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    October 27th, 2009quarrygirlproducts

    match vegan chicken quesadillas with daiya cheese.

    match meat chicken vegan quesadilla

    have you tried match premium meat alternatives yet? this stuff is insane.

    match meat vegan chicken

    recently match sent me some samples to try, and i used their very versatile “chicken” to whip up some vegan quesadillas.

    match meat vegan quesadilla

    match meat quesadilla with daiya

    with the help of daiya cheese, this was hands down the best and most “real” tasting vegan quesadilla i’ve ever had. you could serve this to an omnivore, and they would never know they were eating vegan meat & cheese. seriously, this tasted just like the standard rich appetizer so many restaurants serve.

    vegan quesadilla

    match is a vegan meat alternative that’s so convincing, it’s just unbelievable! you cook with it exactly like you would meat, it acts like meat, except no harm goes into making it. i seriously think that it’s this kind of product that could sway omnivores to consider a vegan diet—it’s game-changing.

    if you live on the east coast, you can probably buy match at a store near you. unfortunately for us here in los angeles, right now our only option is to order it online…both cosmo’s vegan shoppe and vegan essentials carry it. the possibilities are endless with this stuff.

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  • Oh wow that looks delicious! I never even heard of this stuff.

  • $7.50!? and its even more on those 2 grocery sites. thats really pricey for a box o meats :/

  • I have had this stuff and loved it. I have only tried the crab (ordered it online) and it was so real tasting! It’s really not that expensive for what you get, because they send you a ton of it.

    I only ordered it once, but maybe I should try the chicken now.

  • Wow; this is gorgeous. I’m very impressed.

  • wow so they just have a big block that you can cook like it’s normal meat? this may finally get my bf to go vegan. i am ordering some.

  • That looks so great I want to cry!

    I get so jealous reading about the vegan stuff in the US, wish it would come to Melbourne already!

  • The big question: is it better than gardein?!

  • I’ve already had dinner and I’m totally stuffed but DAMN I want that quesadilla!!

  • @alex: i love gardein AND match! maybe i should do a side by side test. 😉

    match is rad because it’s soooo versatile and you just do what you want with it. but gardein is so easy to work with and they have so many products that are good-to-go meals.

    i dunno!

  • That one was for you, QG! Damn that quesadilla looks bomb.

  • I never ate quesadillas with chicken before but that looks pretty great. I probably would start with just a cheese one.

    (Um, did you draw a face on your black beans? That’s funny.)

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