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    March 24th, 2010quarrygirlchili addiction, LA restaurants

    since chili addiction opened, they’ve been getting more and more vegan-friendly and have been experimenting with tons of new products. it started with the simple addition of daiya cheese and field roast sausage, then they went and created an entire vegan menu, and now they are testing out what i think is the most realistic fake meat ever, match.

    when i dropped by chili addiction last night, they had a match burger for me to try (sorry folks, i think i got the last one!), as well as both match beef and chicken chili. i really hope they start offering these burgers soon, because it was one of the best vegan ones i’ve ever had. i honestly think the meaty patty could fool an omnivore, or at least get one to consider ordering vegan. while the burgers are all gone, i am pretty sure they are going to be serving either the beef or chili today, so you should seriously head over and try it.

    if you really like or miss the taste of meat, you are gonna flip out when you taste the match chili by chili addiction. like the crab cakes, this stuff is so convincing that it’s almost scary.

    so get over to chili addiction ASAP and support their choice to be so pro-vegan. if are lucky, you will catch them at a time when they are testing out new products!

    chili addiction
    408 N. La Cienega Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    (323) 203-1793
    lunch 12pm-3pm
    dinner 5:30pm-9pm

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  • Cool to hear that more and more places are becoming vegan-friendly!!

  • This place is amazing. I went there the other evening with my friend, and will be back again tonight. Parking can be a problem around there, but it’s a 5 minute walk from the Beverly Center so you can park there for $3 and walk over.

    I think Chili Addiction could be one of the most interesting vegan-friendly places to open in LA in quite a while.

    Do go and check them out!!

  • … they have a parking lot out back too. small, though.

  • Looks scrumptious. Chili cheese fries?

  • That chili looks absolutely yummie!

  • Oh, damn. Just polished off the chicken chili mac with daiya, onions, cilantro and jalepenos.

    It was tremendously good!

    I also ordered a side of kraut, and it was super complex with a nice amount of tanginess and some unexpected hints of flavors like pepper and licorice….just a hint. Awesome.

    The owner is super cool and is so appreciative of the vegan support. A few vegans ordered while I was eating, which was cool to see.

    This place rocks!!!

  • Stopped by over the weekend and the chili fries were delicious!! My girl loved them and the owners were super friendly too. They offered us some new chili they were trying and we would definitely go back there!

  • And they have Faygo now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a juggalo, but dude: Rock N Rye.

  • I do like when places are vegan friendly, but I find myself always wondering at what point the issue becomes blurry… last I looked at their regular menu, I noticed they served veal, which even most carnivores now recognize is egregiously cruel. It’s almost impossible to live vegan and not support the meat industry in some way, whether it’s buying groceries at any supermarket in CA because they all sell meat or patronizing restaurants that are not 100% vegan, but I would be more willing to try this chili place if their regular menu wasn’t so gross.

  • Maria, it looks like you have the totally wrong approach. Look at Cruzer Pizza. One year ago, they were serving veal. Now they are !00% vegan. Maybe we should embrace vegan options rather than judge?

    And for the record, Chili Addiction doesn’t serve veal anyways.

  • I say reward good behavior, wherever it occurs. They’re offering an option, going WAY further out of their way to cater to you than most places, and by not going you’re saying that there’s no market for vegetarians (something that I’m positive a lot of places already believe).

  • For the record, Chili Addiction does serve veal. According to their menu -> click on Chili Varieties and scroll down to Exotic Stash… Veal: Soothing, savory, and elegant flavors in this deep chili. It’s right under the ostrich and the buffalo chili.

    I get where you’re coming from, Sam and Greg… it’s just a larger issue I ponder: where to draw the line with my dollars if I’m trying to live ethically. There is no simple solution – I just ponder it.

  • I love match meat.

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