• vegan deep dish pizza at fresh brothers!

    July 1st, 2010quarrygirlfresh brothers, LA restaurants

    just last week i was complaining about the fact that there’s nowhere to get a vegan deep dish pizza in los angeles, when this @ reply magically showed up in my twitter feed. lo and behold, fresh brothers makes a daiya-filled deep dish, and it is bloody fantastic!

    naturally we rushed out the minute we could and hit up the marina del rey fresh brothers location over the weekend. we ordered a medium (the smallest size available) vegan deep dish to share, and it was waaaaaay too much food for the two of us to eat…

    we went for the “create your own” option with daiya cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, and pepperoncinis. this is not the cheapest way to order a pie (it would probably be more cost-effective to veganize an existing menu option), and our pizza wound up being about $20. that’s okay though, because it was ENORMOUS and fed us for 3 meals…

    the pizza itself was delicious. huge thick slices of heaping toppings and tomato sauce all encased in baked bread. i can usually eat a ton of pizza, but this stuff was so filling that i was done after just one slice.

    it’s worth noting, that although this was a deep dish pizza, it tasted like it was more on the healthy side…the crust was a tad dry and wasn’t oily at all. while i enjoyed it quite a bit, i’m not gonna lie: i prefer my pizza to be a bit more greasy. if you are gonna splurge, do it right! that being said, i still loved the pizza from fresh brothers and would order it again in a heartbeat.

    so LA vegans, i don’t know what you are waiting for! get over to fresh brothers and try out their deep dish pizza NOW. they have 3 locations: marina del rey, redondo, and manhattan beach. vegan deep dishes for all!

    fresh brothers
    4722 1/2 Admiralty Way
    Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

    2008 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

    407 N. PCH
    Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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  • wasn’t i talking to you about deep dish pizza recently?? omggggggggggg i want. this place is right by the new mendocino farms!

  • WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That looks good enough to try if I’m in the area.

    Didn’t someone comment on here that they can make a vegan deep dish at Masa in Echo Park? If they don’t make one they should.

  • @nick: you are totally right about masa! i contacted them a few months ago, and they said they carried teese but they couldn’t use it for the deep dish pizza for some reason. i am gonna re-open this case and get back to you!

    it’s a rough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

  • I can’t wait till we live in LA.

  • I had one of these yesterday: let me warn you, it’s NO Chicago-style deep dish. The crust is regular style and doesn’t have enough olive oil. The whole thing tastes too “healthy”

  • Pizza in the mornin, pizza in the evenin, pizza at supper time. When pizza’s in a deep dish, you can eat pizza any time!

  • That looks sooooo good!!

  • Well, while the chicagoan in me takes issue with the sauce not being on top of the cheese, I am pretty freaking psyched that I can get a deep dish fix now! So many great pizza joints offer daiya now – I just had a great vegan pizza from Masa in Echo Park!

  • Cheese on top?! Sauce on top, please!

  • Looks good, but the other pizza joints already over-Daiya their vegan pizzas as it is. I don’t really need more.

  • @gregalor: what do you mean, that you don’t like daiya? or it looks like they put too much on?

  • ACK! I can’t eat daiya, it tastes like baby vomit to me. :[

  • @quarrygirl: I like Daiya, there’s just such a thing as “too much on a pizza”. Z Pizza, for example is swimming in vegan cheese.

  • i can’t wait, at least these locations are closer to me!

  • Not gonna lie, that pizza has my heart racing a little bit. I think I have a problem haha.

  • Broke-Ass & Melisser beat me to it – as an ex-Chicagoan pizza eating machine – I NEEEED a Chicago style vegan pizza w/ a giant soy-sausage patty, topped w/ Daiya cheese, topped w/ sauce.


    I should just make it myself, I guess….but man…if there was an L.A. Pizzeria who could tackle a real Chicago pizza, vegan-style ….I would be a customer for LIFE!!!

  • This look so damn good! I wished I could move back to L.A. *sigh* I miss it so much. Vegan food was not as prevalent back then as it is now. Maybe it’s time I take a trip and see my friends. 😉

  • wow and yummmmm!! vegan deep dish pizza-yumminess? yes please.

  • IIRC, Zelo (in Arcadia) has some vegan options. I have only been once, and wasn’t totally blown away, but might be worth checking out. I don’t think they have any fake cheese, but they carry a vegetable based pie that’s vegan. I think the crust is heavier on the cornmeal than most Chicago pizzas – it’s really their own kind of pizza rather than trying to be Chicago style.

  • Fresh Brothers is great.

    I used to live in Hermosa for over a year and frequented with my non-vegan friends. I got the personal pan pizza (without cheese) and a ton of veggies once (at the time they didn’t offer the Daiya); unfortunately, I found out on the second visit from one of the cooks that they add a “little bit” of parmesan cheese to the pizza sauce! 🙁

    Its no wonder my stomach got upset!

    As I said, at the time, they didn’t have the Dailya, so perhaps they no longer add the parm. to the sauce; but its definitely worth inquiring about. If they haven’t changed the recipe though, its too bad that the pizza is just so close to being Vegan and awesome but with “no cigar”.

  • Fantastic blog post, thank you! Nicole, we used to have a bit of parmesan in our sauce. We removed it when we began carrying Daiya Cheese so we could offer a truly vegan product.

  • Posted on December 2, 2010 by Fresh Brothers

    “Before we added Daiya to the menu, our sauce contained a small amount of Parmesan Cheese. We wanted to offer a truly vegan pizza to our customers so we removed the cheese from the sauce. (No one could tell the difference!)

    We typically use butter on the deep dish pans, but we’ll make it without butter if you ask us to do that.”


  • FYI, Fresh Brothers just opened a new location in Beverly Hills at 250 S. Beverly Drive.

    They also have locations in Calabasas and Westlake Village.


  • I just got one of their menus.

    It says on the cover “Ask about our Gluten Free & Vegan Cheese Menu!”

    (This is written under a photo of a large pepperoni and cheese pizza. Oh well.)

    Also, on the inside of the menu, they indicate which salad dressings are DF (Dairy Free).

  • It would be better if Fresh Brothers didn’t butter the pan on any pizza ordered with vegan cheese! If someone is ordering a pizza with vegan cheese, chances are they want a vegan pizza. They may not remember or they may not think to ask if there is butter in the pan!


    “We typically use butter on the deep dish pans, but we’ll make it without butter if you ask us to do that.”

  • Hi Tony – I see that this is an issue that deeply concerns you after you posted here three times and then reviewed us on Yelp. Our staff is also trained to ask customers who order vegan cheese (and order a deep dish pizza) if they want us to not use the spread in the pans.

    I will make a public posting on Yelp to clarify this matter.


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