• March 25th, 2011quarrygirlfigueroa produce, LA restaurants

    LISTEN UP PEOPLE! have you ever eaten match? it is honestly the most realistic meat substitute known to man, and it’s very hard to find in los angeles. well as of recently, it’s available at our favorite store ever, figueroa produce. and to get y’all excited about it, figgy prod is holding a FREE match meats cookout tomorrow from 12-5pm!!!

    good god, you need to attend this! not only is it amazing that a market would hold a FREE vegan bbq, but they will be using a meat substitute that is almost impossible to find…

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  • July 17th, 2010quarrygirlchili addiction, LA restaurants

    okay, so i know i have raved, and raved, and raved about the burgers, sausages, and fried delicacies from chili addiction…but lately i am straight up obsessed with their bowl of chili mac. this thing is SO FREAKING GOOD, it makes me wanna re-write the vegan bucket list just so i can add it.

    chili mac: any of our delicious chili varieties as a topping on a bowl of elbow macaroni. $8

    the chili mac is simple: you pick any of the restaurant’s amazing chilies to top off a hearty bowl of elbow macaroni. there are usually 2 vegan options to choose from, and lately i can’t get enough the 3 bean euphoria…a mix of garbanzo, pinto, and black beans. if you are craving meatiness, chili addiction also always has an amazing option containing match (the most convincing vegan meat EVER).

    i know a serving of chili spooned onto a bowl of noodles may sound like something you can make at home, but i can assure you that it isn’t. chili addiction puts so much time and effort into each of their chilies, i swear it’s like nothing you’ve ever eaten. this stuff tastes like it has been cooking for days, with unique flavors and spices buried deep in every bite. i can’t even describe how good this chili is, you just need to go experience it for yourself.

    as if the bowl alone isn’t awesome enough, chili addiction also has a self serve condiment bar with limitless jalapenos, onions, and cilantro. you seriously gotta try this meal out—i’m drooling just thinking about it.

    chili addiction
    408 N. La Cienega Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    (323) 203-1793
    lunch 12pm-3pm
    dinner 5:30pm-9pm

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  • April 13th, 2010quarrygirlchili addiction, LA restaurants

    remember those match vegan burgers we raved about recently?! well they are finally available at chili addiction as of TODAY! i can’t stress to you enough, these really are the HEARTIEST and MOST REALISTIC veggie burgs i’ve ever tasted. not just that, but they’ve also started making a new “texas style chili” with pinto beans and match beef as well as a vegan sorbet with fresh strawberries! GO GET IT.

    chili addiction
    408 N. La Cienega Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    (323) 203-1793
    lunch 12pm-3pm
    dinner 5:30pm-9pm

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  • March 24th, 2010quarrygirlchili addiction, LA restaurants

    since chili addiction opened, they’ve been getting more and more vegan-friendly and have been experimenting with tons of new products. it started with the simple addition of daiya cheese and field roast sausage, then they went and created an entire vegan menu, and now they are testing out what i think is the most realistic fake meat ever, match.

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  • January 17th, 2010quarrygirlcruzer pizza, LA restaurants

    just a quick post to let you know that cruzer pizza los feliz, LA’s only vegan pizzeria, now has some new and delicious additions to their menu.

    starting today, cruzer is offering daiya cheese-filled bread sticks and philly cheesesteak sandwiches with match meats in addition to their vegan pizzas and salads!

    having tried the daiya bread sticks today, i can say they are nothing short of revolutionary. much thinner and richer than a calzone, these long bread tubes are coated in garlic and oil then filled with insanely stretchy vegan mozzarella. dipped in marinara sauce, they are absolutely perfect and remind me of my dairy-eating days more than anything….minus the cruelty. seriously, you must try them!

    the philly cheesesteak sandwiches are equally rave-worthy, with the kickass combo of match meats, daiya cheese, sauteed vegetables, and vegenaise. the bread is soft and fluffy, the meat is salty, the cheese is melty, and the vegetables are cooked to perfection! i of course, ordered my sandwich w/o bell peppers, and it was the best vegan cheesesteak sandwich i’ve ever had. i liked mine spicy, so cruzer was happy to throw in some jalapenos as well.

    so if you haven’t been to cruzer, i dunno what you are waiting for. let’s see…

    1.) they are the only vegan pizzeria in LA
    2.) they offer daiya, field roast, and gardein
    3.) they are the only establishment in the western US to carry match meats
    4.) they have vegan cheese-filled bread sticks
    5.) they serve the best philly cheesesteak sammies ever
    6.) they have a QUARRYGIRL PIZZA

    you have no excuse not to go.

    cruzer pizza
    4449 Prospect Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
    (323) 666-0600
    open at 4pm daily

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  • December 21st, 2009quarrygirlother, products

    i hate the holidays, but man i love holiday food. the best thing about this annoying time of year is that several different vegan companies all release their version of the stuffed roast. over the weekend, i had the chance to try a roast by a great company that’s relatively new on my radar, match meats.

    their stuffed holiday roast consists of crispy faux chicken packed full of sauteed vegan sausage and vegetables. of all the different brands of roasts i’ve tried, this is definitely the one that tastes the most like real meat. get one of these and bring it to a holiday party full of omnivores, and it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. it doesn’t have lots of grains or vegetable flavors in it, but instead a really authentic chicken and sausage taste. as a vegan, i thought it was pretty great…it tasted like meat, but without all the gross textures.

    the bad news is, match is based in st louis and right now these roasts are only widely available to our friends in that area. i was lucky enough to receive my roast directly from match to sample (yep, one of the perks of having a vegan blog!), and now i’m sad i can’t just pop to whole foods and buy another one. however, match has been kind enough to post the recipe for this roast online, so us here in LA can make it at home! it calls for basic ingredients, as well as some match vegan meats which you can buy online from cosmo’s or vegan essentials. the recipe looks super easy to, so i will probably end up giving it a try.

    just check out this cooking demo by match’s very own chef freddie, where he shows us how to make the roast:

    i have heard rumors that some restaurants in LA may start carrying match, which would be awesome. until then, you should bug your local whole foods about it. as we’ve seen, whole foods is pretty good about listening to its customers.

    i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again…i think match is a company that makes vegan meat so realistic tasting, it may convince a few omnivores to switch to our side. i sure hope i’m right!

    for more on match, check out their website…and follow them on twitter.

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  • November 17th, 2009quarrygirlproducts

    super real-tasting vegan crab cakes: creepy or awesome?

    vegan match meats crab cakes

    after making these cakes using match meat, i am gonna have to go with AWESOME. the match meats crab is made from plant protein, but it has a taste and texture just like the real thing…which is at first a bit unsettling, but ultimately delicious.

    vegan crab mixture

    i followed the recipe for crab cakes listed on match’s website (it’s super-easy to make, BTW), which involved mixing the faux meat with vegenaise, vegetables and herbs before cooking it. i tasted a bit of the mixture as i was going along….and DUDE, i have never had such an authentic fish taste without eating fish. it was so trippy, but kind of cool at the same time. it tasted a bit like tuna, the kind drenched in mayo on a sandwich that i used to eat when i was a kid.

    vegan crab balls

    i formed the miracle vegan fish mixture into little balls, breaded it with panko, sauteed it and baked it just like the recipe said…and wow, these things came out perfect. i drizzled them with some homemade tofu sauce and served them up with garlic mashed potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts, delicious!

    vegan crab cake

    if you haven’t had match crab yet, i don’t know what you are waiting for. this is the kind of product that is really going to change the way people eat, and might actually get omnivores to consider a vegan diet.

    and for those of you are creeped out by this product or all judgmental, like, “we shouldn’t eat vegan stuff that emulates animals…” you are missing the point! match meat is totally vegan, so embrace it! it’s like when some really sexy person in their 20s plays a high schooler in a movie and you feel all weird and pervy for thinking they are hot—don’t! they aren’t really in high school, and this isn’t really meat!

    vegan crab cakes by match meats

    right now you can find match in stores on the east coast, or online from cosmo’s and vegan essentials…but i am really hoping it makes its way to los angeles whole foods markets at some point in the near future.

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  • October 27th, 2009quarrygirlproducts

    match vegan chicken quesadillas with daiya cheese.

    match meat chicken vegan quesadilla

    have you tried match premium meat alternatives yet? this stuff is insane.

    match meat vegan chicken

    recently match sent me some samples to try, and i used their very versatile “chicken” to whip up some vegan quesadillas.

    match meat vegan quesadilla

    match meat quesadilla with daiya

    with the help of daiya cheese, this was hands down the best and most “real” tasting vegan quesadilla i’ve ever had. you could serve this to an omnivore, and they would never know they were eating vegan meat & cheese. seriously, this tasted just like the standard rich appetizer so many restaurants serve.

    vegan quesadilla

    match is a vegan meat alternative that’s so convincing, it’s just unbelievable! you cook with it exactly like you would meat, it acts like meat, except no harm goes into making it. i seriously think that it’s this kind of product that could sway omnivores to consider a vegan diet—it’s game-changing.

    if you live on the east coast, you can probably buy match at a store near you. unfortunately for us here in los angeles, right now our only option is to order it online…both cosmo’s vegan shoppe and vegan essentials carry it. the possibilities are endless with this stuff.

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