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    ahhh…sunday morning breakfast. what better way to begin the end of the weekend than with a stomach full of homemade vegan food?

    fantastic frittata: quarrygirl.com’s veganized version of the monterey frittata

    i REALLY love a leisurely sunday breakfast. 3 cups of coffee and a calorific vegan feast sounds like the perfect way to prolong the agony of the forthcoming week. but in a world where most restaurants are packed on sunday mornings and/or pride themselves on the fact they shovel heaping piles of eggs onto peoples’ plates, it’s hard for me to get morning meal satisfaction on the day it matters most. 

    this week, i found solace in this amazing recipe…located right under my nose, in the back of my cupboard, on the back of a tofu scrambler box. all it needed was to be veganized…

    here’s the recipe…adapted to vegan, as well as to fit both quarrygirl’s tastes AND the materials we had on hand. remember: substitution, addition, and omittance of ingredients to fit your own appetite will only make this recipe BETTER!

    now, first, the ingredients!

    1 packet fantastic tofu scrambler (available at vp discount)
    1 12 oz package of extra firm tofu 
    2 tablespoons earth balance buttery spread
    2 green onions
    6 basil leaves (NO stems!)
    1 can artichoke hearts
    3 cloves of garlic
    1 cup mushrooms
    3 roma tomatoes
    4 tbsp galaxy parmasean grated topping
    1 cup follow your heart vegan gourmet mozzarella cheese alternative

    now, do this…

    chop up the mushrooms, basil, artichokes, onions and garlic. slice the tomatoes.

    oh grate! grate the follow your heart cheese alternative, and set it aside.

    mash the tofu up right nice with the tofu scrambler packet, using a fork…until it’s all mixed together.

    add in the green onion, 2 tablespoons fake parmasean, basil and artichoke hearts.

    in a skillet, sauté the garlic, mushrooms and 2 tablespoons of earth balance until softened. set aside half the mixture.

    add the tofu mixture to the skillet, pressing evenly over the whole pan. cover, and cook on med-low heat…about 10 minutes…until hot thru and thru.

    place the roma tomatoes on top. sprinkle on the last tablespoon of fake parmesan, and remaining garlic/mushroom mixture. layer with 1 cup of faux follow your heart mozzarella. cover, and cook for another 5 minutes (approximately). until the sides are crispy and the tomatoes are done.

    I WISH i could say “cook until the fake cheese is melted”…but we just aren’t there yet, unfortunately. FYH cheese just won’t fucking melt…YET! now, sprinkle the dish with black pepper.

    …and you are done!

    even with the non-melting cheese, this dish rocks. dig in and enjoy a perfect sunday breakfast: full of flavor, free of animal bits, and fucking easy to make! seriously, chopping is the only culinary skill required. hope you enjoy the fantastic frittata as much as i did!

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