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    January 17th, 2010quarrygirlcruzer pizza, LA restaurants

    just a quick post to let you know that cruzer pizza los feliz, LA’s only vegan pizzeria, now has some new and delicious additions to their menu.

    starting today, cruzer is offering daiya cheese-filled bread sticks and philly cheesesteak sandwiches with match meats in addition to their vegan pizzas and salads!

    having tried the daiya bread sticks today, i can say they are nothing short of revolutionary. much thinner and richer than a calzone, these long bread tubes are coated in garlic and oil then filled with insanely stretchy vegan mozzarella. dipped in marinara sauce, they are absolutely perfect and remind me of my dairy-eating days more than anything….minus the cruelty. seriously, you must try them!

    the philly cheesesteak sandwiches are equally rave-worthy, with the kickass combo of match meats, daiya cheese, sauteed vegetables, and vegenaise. the bread is soft and fluffy, the meat is salty, the cheese is melty, and the vegetables are cooked to perfection! i of course, ordered my sandwich w/o bell peppers, and it was the best vegan cheesesteak sandwich i’ve ever had. i liked mine spicy, so cruzer was happy to throw in some jalapenos as well.

    so if you haven’t been to cruzer, i dunno what you are waiting for. let’s see…

    1.) they are the only vegan pizzeria in LA
    2.) they offer daiya, field roast, and gardein
    3.) they are the only establishment in the western US to carry match meats
    4.) they have vegan cheese-filled bread sticks
    5.) they serve the best philly cheesesteak sammies ever
    6.) they have a QUARRYGIRL PIZZA

    you have no excuse not to go.

    cruzer pizza
    4449 Prospect Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
    (323) 666-0600
    open at 4pm daily

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  • Holy shit I am going there right now. By the way, the Quarrygirl pizza is the best pizza I’ve ever had.

  • Cruzer Pizza is backed.

    So good.

  • Can I trade you a Maoz for one of these places? We have two, but no all-vegan fastfood places 🙁

    Though vegenaise on a philly cheeesteakesque sandwich seems kinda icky.

  • I gotta try to make me a vegan cheesesteak sandwich. WITH green peppers. Chomp!

  • Just finished up a Quarrygirl pizza, and some breadsticks with my g/f. This whole new vegan menu at cruzer is seriously making my life better – the food is out of this world.

    I hope it is wildly successful – there seemed to be a lot of people in there tonight ordering food.

  • I would do anything to be quarrygirl and get all this food like you do, Lucky

  • Bow down, bow down. I love you. I love you.

  • i love this place with my entire heart
    this entry inspired me to go on a lunch date with my lady friends tomorrow

  • Yeah dude, I actually would trade you for a MAOZ! how unfair that you have more than one!

  • oh man, breadsticks sound so fucking good right now. and a vat of marinara.

  • omg my picture is so inappropriate
    where id it come from
    internet…u so creepy

  • man i miss thats a’more. it was closer to my house.

  • HOLEEEESHIIIIT. I need that sammich in my face right now and forever.

  • just give me some gluten free (corn?) crust and we’re there!!!!! HINT HINT

  • Leftover quarrygirl pizza for breakfast.

  • Wow, that is so cool that they are offering sandwiches. They should get a website with a menu posted.

  • The need to update their on-site menu before delving into a website menu. I felt like I was at In-N-Out, ordering secret menu items.

  • when is the NY or LA Times going to do a fucking feature on Cruzer Pizza. I mean what a story!! Normal pizzeria offers a vegan pizza, vegans takeover, turns into a vegan pizzeria, etc etc. SO INSPIRING!! VEGANS UNITE!!!

  • we had the philly cheesesteak sandwich tonight and it was AMAZING. the pizza we got was delicious, too. yummmmm.

  • OK this place BLOWS! Yes that’s right. We went there tonight. Ordered a 12 inch hawaiian pizza and a gluten free crust margarita. We were told if we wanted to sit down and eat we could go next door to Desert Rose. Sounded good. The first thing we noticed was DR charges $3 extra per pizza! The pizzas arrive. The margarita was minus the advertised basil and sliced tomato and was only 6 inches! The tomato sauce was absent on both pizzas and both pizzas tasted way too sweet. yuck. now here’s the FU. we get the bill and it’s $50 bucks! I KID YOU NOT. The 6 inch gluten free margarita (no basil/no sliced tomato] pizza was $23.00! Why? Well other than being charged $6 for adding 3 slivers of onion and 3 mushroom bits we couldn’t figure out where they get off. Sorry Cruzer. These vegans will be dining elsewhere.

  • Yeah, for a simple order of a pizza and breadsticks I had to wait around there for nearly two hours. Then after going through hell wasting my life on their cold stool they “apologize” with a “come back again and we’ll give you 15% off”.

    Ugh. What a slap in the face.

    I say go to zpizza on Larchmont. It’s not far from Cruzers, they have a ton of different vegan/gluten free pizzas (daiya and gardein), the seating is free, it’s cheaper and they give out coupons on twitter/facebook and it’s fucking delicious.

  • i need to try some of these new menu items because i am less than impressed with the pizza. had the qg pizza last night. i may be alone but, meh. that’s a greasy ass pizza. the crust was not as good as some of my other favorites. for my taste the field roast tastes to much like the real thing, woah. i’m hoping to fall in love with something else on their menu so i can enthusiastically support them.

  • Unfortunately I have to chime in and agree with the haters. After reading this piece I went to try the Philly Cheesesteak (hoping it would be comparable to the incredible Jay’s in SF). Not the case. For 10 dollars you get a weird side of cooked and unseasoned cauliflower, a bunch of what tasted like Lay’s Potato chips, and the sandwich. The sandwich was, frankly, gross. A tiny bit of fake meat and a lot of weird cheese wrapped inside stale bread. It just tasted nasty. When I ordered it the guy looked at me like I was crazy and said “you know its VEGAN, right?” I should have known something was up. Anyway, love this website but gotta disagree with you Quarrygirl and warn your readers about this particluar sandwich.

  • I fucking love you. How did I not know about you until just this week? I am now obsessed. Add another stalker to your list because I know we must live close to each other and if you don’t willingly let me join in your dining reindeer games, I will start randomly showing up places you’re eating and act all surprised.

    Ok that’s not true. Please don’t call the cops. Yet.

    But, PLEASE. Let’s be friends!

    PS – your site rocks. I am uberimpressed.

  • On April 13, 2011, Cruzer Pizza and Pasta Los Angeles wrote:

    “New Owner and New HOURS!! Cruzer opens at 11 AM!!! Come in and try the new cheezy potato wedges!! YUMMY!!”


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