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  • Doh! I didn’t realize it was right next to Largo, great place to go right before a show. Oh yea, I want that covered in Chili.

  • Wow, they’re really stepping up their game.

    How does this compare to the V-Burger from Veggie Grill, which is currently my favorite veggie burger?

  • How have I not been to this place yet?!! Going soon, I promise.

  • Man, I went this last weekend before these items were available. Now I’ll just have to go back. Damn. :p

  • On my way…by the way, the CEO of Match, Allison Burgess, is an incredible human being.

  • Okay, you were NOT kidding when you said this was the most realistic burger. Do not get this if you’re the type of vegetarian who isn’t into “meat simulation” because that exactly what this is. I honestly thought a mistake had been made.

    We’re at a turning point, here. I don’t know what dark magicks the people at Match have sworn their eternal souls to, but this flavor goes well beyond “good enough”. If food science can get to the point where this stuff is as cheap and nutritional (or more) as the real thing, there is no reason to HAVE the real thing — not even from a business perspective. It’s products like this that make even a jaded cynic like me envision a vegetarian world as a possibility.

    MATCH MEATS: Get into retail stores, like, NOW. I can’t afford this relationship if we’re going to be eating out all the time. Let’s move in together. I think it’s time.

  • After reading the above post now I really must try this vegan burger!!

  • I was waiting to see if people said it was realistic. Now I know not to order it. I’ll stick with the chili dogs and fries, etc. I wish I could handle food that was realistic, but I can’t. I’m glad they are offering it but it’s not for me. Enjoy!

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