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    November 17th, 2009quarrygirlproducts

    super real-tasting vegan crab cakes: creepy or awesome?

    vegan match meats crab cakes

    after making these cakes using match meat, i am gonna have to go with AWESOME. the match meats crab is made from plant protein, but it has a taste and texture just like the real thing…which is at first a bit unsettling, but ultimately delicious.

    vegan crab mixture

    i followed the recipe for crab cakes listed on match’s website (it’s super-easy to make, BTW), which involved mixing the faux meat with vegenaise, vegetables and herbs before cooking it. i tasted a bit of the mixture as i was going along….and DUDE, i have never had such an authentic fish taste without eating fish. it was so trippy, but kind of cool at the same time. it tasted a bit like tuna, the kind drenched in mayo on a sandwich that i used to eat when i was a kid.

    vegan crab balls

    i formed the miracle vegan fish mixture into little balls, breaded it with panko, sauteed it and baked it just like the recipe said…and wow, these things came out perfect. i drizzled them with some homemade tofu sauce and served them up with garlic mashed potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts, delicious!

    vegan crab cake

    if you haven’t had match crab yet, i don’t know what you are waiting for. this is the kind of product that is really going to change the way people eat, and might actually get omnivores to consider a vegan diet.

    and for those of you are creeped out by this product or all judgmental, like, “we shouldn’t eat vegan stuff that emulates animals…” you are missing the point! match meat is totally vegan, so embrace it! it’s like when some really sexy person in their 20s plays a high schooler in a movie and you feel all weird and pervy for thinking they are hot—don’t! they aren’t really in high school, and this isn’t really meat!

    vegan crab cakes by match meats

    right now you can find match in stores on the east coast, or online from cosmo’s and vegan essentials…but i am really hoping it makes its way to los angeles whole foods markets at some point in the near future.

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  • these look phenomenal. i used to love crab cakes in my non-vegan days… i would love to get my hands on some of these!

  • stoked on crab cakes and high school looking girls !

  • That looks amazing- I love and miss crab cakes so much! As for the judgment on fake meats, I just don’t think it’s healthy when people replace real meat at every meal with fake meat at every single meal- fake bacon/sausage at breakfast, chick’n nuggets for lunch, and boca burgers for dinner, repeat with some variations on the fake meat theme. So many of those products have ingredients lists a mile long, and are really just empty- albeit yummy- calories. I eat fake meat maybe once a month or so, just because I don’t really like the texture or the weirdo ingredients going in my body. But when I *do* eat it, it has to be good and worth it, so all of these match products you’ve been showcasing will definitely be next up 🙂

  • “Miss Anthrope:” I really appreciate your continued support for Match® products. I kept packages of Match® crab in my freezer even before I started working with the company – it’s friggin’ awesome.

    In your post, I especially liked when you wrote: “This is the kind of product that is really going to change the way people eat, and might actually get omnivores to consider a vegan diet.” Allison Burgess created Match® because she wanted to appeal to meat eaters looking to reduce their meat consumption (for health and environmental reasons) as well as vegetarians and vegans; and your post really supports Allison’s mission.

    I don’t want to get all “spammy” (and I’m not referring to the meat product), but I know that you have a lot of Los Angeles-area readers who would like to try Match®. In order to get into stores in the L.A. area, we need consumers (like your readers) to tell grocers about us (grocers who can then talk to their distributors about carrying Match). We’d love it if everyone who’s interested would fill out the following letter to give to their grocers: http://www.matchmeats.com/MatchMeatsLetter.pdf

    Also, I encourage anyone who has feedback or questions about Match® (or anyone who just wants to make a friend), to connect with me on Twitter at @MatchVeganMeats.

  • Wow, I haven’t had a crabcake in years. I am gonna get some from Cosmo’s right now.

  • I don’t know if I am brave enough to try this.

  • This is like a fantasy come true! My fingers are crossed that they make their way to the west coast soon!

  • Oh boy, and to think I haven’t even tried fake shrimp yet.

  • Just come over, reveal yourself, and cook fake stuff for us. I’ll play drums for you downstairs. 😀

  • Susan, you are SPAMMY and corporate, why do you use the registration symbol in “Match® Meats”? Seriously. This is a blog, not small print at the bottom of a contract.

    This is very ill-informed as a way to talk to your audience.

    Regardless, the crabcakes look amazing.

  • They look yummy :]
    I was wondering what other products you have tried to suggest?

  • well besides the chicken one you used for those quesadillas.

  • I have loved match meats crab cakes for so long, and I wonder why I never saw them covered on any blogs. If you can get passed the initial shock of it, they are amaizng. Thanks for the coverage.

  • @vegangal I really appreciate your feedback, take it to heart and will share it with the rest of the staff. If you see this, drop me a line via email or Twitter and we’ll see if we can hook you up with some crab to try.

  • It’s a great time to be vegan! I’m going to make a crab salad when I get my hands on some!

  • @Susan from Match: Thanks for posting this information on here – it’s great to see companies getting involved in the online vegan community.

  • Do you know where I can find an ingredients list online? I’m interested in trying it but I’m not a big fake meat fan because of all the crap that’s usually in it. Thanks

  • these crab cakes look so wonderful, fabulous… like they’re so amazing my taste buds would commit suicide afterward! YOU KNOW I WANT IT!

  • hehe, its so funny seeing St.louis vegan world spilling into main steam! I guess I always took Match for granted in STL! You can get these every Sunday at brunch at Mokabe’s in St.louis!

  • @J: “Match Meat Crab INGREDIENTS: Water, Texturized Soy Protein, Wheat Protein, Canola Oil, Natural Flavors, Modified Vegetable Gum. Match is a soy product with no animal ingredients. Match contains Soy and Wheat.”

  • Yum! I can’t wait until these crab cakes become available to try! Do they make faux shrimp? The ones I have tried so far have the taste and texture of rubber.

  • Maybe I’m just sensitive, but Jesus Christ I felt sorry for Susan from Match for getting her ass summarily handed to her for the way she commented. Who knows what kind of legal constraints she’s under according to her job, maybe that’s why she’s using the trademark symbol. Further, when Match meats have been featured several times all over Quarrygirl I think it’s a little disingenuous to get self righteously huffy about someone being spammy and corporate. Can we try to not LITERALLY bite the hand that feeds us? I can appreciate criticism and constructive feedback, and again maybe I’m just sensitive, but I thought the response to Susan was unnecessarily harsh. She’s just doing her job, and who knows, maybe part of the agreement for featuring Match meats was that she herself would comment, we don’t know. Can’t we all just bask in the bliss that is quality fake meat, as opposed to what vegans had to deal with even 5-10 years ago?

  • Cortney: EXCUSE ME! Clearly, you are “just sensitive” (as you said twice in your comment), and your capitalization of “Jesus Christ” says a lot about you. I want people in marketing departments within companies selling to vegans to be the very best in the world. Social marketing (which this blog tolerates too much in my opinion) needs to be world class in our space. A rookie (r) mistake — even if you’re selling prime USDA cuts doesn’t make sense.

    quarrygirl: did you have an agreement for featuring Match Meats that would insist a company representative comment? If so, you are crazy.

  • @vegangal: wtf do you mean, this blog tolerates too much social marketing?

    and there was no agreement between me and Match® regarding a company rep comment.

  • Vegangal, I’m not questioning your motivation for why you called her out-which is why I stated in my original comment that I’m all for constructive criticism and feedback- I’m questioning the efficacy of what I took as an abrasive method. Speaking of- in your response to me you call me out for capitalizing “Jesus Christ” and say it “says a lot about me”. I can only assume, because you didn’t elaborate, that you took my capitalization to be specifically honorific, assumed I was a Christian, and that somehow that is something negative? I’m not a Christian, I’m just used to capitalizing the names of *any* religious figure, I didn’t even think about it. However, your implied insult to those who are Christian is a little close minded. I have very close Christian friends who are committed to vegan lifestyles and animal activism. You shouldn’t assume that Christians aren’t vegans, or that they won’t be a part of your group. I too want the message to get out as effectively as possible, but alienating fellow animal rights activists on this board or in the world that might happen to be Christian isn’t effective, it was just a snarky insult to throw at me. We all want more people to be vegan or at least vegetarian, and of course we want the people representing companies to do that the best way. But Susan wasn’t speaking to a mixed audience, she was commenting on a post on a blog that is either frequented by vegans, vegan friendly people, or those jerky trolls that come by and say “eat some meat and be happy” who will sadly probably never be changed. I’m sorry if you felt attacked by my comment, I just honestly had a knee jerk reaction of “damn, that Susan gal just had her ass handed to her, that was out of nowhere and kind of mean”. I’m not denying that I know I’m sensitive, which is precisely *why* I said it twice. I’m sorry if you felt directly insulted by my defending Susan, but if you were going to jump in and immediately and strongly condemn her way of commenting, I don’t see why what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. You commented on the flaws you personally saw in Susan’s commenting, I did the same to yours. No harm no foul, right? Or no fowl I suppose…

  • Sass From Cruzer Pizza

    I have some very good news! We did another product test tonight with Match Meats and the Crab Cakes were OUTSTANDING baked in our pizza oven. I’m currently working on a Match Crab Cake Pizza with capers… If you have any ideas or requests, please let me know! My facebook page is IBVEGAN. 🙂

  • I entirely disagree with vegangal- this is exactly where Susan should be, talking to the little people. “Spammy”? Give me a break and get off your high horse. It’s not random spam like you see in many blogs where some guy randomly sends like 10 links to his asian website that sells knock off nikes or something. Hell, the blog was about her product; if this isn’t her target audience what the hell is?? People who read this WANT to know about this product. Any info directly from the horse’s mouth, as well as the blogger who reviewed it, are greatly appreciated! This is not a time to be on your soap box.. get off and let the rest of us get familiar with a new product. And there’s no need for courtney to kill you with kindness, if anyone is sensitive, its you vegangal. Oh, and I’m not sensitive, I’m just pissed at the unnecessary negativity from you.

    Thanks for the info Susan.

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