• artisan vegan pizza at m cafe on melrose

    January 9th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, m café

    UPDATE 1/10/10: i just heard that the culver city m cafe is running this pizza special on wednesday nights after 5pm! yay!

    as if there aren’t enough places to get delicious vegan pizza in los angeles, you can now add m cafe de chaya on melrose to the list! on saturdays only, after 5pm (that means right now), the restaurant is offering a pizza night special for just $10.50.

    thin crust individually prepared pizza toped with a slow cooked rustic marinara, daiya cheese, and fresh basil. $10.50 (add a baby green salad for $1.50)

    i hit up m cafe on melrose this evening to try the special out on its very first night…and wow, i was very impressed. first off, the pizza is huge. m cafe is usually pretty expensive, but at under 11 bucks this pie is more than enough to feed 2 people. secondly, the crust is incredible. it’s ultra thin and crispy, and baked on the premises. it reminds me of gourmet pizza that one would find at a super classy joint. thirdly, all the ingredients are top notch and full of flavor. from the generous sprinklings of fresh basil to the hearty rustic marinara, the pizza is all so divine. oh, and lastly the whole thing is covered in daiya, the best vegan cheese around.

    i think it’s safe to say, m cafe really hit a home run with this vegan pizza. while our options are plentiful in LA, i can’t think of another restaurant where you can get such a high-quality artisan pie at such a low price. it truly is amazing.

    m cafe is open until 10pm tonight, so i suggest you get over there and eat some pizza like NOW. if you can’t make it this evening, be sure to hit them up next saturday. i really want to make sure this special stays around, because it’s so fucking good.

    m cafe melrose
    7119 Melrose Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (323) 525-0588

    BTW, as far as i know this pizza is only at the melrose location. only on saturdays. only after 5pm. correct me if you hear differently!

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  • god dammit i *just* went to cafe flourish for dinner. almost called m cafe first to see what the dinner special was but i was hungry as fuck so i just rolled to the closest spot.

    nice to see they’re using daiya and not FYH! that’s a new move for them, i think…

  • just saw your tweet on my iphone, did a u turn, got the pizza and ate the whole thing in the car on the way home as it smelled so good. this is one fucking great pizza but now I have a bottle of wine to drink with no food. FML.

  • yummy! I hope they have this special at Culver City. I don’t like to drive all the way to Melrose if I don’t have too.

  • I’ve got Cruzer in my mouth *right now* and I’m still considering driving down to get one of these tonight. I’m such a pizza whore

  • Wow! I hope they decide to sell these during the week…M Cafe is one of my workday lunch spots …I might have to put aside the Mufaletta for some pizza action!

  • Ok, so I got this for a late snack on Saturday,but was pretty disappointed.

    I ordered mine to go, and the pizza was cut into 4 pieces and stacked up in a to go box. When I opened it up at the restaurant it was already a wet mess.

    I took it home, thinking a few minutes in the over would crisp it up. But there was so much cheese on the slices that oil was dripping and causing massive amount of smoke to be generated.

    I agree the ingredients were good. The crust, sauce and basil were delicious, despite the fact I smoked the shit out of the slices. But too much daiya, imo, and not a good to go box ruined it for me…

  • I didn’t feel like driving that far last night, but this post did put me in a pizza mood – so I went to Z Pizza in Burbank…yumyumyum. 🙂

  • Culver City location will have this on Wednesdays at 5pm…just confirmed while i was there today.

  • I ate this and it was nice! Although it had way too much facke cheese on it.

  • Just order your pizza w/ less cheese next time.

  • I don’t think there is a such thing as TOO MUCH Daiya cheese. Shit, I could probably melt a whole pound of it and eat that for dinner. Haha.

  • Yes! I had their pizza a while back before Daiya was out, & it was pretty darn good then! Every time I’ve gone back, there’s been NO PIZZA SPECIAL, so I’m really glad to hear about this-THANKS!!
    🙂 Candy

  • Shit, I’m hungry. That pizza looks okay, nothing too fucking special, though. I like that god damn veggie burger they have there…and one of their noodle sidse.

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