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    June 28th, 2010quarrygirlcorner pizzeria, LA restaurants

    a couple days ago, i got an email from a vegan who lives in eagle rock telling me i had to check out corner pizzeria. he said they’d just started carrying daiya cheese and vegan sausage, and that the pizza was amazing. sure enough i headed out to corner over the weekend, and was delighted as i approached the building and saw a sign advertising vegan pizza.

    but there was a catch…

    when i walked in and told the girl taking orders that i’d like some vegan pizza, she quickly interrupted me and said that they carried vegan cheese and sausage, but their crust contained animal products. i was at this point a little confused, because the sign outside was advertising vegan pizza, and i asked her to double check with the kitchen about the dough ingredients. i watched her go back and question a dude making pizzas, and i heard him list out the components: “flour, water, EGGS...” …dammit! : (

    as i was about to leave, the girl suggested i try out their gluten-free crust, and she grabbed a book from under the counter to check out the ingredients. sure enough, the gluten-free crust was vegan, and i decided to give it a whirl. the crust comes pre-made and is only available in one size, 12 inches, which ended up being plenty for 2 of us to share.

    12 inch vegan gluten-free pizza with daiya cheese and vegan sausage. $19

    to be honest, i wasn’t expecting much from the gluten-free crust…but i have got to say that this pizza was amazing! it was thin and crispy and the crust was laced with a terrific blend of spices. the vegan sausage was thick and meaty (i think it may have been field roast), and the daiya was deliciously dairy-free…as always.

    another great thing about corner pizzeria is that they have a self-service bar stocked with jalapenos and pepperocinis! usually you have to pay extra for those toppings, but i must have gotten at least 5 servings of each, for free!

    the dining experience at corner is also awesome. the place is clean and nicely decorated, and filled with huge comfy booths where you can stretch out and take your time enjoying your meal.

    other than the super annoying fact that corner makes their regular dough with eggs, i don’t have a bad thing to say about the place. the gluten-free vegan pizza is a damn tasty, and a great option for those who live in the area.

    who knows, maybe if enough of us ask, they will start making their normal crust vegan. wouldn’t that be awesome!?!? until then, don’t be fooled by the sign outside. your only vegan pizza option for now is gonna have to be gluten-free.

    my motto

    head over to corner pizzeria and show some support for fake cheese and sausage!

    corner pizzeria
    2136 Colorado Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90041
    (323) 255-8500

    Mon-Thu 8 am – 10 pm
    Fri-Sat 8 am – 12 am

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  • Finally, some vegan pizza in my ‘hood.

  • Will try this out, Eagle Rock is right next to Pasadena.

  • Eggs in pizza dough? Who does that? That gluten-free pie looks pretty burnt, to me. I applaud the effort, however. I wish more pizza places would offer a vegan option.

  • OK, small update for those of you who care…

    i contacted the corner pizzeria corporate office to ask exactly what was in their normal crust, and the guy i got a hold of told me it wasn’t vegan. he said that it contained MILK (not eggs), and that it was pre-made from a distributor, so they couldn’t change it. i asked him like a million times, and he said he was positive it contained dairy.

    he said the gluten-free crust contained no animal products, though, and he sent me a copy of the ingredients! (see link below)

    so again, bummer on the normal crust. but the gluten free one is damn good.


  • Okay, milk makes more sense than eggs. But still, the best dough has no dairy or eggs in it whatsoever.

  • Holy shit, $19 for a 12-inch pizza?

  • no self respecting pizza place would use premade dough. pizza dough has to be the easiest thing in the world to make.

  • Every pizza place I’ve ever encountered that offers gluten-free dough has it pre-made.

  • @Gregalor: i think scott was referring to the fact that ALL their dough is pre-made. see my above comment. 😀

  • I’ve learned to ask what is in EVERYTHING here in CT. A local grocery store had an edamame salad at the deli section – I’m thinking SCORE! – but then I asked to see the ingredient list and it it contained egg whites. Bummed me out. I have yet to encounter a pizza place in CT that sells vegan pie.

  • Thanks for the update QG, and thanks for researching and posting the ingredients! Much appreciated.
    I will be sure to ask for the vegan non-gluten crust business at this place.

  • i went to lunch solo to corner pizzeria and was interested in one of their two veggie sandwiches. Unfortunately they have not a slice of vegan bread in the joint. What a bust. (i walked over to four cafe a couple doors down and got a great jerk tempeh sandwhich)Also unfortunate is that they are the closest vegan pizza near me now and will most likely cave in and try that pizza even though it looks far from appetizing. *sigh*

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