• quick bite: vegan pizza at garage pizza in silver lake

    December 30th, 2010quarrygirlgarage pizza, LA restaurants

    new vegan pizza options keep popping up in LA, silver lake seems to be the mecca for cruelty-free pie. the latest joint to offer a vegan option clearly on their menu is garage pizza. we’ve got a quick bite review from vegan pizza extraordinaire jon, who recently helped organize a popular vegan tour of NYC by scott’s pizza tours. check out what he has to say…

    the vegan: vegan cheese, garlic, tomato, artichoke, basil. 18". $22.50

    Overall: okay. They use daiya, but not very well.

    It’s just sort of tossed about with artichokes, tomatoes and basil. The crust was a bit droopy, perhaps from the daiya moisture and artichoke weight.

    It was quite tasty and the daiya was very creamy.

    I’d probably pick it over Lucifer’s, but it comes after Hard Times and Cruzer, in that order, for this neighborhood.

    Garage Pizza
    4399 1/2 w. sunset blvd.
    silverlake, CA
    open noon-4am

    PS: worth noting: on monday night ALL PIZZAS are $15 from 4pm-close! that’s pretty cheap for a huge vegan pie in this town.

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  • “cruelty-free pie” does cheese really count as cruelty? its not like youre killing the animal and making cheese can be done in a humane way.

  • I’m assuming you’re not a vegan, so for you it may be a semantic distinction worth making, but since right now you’re posting among a community of vegans, it might help just to think of it as a shorthand term we use. You’re not really going to find much debate here, since no one is going to tell you that cheese is OK.

    Without taking the time to open any huge debate topics: “Cruelty-free” is often used to refer to some product that’s completely vegan… you’ll especially find the term used on Web sites oriented toward vegans. It’s a pretty common phrase and the meaning doesn’t change much — you will never hear a vegan refer to a “cruelty-free wool sweater” to mean one where the sheep didn’t feel any pain and the shearing was done in a humane way. A cruelty-free wool sweater would have to be one made of synthetic wool.

  • cheese/milk is DEFINITELY cruel.

  • I feel way worse for dairy cows than slaughterhouse cows.

  • this is great to know because garage pizza is open super late (like 4 am) but i always nix it because there’s nothing vegan.
    so it’s a great late night option if nothing else.

    thanks for the head’s up!

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    It looks good in the photo at any rate. (Why do I always check this blog before lunch when I’m so hungry? Haha.)

  • Veal (which many people – meat eaters included) recognize as cruel is a bi-product of the dairy industry. Dairy farms need female dairy cows to produce milk…what do you think becomes of the male baby cows?

  • Looks great! We have a place called Maddios pizza here. They also do great vegan pizzas! 🙂

  • Just discovered your site and am finding it very useful for planning a US trip we have coming up. Though have a hard time finding out if places are g/f. Are generally g/f options are vegan places there or does it vary?

  • Dairy can never be made non-cruel. Milk is nature’s food for a suckling baby animal and not for commercial use by another species.

  • I just ate here. It looks as though they are now using Follow Your Heart, not Daiya. I called ahead, but they forgot to make my order. After I waited for 10 min, they came back to ask me what I wanted on it. It took them forever. The pizza was soft and soupy. Worst vegan pizza I’ve had in my life. Just though I’d share.

  • The vegan pizza here is terrible! They do not use daiya at all! I ordered a vegan pizza from this place on monday and there was almost NO ingredients on my pizza! After I left a negative review on yelp, the owner replied saying they have to use less ingredients so that their pizzas come out crispy… Sounds like bullshit to me..

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