• quarrygirl pizza available now at cruzer!

    January 11th, 2010quarrygirlcruzer pizza, LA restaurants

    hey trusty vegans: i have some great news for you! starting today the official quarrygirl pizza is available at cruzer in los feliz. not just that, but a portion of the proceeds for every quarrygirl pizza you buy will go to benefit compassion over killing. it’s a win/win situation, if you ask me.

    quarrygirl pizza: olive oil, garlic, marinated portobello mushrooms, button mushrooms, daiya cheese, field roast, fresh basil.

    the quarrygirl pizza is super heavy and fully loaded with daiya cheese, marinated mushrooms, garlic sauce, field roast italian sausage and fresh basil.

    i am a huge garlic fan, so that’s what this pizza is all about. there’s no tomato sauce on it, just garlicky goodness that goes perfectly with all the italian field roast. the portobellos are soaked in a red wine and garlic marinade, and there’s even garlic sprinkled on top. field roast is my favorite vegan sausage ever, so i was adamant about using it as a topping. when we started designing my pizza, cruzer didn’t even carry field roast….but i’m happy to say they found a distributor and have it in stock starting today.

    the quarrygirl pizza is surely a crowd-pleaser; it’s hearty has enough fake meat to please vegans and omnivores alike. call cruzer today and order one! not only will you be helping the animals out by supporting compassion over killing, but you will get an amazing pie as well.

    cruzer pizza
    4449 Prospect Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
    (323) 666-0600

    PS: stay tuned for more awesome menu items coming up at cruzer over the next month. lots of exciting stuff in the works!

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  • Holy fuck, that looks good. Is it just the mozzarella Daiya?

  • i’m gonna order this next time i go to cruzer… with bell peppers!

    hahaha. i kid.

  • thats FUCKING AWESOME , i love the part about donating to compassion over killing , and the part about the garlic.. oh and the part about the garlic

  • christ almighty. i think i’ve daiya’d and gone to heaven.

  • Ditto on the field roast, although I think I’d add marinara!

  • Sass From Cruzer Pizza

    Hey Everyone! I’ve extended the proceeds for COK for the entire week: Monday- Friday, so help the animals AND go get your QG pizza fix!! Cheers, Sassy

  • This looks so much better than the “Clusterfuck” pizza i ordered the other day – i suck at picking ingredients!

  • Awesome! I’m so excited that you chose COK to receive part of the proceeds. 🙂

  • Hells yeah! You ROCK in so many ways, quarrygirl!

  • Congratulations! The pizza looks amazing but even more amazing is your ability to advocate for animals!

  • ahhhhh!!!! !!!!! cant wait to order this over the week. LOVE CRUZER!!!! YESSS!!!

  • I know I already said this on Twitter but … I’m ordering this TONIGHT!

  • This looks amazing. I’m getting it tonight.

  • This looks delicious, looks like I’m not cooking dinner tonight: Pizza night =)
    Thanks for being so great!

  • Ohlala this is my kind of pizza! Field Roast is my favorite vegan sausage too and I love that there is no marinara to be found! Garlic sauce sounds amazing!

  • I just ate mine. This is one special pizza. So crispy and tasty with hunks of field roast.

    Pizza used to be one of the things I missed the most after becoming vegan. Now, not no mo.

  • Oh wow! I can’t wait to get one.

  • AWESOME! I wish I was vacationing in LA right now so I could order one. Someone have one for me, will ya?

  • I can’t wait to try it! It looks DELICIOUS!!!

  • fucking amazing. i think this is the best vegan pizza in LA. somewhere in between Z Pizza (on a good day) and a real high-end gourmet pizza. just the right amount of daiya, too. that’s a great pie chef quarrygirl, I’ll be ordering one regularly.

  • just ate a whole medium pizza. couldn’t stop sneaking back into the kitchen for another slice

  • I must say that Cruzer has AMAZING pies! My husband and I went there on Sat. and ordered two pizzas, one Hawaiian and one Chikn pizza. YUMMY!!! The dough is delicious and the sauce is perfect. I will be returning to try other pies and pasta dishes there. Finally, my prayers have been answered, all I wanted was a vegan pizza joint! YAY for Cruzers!

  • My pizza was good, especially the crust. Little bummed there was 0 pieces of field roast on it. No basil either. Hmmm…please advocate that they are consistent with your pizza.I almost had the quarrygirl pizza.

  • WHOA!! That is so rad that they named a pizza after you! But it makes sense because I’m sure your blog’s influence was a big factor in Cruzer’s going vegan in the first place! Can’t wait to try this….

  • wow — awesome-looking pizza and so amazing that they have an all-vegan menu! AND that you’re working with Compassion Over Killing to help fund their work. This is definitely a win-win-win all the way around.

  • I called them about their gluten-free crust. Whoever I talked to didn’t know what was in it – which makes me a little nervous. Does anyone know if it’s vegan and what kind of grain(s) they use in it?

  • quarrygirl pizza was not on the menu fyi

  • The quarrygirl pizza is on the menu.

    I had the quarrygirl pizza and it was very good. I shared it with 4 non-vegetarians and 1 vegetarian and they were all surprised how good a vegan pizza tasted.

  • On April 13, 2011, Cruzer Pizza and Pasta Los Angeles wrote:

    “New Owner and New HOURS!! Cruzer opens at 11 AM!!! Come in and try the new cheezy potato wedges!! YUMMY!!”


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