• deano’s: vegan pizza at the fairfax farmers market!

    July 26th, 2010quarrygirldeano's gourmet pizza, LA restaurants

    we are ALWAYS on the lookout for vegan pizza in los angeles, so we were super excited when a quarrygirl forums user called “cakebite” posted this entry about deano’s a few months ago. the gourmet pizzeria is located in the old farmers market near the grove on 3rd and fairfax, it carries daiya cheese, and has loads of vegan options. not to mention gluten free menu items, and whole wheat crust as well! of course we had to check it out.

    if you aren’t familiar with how the old farmers market is laid out, it’s basically a bunch of shops and semi-permanent looking bars and restaurant stands all clumped together in a food court style atmosphere with tables in the middle. you order food and drinks from where ever you want, then grab a seat anywhere you can find one, and enjoy. this set up works out PERFECTLY when it comes to eating deano’s, because their counter is located right next to a bar! beer and pizza FTW.

    when we went to deano’s, we split a small 10″ pizza which was just the right size for 2 people. we got the “build your own” option with daiya cheese, mushrooms, and pepperoncinis and it all came out to around 14 bucks. that’s kind of pricey, but i think you could get out cheaper if you went with one of the pizzas off the menu and just asked them to veganize it.

    …..so now for the important question, “how did the pizza taste?!?” it was fucking great! although we got a small, the thing was huge and the crust was thick and STUFFED WITH SAUCE. seriously, so damn good. it was light yet doughy, and the sauce was so flavorful with just a tiny bit of sweetness. the toppings were fresh, and the daiya was melty. let’s just say we both LOVED it.

    there are loads of other vegan options on deano’s menu as well—from calzones and paninis to pastas and vegetable dishes. i can’t wait to return!

    hit up deano’s for some great vegan pizza as soon as you have the chance. i promise, you won’t be sorry. you can get it to-go and eat it at home, or enjoy it in the farmers market with a cold glass of tap beer. perfect for summer. <3

    deano’s gourmet pizza
    6333 west 3rd street #10
    LA CA 90036

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  • It seems like a lot of places are starting to carry Dayia cheese. It makes me happy. I do not think it is long before some major pizza place, like Domino’s or something picks up on it too.

  • I have a feeling the first “mainstream” type pizza place to carry Daiya will be California Pizza Kitchen …I’d definitely eat there more if they did!

  • That ten inch pizza looks delicious!! 😀

  • I love this pizza. And so nice to be able to get really good vegan food at The Historic Farmers Market. And I love how they do their crust.

  • yay! they also have gluten free pizza. yumyumyum.

  • The old farmer’s market is such a fun place to walk around and show out of town visitors- I’m so excited to try this pizza!

  • If they ever start stuffing the crust with cheese instead of sauce, i will start sleeping there

  • that crust looks heavenly

  • Looks good! It’s too bad it’s at the Grove, I hate that place so much.

  • That pizza looks amazing! I really miss that farmers market, I haven’t been there since I was a teenager and lived in LA.

  • i know this comment is about 6 months late to the game, but just moved offices next to the Grove and had this pizza today. A.MAZING! they roll the crust so the cheese melts inside of it and is something i haven’t had on a vegan pizza yet. totally good. thanks for the heads up!

  • Thank you for this! My husband and I are newbies to being vegan and we went to the farmer’s market today and I searched “vegan pizza LA farmers market” and your blog post came up (I was already enjoying your blog before this, though but hadn’t seen this post since its older.)

    We got the veggie pizza with Daiya and LOVED it! Thanks again for being a great reference, especially for me as a newbie!


  • Gregalor, this place is at the Farmer’s Market, not the Grove (althought the Grove is adjacent to the Farmer’s Market).

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