• try match meats FOR FREE saturday at figueroa produce!

    March 25th, 2011quarrygirlfigueroa produce, LA restaurants

    LISTEN UP PEOPLE! have you ever eaten match? it is honestly the most realistic meat substitute known to man, and it’s very hard to find in los angeles. well as of recently, it’s available at our favorite store ever, figueroa produce. and to get y’all excited about it, figgy prod is holding a FREE match meats cookout tomorrow from 12-5pm!!!

    good god, you need to attend this! not only is it amazing that a market would hold a FREE vegan bbq, but they will be using a meat substitute that is almost impossible to find…

    i have been singing the praises of match meats forever, and i will continue to do so. their burger, chicken, and crab cake substitutes are the best ever.

    they honestly taste JUST LIKE the real thing. that may creep some peeps out, but i say embrace it and give folks one less reason to ever eat animal products!

    come show support for a vegan-friendly neighborhood store, eat a revolutionary vegan meat substitute, and get some FREE FOOD. see ya at figueroa produce on saturday!

    figueroa produce
    6312 North Figueroa Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90042
    Phone 323-255-FOOD (3663)
    (MATCH MEAT GRILL OUT saturday 12-5pm!)

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  • i knew you’d like that…

  • luh luh luh liiiiiiike!

  • SUPER LIKE! that’s what i LIKE about this post!

  • Figueroa also sells MATCH in their deli/meat section and you can buy it raw in 1/4 pound increments just like you’d buy animal meat. I might be biased, but I think that’s really innovative and could change the minds of people who initially go in to buy animal flesh!

  • it can taste like whatever it wants to. if nothing was killed to create it, I’m gonna be there tomorrow. oh yum.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा


  • I am so excited to hear that they sell Match there, I have been wanting to try it for soooo long but just couldnt bring myself to pay the cold shipping charges, this is totally worth my drive from the valley!

  • Quarrygril— are you giving me an another reason to move to Highland park?

  • Quarrygirl— are you giving me an another reason to move to Highland park?

  • Does anyone know offhand what the price per pound is? Just out of curiosity.

  • Bradley Palermo

    Match Meats make me proud to be from St. Louis, MO! It’s about time we got them out here!

  • One of my favorite shops that doesn’t do enough posting about their good work. Thanks for the word, will be there to support and taste!

  • I think it’s around $10/pound.

  • I just realized I have zero clue what real meat cost.

  • wish i were going to be in l.a. for the free goodies, but i’ll settle for living down the street from match’s headquarters. people in l.a.: time to recognize the awesome vegan-work being done in the midwest. match meat is for real, and we’re about to get our first all-raw restaurant in st. louis. why not come for a visit? 🙂

  • How was the cookout? Any pics? I thought about going but it looked like it was going to start pouring rain all afternoon.

  • Another event coming up at Figureoa Produce:


    Vegan Southern BBQ @ Figureoa Produce’s Din Din A Go Go!

    Tuesday, May 31 · 5:00pm – 8:00pm

    Figureoa Produce
    6312 N. Figueroa St.
    Los Angeles, CA

  • WE DROVE ALL THE WAY THERE FOR THIS “VEGAN” COOKOUT AND FOUND A LITTLE GROCERY STORE WITH NO VEGAN BBQ COOKOUT! In fact, the whole place smells like rotten meat because they have a huge meat counter that takes up half the store. NOT COOL!!!!!

  • Are you trolling? The all caps leads me to believe you are. But just in case you aren’t: This was 3 months ago.

  • Perhaps you didn’t notice that the blog posting was from March 25th, 2011.

    But yeah, I know what you mean about the huge meat counter.

  • Perhaps quarrygirl should put a date in the title of events.

    For example:

    try match meats FOR FREE on sat, march 26, 2011 at figueroa produce!

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