly get behind the obsessive demands of a small fraction of the population.

    Afterward we can find a bread manufacturer and protest the use of sodium stearoyl lactylate!

    I’m sure if they could the animals would thank us for our unwavering purity and refusal to stop even at the most trivial concern.

  • Hey, you should try out veggie grill in irvine. It’s awesome

  • veggie grill is the least common denominator of vegan food. sure it tastes pretty good, but that’s because everything’s drenched in sugary sauces and dressings.

    also, something seems a little cookie-cutter about the franchises, like they want to be the vegan mickey-dees.

  • Matt – you are really fucking annoying! Sarcastic comments on this and the other post make you look like a real asshole. There. I said it.

  • “Heard it from a friend who,
    heard it from a friend who,
    heard it from another you were messin’ around.”

  • Nick: I had to google those lyrics! REO Speedwagon: gee, you must be old.

  • that seems beyond silly… how hard would it be to stock 2 kinds of buns? or switch out the honey entirely? I really really hate it when the bun’s not vegan… :/ I’m curious what your take on the bread version will be.

  • Are there vegan buns in the grocery store there? I’d just grab a bag of them use one 🙂 it all goes on the same tab!
    agree with Daniel, Agave is way better than Honey! I accidently ordered a Ginger brew a few weeks ago at Bulan and it had honey the second it hit my tongue I spotted it, it wasn’t good, I’ve completely lost the taste for honey.
    Matt honey is not a trivial concern. Do some googling on bees and get to know them. They are actually a member of the crustacean family and more highly evolved than their lobster brothers and I’m sure you wouldn’t eat lobster secretions. The bees store that honey for food, we steal it from them and replace it with sugar water or worse corn syrup, which is laced with pesticides resulting in CCD, not to mention the death of many bees in the process. They do a ton of hard work so we veggies can eat we should let them keep their food.

  • liz – i will let you know how the bread version works out.

    lex – BRILLIANT IDEA on getting a bun from the grocery store! hahaha! gotta try that!

  • totally, just buy a bun there! i always grab a kombucha out of the cold case and have it with my meal, and pay for it on the way out.

  • I was just at FYH this weekend and the waiter informed me that they just bought a bakery, so they plan to eventually make their own buns! I am sure then there will be more vegan bread options :).

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