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    August 3rd, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, pizza cookery

    pizza cookery in woodland hills has been on our radar since way back in november when we learned that they had a separate vegan menu. however, we resisted making the trek out to the valley just to eat there for quite some time, because the restaurant was using follow your heart vegan cheese. i’m not a huge fan of that product, and with all the vegan pizza available much closer to my house, i just couldn’t justify the trip. anyways, those days are over now because pizza cookery now offers both follow your heart AND daiya…so everyone can enjoy some vegan pizza! we finally hit up pizza cookery recently, and found their vegan food to be absolutely fantastic—this place is definitely one of my new favorite spots.

    an amazing vegan pizza

    pizza cookery is your normal old school pizza joint in almost every way. they’ve been around since the 70s, with their sawdust-covered floors, pitchers of tap beer, huge private booths, and delicious food at a good value. the fact that a place like this is catering to vegans (and also gluten-free diners), is almost unbelievable.

    the moment we were seated, we were presented with both “normal” and vegan menus, and a plate of complimentary rolls were placed on our table. we asked if they were vegan, and our waitress apologized that they weren’t…and offered to make us a dairy-free batch. we took her up on it, and i’m so glad we did. wowza.

    the piping hot rolls arrived in one huge clump at our table about ten minutes later, and they were visually stunning. gooey vegan cheese was bubbling out of them and glistening in the light, i don’t think i’ve ever seen such beauty. shockingly, they tasted even better than they looked. they were filled up with melty follow your heart cheese, which actually worked well, and brushed with a thin coat of oil. if you go to pizza cookery, you GOTTA REQUEST the free vegan rolls! they will blow your mind to bits.

    we also ordered a small salad as an appetizer–the caesar with vegan dressing and daiya cheese. we loved it!

    vegan caesar salad. $8.35

    i’m glad we ended up going with the small, because the salad was huge! the large would probably be enough for several people. plus with all those rich rolls, we barely had any room for pizza. we ordered a small 11″ pie to share with daiya cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms, and it was more than enough. in addition to loads of vegetable toppings, pizza cookery offers vegan pepperoni and chicken as well–both of which i’m looking forward to trying. please note, if you order vegan pizza at this place it comes with follow your heart by default. daiya lovers (like myself) need to specify.

    the pizza itself was exceptional—by far some of the best vegan pizza in LA. super top notch crust, flavorful sauce, nicely melted cheese, and fresh vegetables. basically, it was everything a pizza should be and more. it would have been PERFECT, but they slice it up strangely at pizza cookery, so it was a little difficult to eat. (i like my pizza slices shaped like triangles, thank you!) but anyways, that’s a small complaint considering how incredible the pizza was.

    pizza cookery also serves wine, and has beer on tap…which is very important. the selection isn’t great, but it sure hits the spot. everything is pretty cheap too—we had 2 drinks, salad, and pizza for around 25 bucks!

    when you visit pizza cookery, and i really hope you do, be sure to wander around and check out all the relics scattered around the restaurant. they’ve got some really neat stuff in there like vintage soda machines…

    gumball dispensers (remember those?)…

    and even a cigarette machine advertising the vegan menu. lol!

    i seriously love pizza cookery so much. the atmosphere, the food, the prices…everything there is wonderful. and i will be dreaming about those damn vegan bread rolls for months!

    pizza cookery
    6209 topanga canyon blvd.
    woodland hills CA 91367
    (818) 887-4770

    PS: there are a couple other pizza cookery locations in the valley, but they are not affiliated with this one, and don’t have vegan options. so beware.

    PPS: has anyone ever been to earth, wind, and flour in santa monica?!?! it is SO MUCH like pizza cookery on the inside (right down to the playing cards glued to the ceiling), and the pizza tastes very similar. i can’t find any tie between the 2 pizzerias online, but i’m just throwin’ that out there.

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  • Wow that bread looks good.

  • i love this place. a really great spot to hang out. as you can see from the last photo above, you’d never guess it from the outside!

  • Whoa, did you guys get a new ultra-wide angle lens? I love the barrel distortion for the interior shots!

  • Omg that vegan pizza looks so delicious!!!

  • @nick: thank you! we did get a new camera…it’s a little sony nex-5 with a fish eye lens. so much fun!

  • I agree! The Vegan BBQ chicken pizza is my favorite. They will soon have a Vegan Lasagna and Vegan Eggplant Parmesan on the menu, both gluten-free. I went to a tasting and they were both INCREDIBLE!!!

  • What’s up with restaurants that put sawdust and/or peanut shells on the floor? I’ve never understood that.

  • @Gregalor

    Peggy’s Sugarfoot!

    That bread made my mouth water.

  • Dude. I grew up (pre-vegan) going to that place all the time. The food is addictive! This is a gift from above that I can go back! Woohoo! And those rolls are like scones of pure goodness. Yum…

  • I grew up about two miles west of there and have been eating the food since I was a little kid. I went through my vegetarian stage eating their pizza, those evil rolls and the salads. I now live in Valley Village, but work a few blocks from Pizza Cookery. I avoid the place for lunch…it’s just too heavy for me to function afterwards…but will try and hit it up one of these weekends.

    I am still blown away that they have turned so vegan friendly.

  • Thanks so much for posting this! I live in Woodland Hills, and knew about Pizza Cookery. But I had literally no idea that they had vegan options. THhis is wonderful.

  • Thx for mentioning about special requesting the cheese.

  • Quarry Girl eats and reviews waaay too much pizza, you know vegans do eat other things. Does she think she’s the Fireside Gourmet from Mystic Pizza? And after that Macaroni Grill review you know girl has an extremely carb heavy diet. Those must be her fat fingers we see in pictures every once in a while looking all like Morning Star Farms sausage links. I guess now we know why there aren’t any pics of her anywhere on the blog. And I’m sure I’ll be banned from the site now, but this has been eating at me like Quarry Girl on Daiya.

    Can we please see a NOT pizza or fried food review?

  • @TJ:

    why you gotta hate? pizza is fucking awesome. i will never get enough of it.

    also, if you want some healthy QG reviews, you can scroll down. there are some right now on the homepage. i also have tons of raw reviews if that’s your thing.

  • Pizza is also the easiest thing to make vegan, switch the cheese and voila! Raw food does not equal healthy. Give me one argument for raw foods that doesn’t use the word “enzymes”. All I’m saying is that the blog puts way too much emphasis on vegan junk food. (fries, pizza, bar food most likely not made in a dedicated fryer) Us vegans should be coming up with new and exciting dishes instead of always trying a soy version of omni cuisine. Too much soy = gall stones, heightened estrogen and, in men, gynecomastia (bitch tits). We’re not going to spread the gospel by being fat greasy slobs anymore than by looking malnourished with pale dry skin, black eyes, and frizzy hair. Why do you think omnis look at us and say “that’s why I need protein”?

    Not hatin’, just sayin’. You have a well respected soap box, use it well.

  • TJ – let’s keep the criticism focused on the reviews of the food, not the person writing the review.

  • WOW! I guess TJ hasn’t been vegan long enough to remember when there was like 2 shops in the country that made a decent vegan pizza. I guess TJ doesn’t think it is a good idea to encourage folks to try and visit places that offer vegan food. I guess what I don’t understand is if TJ wants to read about a different kind of food than what Quarrygirl writes about – why don’t they start their own blog and go do that? No one is making you read this blog.

    Though I appreciate the Mystic Pizza reference – kinda loved it actually.

  • Da Data Monkey

    Wow. So eating soya emasculates men. Really. Ever played hard with a Shaolin Monk TJ? I dont see any moobs here:


    Besides this site isnt just about pizza. But QG loves pizza so they post a lot about it. Big deal. No like, no read. Unnerstand?

    I wish I could get such good pizza and daiya here in Europe. And believe me I cook a wide range of authentic ethnic dishes. But I still eat vegan junk food. Why not?

  • for the record, QG aint no fatty. she’s a hottie.

  • When I saw the pictures my first thought was “that looks good, but why’s it cut all fucked up like”.
    And….. Tj: Healthy or not, some people can eat anything they want and still be thin. Close your fat mouth and don’t assume.

  • My mouth isn’t fat Trishells. It’s in perfect proportion to my sculpted jawline. And thin people don’t have fat fingers…unless they’re allergic to bee stings and try to steal some honey all Pooh-style.

    Da Data Monkey, I doubt he’s wolfing down soy brats twice a week. Thus the absence of “moobs.” Can I use that one, by the way? Oh hell, I’m taking it, but I’ll give you props!

    Annie, I was raised vegetarian on a farm in BFE and have been vegan since I was 12. I know what it’s like to not have a decent vegan pizza pie in your neck of the woods, I too have felt this dull, aching pain. We should start a support group on facebook, I’ll make you an officer. Thanks for the props! Loves me a good Julia Roberts movie.

    And to future haters, the point is this:
    Quarry Girl has a great blog, it’s fun to read and highly informative. QG has a dedicated following and is well respected for what she does. Shit, I respect her for what she does, keeping up to date on an active blog is very time consuming. The problem is that there is so much more out there than pizza and hot dogs. The novice vegan that comes to this blog sees the emphasis on bullshit food and thinks this is how you eat vegan. This leads to either fatness and moobs (thanks DDM!) or abandoning the vegan diet altogether because they never venture out of their previous omni eating habits.

    QG I know that’s not your mission, it’s the “Hey, we eat more than just salads!” mantra. But we also eat more than just vegan substitutes and raw lasagnas.


  • I have met Quarrygirl twice at LA vegan drinks and she IS NOT FAT. Just to settle any rumors.

  • Michelle,

    How long ago was this? Did you get a good look at the fingers? Are we talking like, size zero or a little chunky with a pooch. Please report!


  • Troll alert. Everyone ignore it and maybe it will go away.

  • TJ

    I’m actually married to QG, and can vouch for her slender fingers. She isn’t overweight, but even if she was I’d still love her as much. For the record she’s perfectly proportioned and actually rather hot.

    Also, if we order something relatively unhealthy (like the pizza) we’ll always get a small and share it. That’s a pretty good way not to put on too much weight.

    The fingers you see are probably mine – I am descended from Eastern European peasants who worked the fields and generally did things that needed short, stubby fingers.

    In fact, I gave up a promising career as a keyboard player due to my inability to reach much more than an octave span 🙁

    I’m a very lucky guy to be married not only to a wonderful vegan blogger, but also a very attractive girl with highly proportionate fingers.

    I’ll take my stubby peasant hands now, and continue feeding my face with a baked potato and spicy black beans prepared by QG herself. See it’s not only pizza we eat!

  • Gina

    I was thinking the same thing! I can’t resist responding to trolls that are so articulate, even if they are talking complete crap like TJ!

  • I think it’s safe to say this matter’s settled, thanks for clearing the air Mr. Meaner. I just had to know about the fingers, and my apologies on calling the wife fat…and your fingers sausage links. If only I’d have known… I’m a big ole homo with an extensive Mariah Carey collection, so your word on her hotness trumps mine on this one.

    Tell her to keep those “highly proportionate fingers” typing away and I’ll keep telling sending fellow vegans to her for guidance.

    And Gina, to quote M M M Martin….”Damn, Gina!”

  • That pizza looks fucking delicious.

  • Oh, that’s what I’m doing wrong …I order a pizza and eat the whole thing. …note to self – order a small and share. 🙂

  • Da Data Monkey

    Fuck me some people need to get a fuckin life. You know how you are Mr Hooker.

    As we say in England. What a total fuckin’ knobhead. You can have that one FOC as well fella. Up yer freakin ass and straight up through your tiny brain. Shit man. One. Sad. Non-fucker. No doubts.

  • Daiya is totally fucking gross. It has a weird aftertaste, but to each his own, I guess. There are definitely better tasting dairy free cheeses out there, Follow Your Heart’s being one of them.

  • Follow your heart cheese tastes like chode juice. Are you nuts?

  • QuarryGirl — thanks for the review. My office is in West Hills and I’ve been meaning to try Pizza Cookery’s vegan offerings. If you want someone to join you for lunch or dinner in the west San Fernando Valley, hit me up — I’m a huge fan of your site and would be thrilled to test out and review some vegan food. And, wouldn’t it be cool to try out a place with a vegan cardiologist (me!) for a different perspective?!?!?

  • DDM, the matter is settled, please read the thread. You must be blinded by a soy induced rage. I gave you props and this is my thanks? To quote Bum Qui Qui – Rude!

    Although your obsession with “nob” and ass is rather suspicious. Want to come over to WeHo, pop in a few seasons of Ab Fab and see where it goes? We can even bust out my Patsy and Edina costumes from last Halloween. I’ll give in, you can be Patsy. Maybe after we can cuddle and listen to Lily Allen? What do ya say, chap? Helloooooooo!!!

  • Did somebody say Lily Allen?!

  • TJ: One matter may be settled, but you grossed a gay line. Lily Allen is the property of us Lesbians, so keep your gay man hands OFF her. I’ll be around later to pick up the CDs (no doubt you have the boxed set as well as the DVD)

  • Fine then, Skeeboo. If I know one fight not to pick it’s with a lesbian, you’ll always lose. But don’t think you’ll take my CD’s that easily, I’ll be waiting covered in vaseline with my homegirl holding onto my earrings and weave.

  • Okay first of all I demand that QG have lunch with Doc Heather the vegan cardiologist. How COOL IS THAT – the vegan heart doc reads this blog! But anyway.

    On the strength of this review we tried Pizza Cookery and I’m sorry to say they have a LONG way to go. It was bad. Very bad.

  • they dont no pizza and they dont no italian cooking at this place. disgusting. tried to talk to them and there clueless. fusion and z are both way better.

  • TJ sounds like a real prick!! He sounds like that Hugo dude married to the owner of Mary’s Garden.
    He must be still lurking around, harassing women and other QG fans. Anyways, whoever it is, he is a jerk!

    I love vegan pizza!!

  • gluten free foods are very helpful specially for those people that have very bad allergies to it *

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