• lucifer’s pizza: now offering vegan pies with teese cheese!

    June 2nd, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, lucifer's pizza

    if you read this blog, you probably know that we’ve given lucifer’s pizza in los feliz a hard time in the past for advertising a vegan cheese option that wasn’t really vegan at all because it contained casein, a milk protein. well forget all about that now, because lucifer’s is now offers a 100% vegan cheese alternative. that’s right, the pizzeria has changed its ways and now offers one of our favorite vegan cheeses, teese from chicago soy dairy.

    large pizza with mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic and teese vegan cheese.

    large pizza with mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic and teese vegan cheese.

    i picked up a pie from lucifer’s last night, and was pretty impressed. i got a large pizza with teese cheese, topped with mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic, which came to around $21…not bad for a huge vegan pie. lucifer’s also lets you choose your chili rating on a scale from ‘zero’ to ‘blazing’. i went with ‘medium’ and it was just perfect for me.


    lucifer’s did a great job at distributing and melting the teese. it was evenly spread all over the pizza, and there wasn’t too much. i was a little skeptical at first after having previous cheese drama at lucifer’s, but after one bite of this thing, i could tell it was the soy cheese that i know and love.

    the sauce on lucifer’s pizza was really damn good, and i love that you can customize it depending on how spicy you want it to be. the crust was super thin and ny-style and while i thought it was great, my husband wasn’t a fan. he thought it was a tad doughy and undercooked. oh well, can’t agree on everything! another great thing about lucifer’s, is they also offer a gluten-free crust option. that doesn’t mean anything to me, but it means a lot to vegans with allergies who have been craving a decent pizza.


    so let’s all go show lucifer’s some support, they should be rewarded for changing their ways. they took a bad situation and turned it around, resulting in some damn tasty vegan pizza. after all, another vegan pizza option in los angeles is never a bad thing.


    lucifer’s pizza
    1958 Hillhurst Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
    (323) 906-8603

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  • hooray! i will try this place now, because i am curious about the sauce and it’s cool that they fixed their mistake.

  • Good job, Lucifer’s! I think I need to try Cruzer’s first, though, right?

  • Great job QG! And great job Lucifer’s for changing your ways for the greater good! 🙂

  • seeing all your reviews on great vegan restaurants in LA makes me wish i still lived there sooo bad! 🙁

    that pizza looks really good!
    although im not a fan of the name..lol

    i cant ever get my teese to melt that way!

  • I had no idea that Lucifer’s ALSO duped me with their not-really-vegan vegan cheese. I actually have yet to try Teese, and this seems like a perfect opportunity for me. As a Los Feliz resident, knowing that I have more than one option for vegan pizza, I am a happy camper. I just have to do my taste tests 🙂

    My brother actually runs a NYC Pizza Tour company (Scott’s Pizza Tours) and when I told him I was vegan, he was absolutely crushed. He says that he’s tried vegan pizzas and has not been impressed. I’m thinking that on his next visit, I owe him a vegan pizza tour. Knowing that so many options are so close to where I live, it makes the idea seem a lot more likely!

  • Went to Lucifer’s last night with some omni buddies and it was great…really cool spot with a unique theme. It would be better if they offered some vegan protein substitutes, but the veggie pizza with Teese cheese, minus the nasty bell peppers was quite good. I really like that they keep it simple and just offer 2 sizes – personal (for 1 person) and large (for 2 people).

  • so if i could only go to one is it Lucifers, Cruzers or Purgatory? i just love there are choices nowadays.

  • Is Cruzers heaven? Although I’m agnostic, I sure hope so, as it beats the names of the other choices, I think, lol!

  • As far as the pictures of the vegan pizza at Lucifer’s goes, though, it looks delicious. Just add more mushrooms and truffle oil (I hope that truffle oil is vegan as I absolutely adore it!) and I’ll be all fired up–pun intended!

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