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    VEGAN PIZZA DAY IS TOMORROW! you better get ready to party! to help you plan accordingly, we’ve compiled a list of the vegan pizza we’ve eaten in los angeles over the nearly 3 years of running this blog. when we started quarrygirl.com, there was ONE place to get pizza with vegan cheese. now there are over 20 places. for a complete list of places to get vegan pizza in LA, check out the vegan pizza day website. this is just a list of what we’ve eaten so far. enjoy! BTW, please email me pix of what you eat on vegan pizza day, and i will post them on the blog!

    cruzer pizza

    LA’s one and only vegan pizzeria is located in los feliz and makes incredible pie. check out their quarrygirl pizza (named after me!), and their awesome pasta dishes and appetizers.

    pizza fusion

    with locations in hollywood and santa monica, pizza fusion has got much of the town covered. they’ve got vegan pizza with your choice of daiya or follow your heart, tap beer, and vegan brownies for dessert. on vegan pizza day, they’ll be offering 10% on ALL VEGAN PRODUCTS! so just ask!


    zpizza is our go-to chain for vegan dining. all locations carry daiya cheese and gardein crumbles, and the pizza is fabulous. for vegan pizza day, they’ll be serving up vegan pizza by the slice!

    masa of echo park

    masa makes some of the best pizza i’ve ever eaten. huge chicago deep dishes made with chicago soydairy’s stretchy teese. this pizza is on the “must try” list, and would probably be my last meal if i had to choose one. they are also hosting the official LA vegan pizza day party.

    pitfire pizza

    pitfire is a small LA-based chain that recently started carrying daiya. their wood oven pizzas are to die for, and are topped with the finest ingredients.

    pizza cookery

    remember those old school pizza parlors with hearty fare and sawdust on the floor. that’s pizza cookery. eating there is like eating in a time warp, except they have an extensive vegan AND gluten-free menu. heyo! oh, and they carry both daiya and follow your heart.


    deano’s is a healthy-style pizza place in the old farmer’s market on fairfax that recently started carrying daiya. their crust is amazing, and they are located right by a bar where you can get tap beer. win/win!

    tomato joe’s

    tomato joe’s isn’t technically in LA, but i love it so much that i’m including it on this list. the valencia pizzeria makes pie so good, it’s worth driving 20 miles for. get the beer crust made with locally brewed hefeweizen. trust me.

    fresh brothers

    fresh brothers in marina del rey packs vegan-friendly deep dish pizza with daiya cheese. they’ve also got gluten-free options.

    whole foods

    home of the surf board pizza, the prepared foods section at whole foods has been offering vegan pie with daiya since 2009! it’s pretty inconsistent depending on the location, but always pretty good.

    purgatory pizza

    purgatory is the grandfather of vegan pizza in LA. this was the first place to get teese back in the day when nowhere was carrying it, and was one of the first places to get daiya. now they carry both, and the pizza rules.

    hard times pizza co.

    VEGAN PIZZA BY THE SLICE. EVERY DAY. do i need to say anymore? hard times is just plain amazing. vegan ny-style pizza made with follow your heart cheese. go there.


    lenzini’s is totally normal, unassuming vegan delivery pizza in the valley. from what i hear it’s awesome, so give it a shot.

    green peas

    green peas is located in culver city, an area w/o a ton of vegan options. while they aren’t exclusively a pizza restaurant, they make a damn good pie with daiya.

    garage pizza

    garage pizza in silverlake uses daiya cheese and has a vegan pizza on the menu. from what i hear, it’s decent!

    damiano mr. pizza pizza

    damiano was officially the first place to offer pizza with vegan cheese in LA. they used to use follow your heart, but have recently switched to daiya.

    corner pizzeria in eagle rock

    corner pizza in eagle rock uses daiya cheese. BEWARE, their normal crust is NOT VEGAN (last time i checked), but the gluten-free crust is.


    lucifer’s in los feliz has been known to lie about the veganocity of their vegan cheese in the past, but supposedly they are totally legit now. they either carry teese or daiya.

    native foods

    native foods isn’t a pizza place, but they make great pizza! it’s available on special and you should check it out.


    pizzasalad is a place in thousand oaks that serves vegan-friendly pizza and salad (who’d have thought?!) they offer both a soy and non-soy vegan cheese.

    m cafe de chaya

    it isn’t offered all the time, but lemme tell ya, m cafe makes a MEAN VEGAN PIZZA. look out for this!

    and, for the cheeseless vegan pizza options…

    bj’s brewhouse

    bj’s brewhouse makes a superb deep dish. just be sure to ask for it with no cheese, and for the crust not to be brushed with butter.

    california pizza kitchen

    california pizza kitchen has lots of vegan options, and a handy online guide to help you order.

    pizzeria mozza

    mozza is a fancy pizza restaurant on melrose that normal “foodies” are totally obsessed with. the great thing is, their pizza is vegan if you get it w/o cheese! just let your server know that you’re vegan and they will hook you up.

    happy vegan pizza day, people!

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  • So the veggie crumbles at zpizza are vegan? did they change from Morningstar to Gardein?

  • holy mother of god. epic fucking post qg.

  • yupppppp!

  • Have tried about 1/3 of those! Omg awesome post! Thanks QG

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Great Info. Thanks so much!! 😀

  • You forgot the “Earth Mother” pizza by the slice from Two Boots in Echo Park, and the raw pizza from Rawsheed’s Cafe in Pasadena!

  • Marvelous list!

  • That’s a pretty epic list. I’ve only been to a couple so far. Did you skip Whole Foods? I suppose it would be more exciting when you can afford to go out to eat or have friends to eat with but maybe I can borrow the cats I’m house-sitting from next door.

    Little Big Vegan Planet is getting funny with his “pizza pledge” and I don’t think I’ll have time to make that much pizza but I have some dough rising in the fridge so I’ll get to it at least once over the weekend.

    I hope the promotion and people taking bleeds over to some non-vegans or to people considering veganism.


  • The crumbles sometimes have real meat in them fyi

  • As previously stated, make sure your local Z Pizza is serving pizza by the slice vegan. West Hollywood is NOT

  • I knew this would happen again. They didn’t do it last time they said they would, either.

  • lenzini’s has a been our favorite for the last couple of months…good crust and fresh toppings.

  • To add to your cheeseless vegan options (in “the other valley”) – Zelo Pizzeria with their Della Salute is sooooooo delish with their cornmeal crust and juicy veggies. They told me it was vegan so don’t go destroying my world!

  • Thanks for this amazing list, QG! I called every L.A. candidate (save Damiano’s as I have seen that kitchen) and NOT ONE will deliver to the heart of L.A., the Miracle Mile area of Fairfax to La Brea, Wilshire to 3RD, even Deano’s. If you use L.A. Bite, be prepared to pay huge prices: $20 minimum order, $5.95 delivery fee, 3.9% convenience fee (whatever that is), plus tax plus tip. I am so depressed to see all these yummy options just out of my reach. Someone with smarts should deliver here–there is no parking and we don’t like to leave on the weekends, hence much potential business!! Thanks for letting me vent, and spread the word that we need at least one decent vegan delivery option for pizza in this area.

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