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    February 18th, 2010quarrygirlchili addiction, LA restaurants

    vegans, there has never been a better day than this to head over to weho and try out chili addiction. the brand new restaurant opened up last week and when i dropped by last night, they not only had their standard vegan chili offerings, but were also testing out soy hot dogs, vegan sausages, and daiya cheese.

    Hom-onious Chorizo: First you take some Soy Chorizo, then you add some Hominy, cook it with Johnny's secret blend of spices and...Presto..a perfectly harmonized, savory, and full textured 100% VEGAN CHILI!

    i started with an order of what i came for, the vegan “hom-onious chorizo chili”. i read about it on chili addiction’s website and immediately knew i had to get it. i am a huge fan of hominy, so the thought of adding it to soy meat and chili addiction’s secret spices sounded absolutely delicious.

    hominy and soyrizo chili with daiya cheese

    the result was a hearty and full-bodied homemade chili mix that was incredibly flavorful and incredibly filling. they even gave me a side of daiya cheddar which complimented it perfectly. this is the second time i’ve eaten the vegan chili from chili addiction, and i must say i am smitten. it’s so much better than the stuff you find sold in a can, or than anything i could make at home. hominy mixed in with soy chorizo really is as good as it sounds.

    vegan field roast sausage with soyrizo hominy chili and daiya cheese

    i also got a vegan chili cheese sausage to go, which was super awesome. it came with a field roast sausage (my favorite kind) smothered in the same incredible hominy soyrizo chili and topped with daiya cheddar.

    they should still have the sausages, cheese, and dogs in stock today…so get over there and order some. i’m pretty sure this is the first time in my life i’ve ever had a vegan chili cheese dog, and it was sooooo good. let’s go buy these today and encourage chili addiction to offer these options regularly.

    and if they run out of sausages or cheese before you get there, there are plenty more drool-worthy items on the menu. they usually have two vegan chilis in stock (one soy and one non-soy), which you can add to all kinds of delicious things. you can have chili mac, chili fries, chili sweet potato fries, or chili potato chip nachos. not to mention their homemade sauerkraut which i tasted and LOVED.

    and everything at chili addiction is high quality and made completely from scratch—from the chili itself right down to the condiments and potato chips.

    so head on over to chili addiction today and try out some of their new vegan items. vegan chili cheese fries sound like a lunch plan to me….

    Chili Addiction
    408 N. La Cienega Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    (323) 203-1793
    lunch 12pm-3pm
    dinner 5:30pm-9pm

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  • Hey, that seems pretty awesome. It would be sweet if they were BYOB.

  • Nice! I walked past this place last night on the way to picking up dinner at Read Food Daily.

    The interior looks nice, and the menu sounds good. I was a little sad to see the restaurant totally empty. I’ll give it shot soon!

  • Looks and sounds yummy!!!

  • Yum! I can’t wait to go. I hope they start selling the vegan dogs/sausages at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. Omniboy usually gets a chili dog and I wish I could participate too. I sometimes buy their chili, take it home, and make my own dogs!

  • this is blowing my mind!!!! i can’t believe i decided against this yesterday because of some stupid traffic.
    hominy and soyrizo, holy shit.
    field roast?! holy fucking shit!
    diaya, sweet potato fries, and a vegan non soy chili (not that i mind personally)?! oh holy fucking flying shitballs!!! you’re killing me!!!!!

  • They should carry the vegan dogs year round! They keep in the refrigerator for months!

  • Damn, wish they had had the field roast and daiya when I was there.

  • Looks good, I will be heading over.

  • Must. Create. Portal. To LA.

  • You gotta start gettin’ your veggies on. Add some kraut or some salsa to that stuff. Those foods look heavy and bland….and colorless.

    Add some tasty, juicy goodness to these meals! And why wasn’t that Daiya cheese melted properly? What is this world coming to???

  • Ya’ll can thank ME for them carrying Daiya! Backstory: I ninterviewed for a position with them back in January & told the owner, Johnny, that I had become aware of them because of the raves on a vegan blog I read (hint, hint). They said they were in the process of developing new vegan menu items, and that they were working with field roast sausages. I asked them if they’d consider getting a vegan cheese, and they weren’t aware of any, so I suggested they look up DAIYA as its the best and most melty vegan option around. They said they’d look up the Daiya website ASAP…and it certainly looks like they did! Yay!

    FYI, I didn’t get the job, but them carrying the best vegan cheese is a pretty good consolation! LOL

  • Holly: Heavy, bland and colorless? What the hell do you expect a CHILI CHEESE DOG to look like? A salad? Getta grip.

  • Out of field roast sausages until next week 🙁

    Good news is it’s selling well!


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