• November 4th, 2010quarrygirlfresh fries, LA restaurants, vegan events

    you probably haven’t heard about it, because it’s been on the super down low…but we are throwing an EPIC VEGAN BEER FEST on saturday with tony’s darts away at the roxy! and you should come!

    one of the huge perks of the beer fest is that ALL of our top 5 food trucks will be there, and each one of them will be serving an ENTIRELY VEGAN MENU. this is especially exciting news when it comes to fresh fries.

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  • November 3rd, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    today was a happy day in my email inbox, because i got a message from doomie’s home cookin’ about their potential menu at saturday’s upcoming LA vegan beer fest.

    the famous frito pie! fritos smothered with chili and cheese. PLUS MUCH MORE...

    i am no stranger to doomie’s pop up events, and i know that under any circumstance, they can make ambitious food that tastes amazing. they are gonna be taking over the roxy kitchen on saturday for the fest, and serving up an insane menu. here is what they have penciled in (all vegan, duh!):

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  • November 2nd, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    LA’s first vegan beer fest is almost here! it’s happening this saturday november 6th at the roxy from 1pm – 5pm. there’s gonna be bands, food, and UNLIMITED BEER! proceeds from the event go to animal rescue media education, so this is your chance to get buzzed for a good cause. do you have your ticket yet?! you should!

    to get tickets now at an advance discount price with no fees, call 310-278-9457 or visit the roxy theatre box office at 9009 w sunset blvd. (opening hours are 10am – 6pm monday through friday, plus 8pm-12am tuesday through Sunday.)

    you can also order tickets right now online at ticketmaster!

    if you like beer and vegan food, you have no excuse to miss this. here are some of the awesome things that are gonna be at the fest:

    yeah, for the price of admission you get to see five vegan bands perform including paul chesne, owlacid, holland greco, ease up and makepeace brothers. i’ve heard great things about these guys, so i’m really looking forward to checking them out on saturday.

    there is going to be so much craft beer there, as much as you can drink in fact. we are gonna have over 50 beers from over 20 of our favorite breweries including bootleggers brewery, eagle rock brewery, ballast point, speakeasy, lagunitas, stone, and many many more. AND ALL THE BEERS WILL BE VEGAN! it’s a dream come true.

    the food for sale at the vegan beer fest is gonna be INSANE! doomie is making a return and taking over the roxy’s kitchen to make all sorts of crazy stuff. we are gonna try to get a hold of his menu soon and post it here. the frankenstand will also be there in full force with its gourmet vegan sausages, as well as OUR TOP 5 FOOD TRUCKS IN LA: seabirds, mandoline grill, fresh fries, and yalla truck. they will all have entirely animal-free menus for the fest, so this will definitely be the biggest gathering of vegan street food that LA has ever seen.

    fried potato and jackfruit taquitos from seabirds truck

    on top of the unlimited beer, great music, and huge selection of vegan food, this is the perfect chance to get out and mingle with other folks. bring your non-vegan friends and show them that we can party and put on fun events too, without killing animals. yay!

    hope to see you all there! feel free to comment if you are coming. let’s have a meet up at the fest!

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  • October 11th, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    hey everyone! advance tickets are on sale NOW for the los angeles vegan beer fest! get ’em while you can at a special discounted price…

    here are the details:

    tickets now on sale!
    the vegan beer fest is on saturday 11/6/10 at the roxy from 1pm-5pm.
    special advance pricing, just $35 for general admission and $45 for VIP
    ticket price includes unlimited pours of dozens of craft beers. VIPs get to come to the fest an hour early and get greater access.
    a portion of the proceeds will be donated to ARME!

    Prices will soon go up to $45 and $55.

    To buy tickets WITHOUT the ticketmaster fee call 310-278-9457 or visit the roxy theatre
    box office on sunset. opening hours are:
    10am – 6pm monday through friday, plus from 8pm-12am tuesday through sunday

    to buy tickets online, hit up ticketmaster

    if you are interested in volunteering for a bit and then drinking, please fill out our volunteer form! we will be getting back to everyone shortly.

    hurry up and buy tickets people, before the prices go up!

    PS: there will also be TONS of tasty vegan food to purchase and eat at the fest from seabirds truck, mandoline grill, fresh fries, yalla truck, and doomie’s home cookin‘!

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  • October 10th, 2010quarrygirlUncategorized

    obviously this blog is normally about vegan food…but you know that we love to booze it up as well, so i just wanted to give you a heads up about LA beer week. the 11-day celebration of beer culture in los angeles and orange county is already underway, and will culminate with an enormous all you can drink beer festival on sunday 10/17 in downtown LA (hurry and get your tickets NOW!).

    awesome beer events are going down all around LA this week, and the sponsors include several of our BFFs including tony’s darts away, surly goat, verdugo, eagle rock brewery, and drink eat travel. be sure to check out the events calendar for more info, and please try to make it to the festival next sunday. after all YOU NEED TO GET IN SHAPE FOR THE LA VEGAN BEER FEST, okay?!?! consider this a warm up!

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  • October 7th, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    heads up, people! LA’s first ever VEGAN BEER FEST is coming to town next month! the event is going to be held at the roxy theatre on sunset on saturday november 6th — there’s gonna be all kinds of crazy good food, vegan bands, unlimited beer, and a majority of the proceeds will be donated to Animal Rescue, Media & Education.

    the fest is being organized by tony from tony’s darts away, nic adler from the roxy, and me…so you know it will be awesome. craft beer will be provided by several california breweries and there will be tons of tasty vegan food for sale from folks like seabirds, mandoline grill, fresh fries, yalla truck and doomie’s!

    tickets go on sale soon, so look out. i will keep you posted. we will also be looking for volunteers who want to work for a couple hours, then get their drink on.

    i think this is gonna be a super fun event for a really great cause, so i’m hoping all of you can attend. save the date!


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  • February 28th, 2010mr meanerother, stores

    It’s no secret that we’re huge fans here of Verdugo Bar in Glassel Park. From 2008’s Oktoberfest through the summer afternoons of Hot Knives’ Gnosh Pit, several rendezvous with Mandoline Grill, and many late nights under the spell of a DJ, we’ve been through it all, and can’t help but keep going back for more.

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  • February 14th, 2010mr meanerLA restaurants, mao's kitchen

    In our inaugural Pub ‘n’ Grub, we stumbled from a student infested Irish sports bar to Native Foods, in the “scenic” district of Westwood, under the shadow of the UCLA campus. This time around, we decided to shun the down-to-earth college vibe and go for something a little more quixotic, perhaps exotic and certainly chaotic: LA’s Melrose Avenue. Also, in celebration of Chinese New Year, we decided on an Asian angle too.

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  • February 7th, 2010mr meanerUncategorized

    As Sister Margaret said to Maria in The Sound of Music: “When one door closes, another opens”. The door above has, thankfully opened and what lays behind it is very special indeed. Exactly a year ago today, I first heard about a new brewery opening in Eagle Rock yet couldn’t find out anything at all to corroborate the rumor. To be honest, on that day I was more focused on heading over to Doomie’s “all you can eat” swan-song event at Southgate, where one of our favorite chefs took over an art studio and cooked his entire stock of food following the closure of his space at Roberto’s Club in Chinatown.

    Now, though I’m very pleased that I can drown my sorrows of Doomie’s demise at the brand, spanking new Eagle Rock Brewery. Often rumored, sometimes previewed and certainly heavily anticipated, Eagle Rock Brewery has been teasing me since November as I’ve enjoyed their brews in most of the bars I frequent. I’ve had the XPA or Mild in Verdugo Bar, Blue Palms, The York, BoHo and (of course) Pure Luck and every time I’ve very much appreciated the taste and quality of the brew.

    The brewery is located in an Eagle Rock industrial park, at the intersection of Delay Drive and Roswell Street (sounds like a cold-war era space alien conspiracy thing, right?) and has no exterior signage, so be very careful to note down the exact street number of the building, or you’ll be lost forever.

    Finally, after two years of construction and LA County Dept. of Building Safety bullshit, Eagle Rock Brewery opened the doors of their tap room this past Friday. Now, a tap room is a special place. It’s not a typical bar per-se, and there’s rarely food (although Eagle Rock Brewery thoughtfully puts out pretzel bowls for the customers), but you do get to enjoy the brewery’s beers served by, and often in the presence, of the brewers themselves in the shadow of the brewery.

    I’m used to gritty tap-rooms with oafish brewers (the large, white guy type with a long beard) who begrudgingly serve a dribble of lukewarm beer in the bottom of a tasting glass, yet I’m pleased to say that Eagle Rock Brewery was quite the opposite. The tap room has a proper bar with stools, shiny stainless steel taps and comfortable tables for you to sit at with your friends.

    When we were there, a very nice lady served our beers and was overjoyed to be telling us about the brewery’s new products, as well as give tasting notes.

    Talking of tasting, we were lucky enough to sample all three of the brewery’s current taps:

    Revolution XPA: (a TLA for eXtra Pale Ale) This refreshing beer has a good balance of tangy palate with a delightfully hoppy finish. Although it’s absolutely tasty, I can’t help thinking there’s an IPA (India Pale Ale) in there waiting to get out, and I think this brew – above all their others – has the most promise for some very interesting variations (double hopped, anybody?!).

    Solidarity Black Mild: The archetypal English mild: A session beer (meaning one can drink a lot of it without falling over) – low in alcohol and very malty. My late grandfather used to drink pints of this ad-infinitum back in the 60s and 70s. Malty ain’t my thing particularly, but this is actually quite drinkable. I could see several of these disappearing rather quickly in a typical afternoon session!

    Manifesto Eagle Rock Wit: Now you’re talking. This beer tastes like something you’d find in a Bavarian Beerkellar (and I mean Bavaria, Germany not Bavaria, Kansas). It’s a white beer, very wheaty at the base and somewhat cloudy. There’s a citrus edge throughout followed by a smooth, flowery ending – probably because of the coriander and rose petals (yeah, they add rose petals – what a great idea!).

    In case you’re missing the vibe here (it took me a while), Eagle Rock Brewery has a neo-Soviet cold war angle: Revolution, Solidarity, Manifesto and “Beer for the People”, along with the eagle and wheat logo. This written and visual imagery takes me right back to Vladivostok in the early 60s, and drinking on a street named Roswell is the icing on the cake.

    You can take a tour of the brewery during opening hours and there’s a Beer Education Series, where they explore and teach the fine art of brewing. In the next workshop, the brewers will explain about malts and how they affect the taste of one’s beer. You don’t have to be a brewer to appreciate these classes, but you have to be a beer lover for sure.

    Wherever you run into Eagle Rock Brewery – be it in your local bar or a visit to the tap room, you’ll enjoy what you find. The beers are up there with the best, and there’s a dedicated and friendly team to bring it all together. Eagle Rock Brewery: We have HIGH expectations of your future, and I’m sure there will be many supporters of your business. Keep the beer flowing.

    Fiiiiinally, the beers are not clarified with animal-based finings (so are completely vegan). The fact that Ben Ling’s Pure Luck serves it is good enough for me.

    Eagle Rock Brewery
    3056 Roswell Street
    Los Angeles, Ca 90065
    Tap Room Hours Open To Public:
    Friday + Saturday 4-10pm
    Sunday 12-6pm

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  • February 4th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, mandoline grill

    remember way back in the day, when we blogged about amazing vietnamese food from mandoline grill? well the vegan-friendly food truck is finally ready to start roaming the streets, and they are having their launch party this saturday at the verdugo bar from 3-8pm. i highly suggest you stop by and fill up on some lemongrass tofu banh mi sandwiches and noodle bowls, then wash it all down with some quality craft beer.

    vegan lemongrass tofu banh mi. $5

    and there isn’t just gonna be awesome food and beer at this event—but also live djs and prize giveaways. sounds like a swingin’ shindig to me!

    don’t miss this. the food at mandoline grill is excellent. let’s give them a warm welcome to the food truck club.

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  • November 8th, 2009quarrygirlproducts

    vegan zico martini

    ahhhh…what better way to finish off a weekend than with some trusty vegan booze. today’s poison was vodka, mixed with a healthy amount of zico pure coconut water.

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  • November 6th, 2009mr meanermore restaurants (not LA), portland
    this bar serves some of the best vegan food i've ever eaten.

    this bar serves some of the best vegan food i've ever eaten.

    Situated on a quiet street next to a coffee shop in Southeast Portland, Hungry Tiger Too looks at first glance like any other neighborhood bar. However, in addition to the usual bar accoutrements of beer, fries and TVs, Hungry Tiger Too has a HUGE vegan menu, serving an array of awesome animal-free bar food morning, noon and night.

    On our recent trip to PDX we grabbed a seat at the bar, ordered a beer and started to scan the vegan section of the menu. As usual in Portland, though, we were torn between so many amazing menu items that we over-ordered, somewhat and ended up spending way more time there than we expected to. Anywhere else, this would have been a problem, but Hungry Tiger Too is just so wonderful that we were delighted to eat and drink the afternoon away within its hallowed walls.

    vegan quesadilla with vegetables, soy cheese and pico de gallo. $8

    vegan quesadilla with vegetables, soy cheese and pico de gallo. $8

    First up was the vegan quesadilla appetizer: a super rendition of the popular Mexican-influenced dish. Liberal helpings of tomatoes, onions, spinach, cilantro and vegan cheese filled up our vegan bellies in no time, so we were forced to have another beer while waiting to order our main dish.

    hungry tiger too vegan quesadilla

    Well, one beer became two, then three after we played some pinball and goofed around in the photo booth. Next up were main courses, the Montecore Burger, and Home Made Biscuits and Gravy.

    montecore burger: grilled onion & mushroom with jalapeno on a boca patty and garlic aioli. $8.75

    montecore burger: grilled onion & mushroom with jalapeno on a boca patty and garlic aioli. $8.75

    Let’s get this out right now: The burgers on the menu are all based on the ubiquitous vegan Boca Burger, which at first had me thinking “WTF? I can make one of these at home!”. Well, I could (and I tried, see later) but it couldn’t be anywhere near this tasty. The Montecore was a fusion of zesty garlic, spicy jalapeno and an smooth sauteed mushroom/onion topping that was to die for.

    montecore vegan burger

    Add in some fresh trimmings (tomato, lettuce and onions), and this was one hearty vegan burger. Throw in the included side of incredible vegan potato salad, and for only $8.75 you have one of the most delicious and best value meals I’ve ever eaten.

    homemade biscuits and gravy: huge serving of home-style biscuits smothered in thick mushroom & veggie sausage gravy. $4.00

    homemade biscuits and gravy: huge serving of home-style biscuits smothered in thick mushroom & veggie sausage gravy. $4.00

    As we were already full after the quesadilla we ordered the Biscuits and Gravy as a kinda side for the burger (at only $4, how big could it possibly be?). Very big is the answer. Very tasty too.

    vegan biscuits and gravy at hungry tiger too

    Creamy vegan mushroom and sausage sauce, smothering two crispy and moist biscuits was a winning combination.

    vegan biscuit and gravy at hungry tiger too

    After another beer, and another, we were finally able to finish all the food, and stagger out of the bar to our hotel.

    Later on in the evening, the reality of our experience hit us: We’d just enjoyed a great afternoon in a real bar with awesome beers and completely filling, decadent cruelty-free food.

    I can tell you this: After buying and cooking a bunch of Boca Burgers from Coscto, I’ve never come close to approximating the taste of that awesome burger. If I lived in Portland, I’d probably visit Hungry Tiger Too at least once, or twice a day week.

    Awesome bar, awesome staff, awesome beers, awesome food. DUUUH?! Vegans: Go there now.

    Hungry Tiger Too
    207 SE 12th Ave Portland, OR 97214
    (503) 238.4321

    hungry tiger too in portland

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  • October 26th, 2009quarrygirlLA restaurants, xiv

    xiv restaurant in west hollywood is probably the only place in los angeles where vegans can get a true high end dining experience. created in partnership with celebrity chef michael mina, and with a modern interior designed by philippe starck, the swanky sbe restaurant is the epitome of gourmet fanciness. unlike most high rollin’ eateries though, xiv offers an entirely separate vegan menu with many entree items and the option of an 8, 11, or 14 course tasting. naturally, dining at xiv is not cheap—even for vegans the average price of meal with alcohol is around 100 bucks per head. but hey, what the hell, sometimes you just gotta treat yourself. and that’s exactly what we did last week.

    vegan menu at xiv

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  • October 23rd, 2009mr meanermore restaurants (not LA), portland


    On face value, The Mash Tun in the Alberta Arts district of Portland, OR, is a fairly typical brewpub. It has a couple of niceties, including a patio to enjoy the few days of summer that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, as well as a roomy atmosphere with comfortable tables, and ample bar seating. Throw in free wi-fi, a dart board, a full-size pool table, multiple TVs for watching sports, some home-brewed beers as well as a few guest taps and I’ll be there. As indeed I was one summer’s day this year.

    While I must admit that going to bars with a bunch of friends to watch the game isn’t my thing, I can see how awesome The Mash Tun would be do just that. With an ample selection of beers on tap (many of them vegan), and a menu with its own vegan section things start to get interesting!

    On our sunny Sunday afternoon, we settled into bar seats in front of the TV, ordered some great beer and started to eat our way through the vegan section of the menu, starting with the Vegan Tempeh Things — tempeh “wings” in spicy sauce with dip and salad. Perfectly hot, perfectly crunchy and with a cool dip, these were gone in about 20 seconds. And I’m not joking.

    tempeh things: ain't no wing, but a tempeh thing! deep-fried tempeh, served buffalo or bbq style with housemade vegenaise. $6.75

    tempeh things: ain't no wing, but a tempeh thing! deep-fried tempeh, served buffalo or bbq style with housemade vegenaise. $6.75

    Next up, we ordered the Baked Red Lentil Puree, an interesting combination of seasoned lentils with green onions and pita wedges for scooping. In texture this was kinda like eating hummus and pita, but with a much more tangy flavor. This dish is a perfect companion to the “wings”, providing some cool respite from the fiery sauce.

    baked red lentil puree: puree of red lentils with grilled green onions, roasted garlic and tomato, served with pita wedges. $6.50

    baked red lentil puree: puree of red lentils with grilled green onions, roasted garlic and tomato, served with pita wedges. $6.50

    For our main dish we deliberated between the two vegan burgers on offer — both home made and very appetizing in description. In the end we went for the Mash Tun Veggie Burger, a complex set of textures and flavors perfectly seasoned on a tasty bun with very fresh salad.

    mash tun veggie burger: a housemade patty of chopped almonds, oats and veggies, served on a kaiser bun with vegenaise. $8.25

    mash tun veggie burger: a housemade patty of chopped almonds, oats and veggies, served on a kaiser bun with vegenaise. $8.25

    By the end of our afternoon, we were full of vegan food, great beer and had watched most of a game on the TV before we had to leave and head back to the airport for our return flight to LA. The Mash Tun is a great place to go with omni friends, as you can enjoy everything a real bar has to offer, while pigging out on some very tasty vegan facsimiles of bar food.


    Pop open your laptop to jump on the free wi-fi, shoot some pool, throw some darts and watch the game (not at the same time, of course). The Mash Tun provides just about everything you’d want in a typical PDX low-key environment. It might not be the best vegan food on the planet, and the home-brewed beer probably needs some work on the taste front, but you won’t be disappointed at all.


    We’ll definitely be back to The Mash Tun next time we’re fortunate enough to visit the PDX!


    The Mash Tun Brewpub
    2204 NE Alberta St
    Ste 101
    Portland, OR 97211
    (503) 548-4491

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  • October 21st, 2009quarrygirlbottlerock, LA restaurants

    last week, i had the pleasure of enjoying what was quite honestly one of the best meals of my life. our friends—who are also beer lovers and the wonderful people behind the quarrygirl iPhone app—invited us to have dinner with them at bottlerock downtown, a combination wine & beer retailer, tasting room and cafe. although there are only a few vegan dishes on the normal menu, our friends know someone who works at bottlerock and said they’d have no problem preparing us a special vegan meal.

    when we arrived at bottlerock, they were ready for us. they had scrubbed down a section of the kitchen where our food was to be prepared, and had beer pairings on hand for each of our courses. i went in expecting some great beer and decent vegan fare, but i left completely elated and high on delicious flavors. i’m writing this post because i think it’s something everyone should try. let’s just jump right in and i’ll tell you all about what they served us:

    house root vegetables with fried capers and carrot miso

    house root vegetables with fried capers and carrot miso

    the first course was a bowl of house root vegetables with fried capers and carrot miso. perfectly sweet with hints of vinegar, this is one of the best beet dishes i’ve ever tried.

    fava bean and pistachio falafel with greens and hummus

    fava bean and pistachio falafel with greens and hummus

    the second course was fresh fava and pistachio falafel, served with cherry tomatoes, hummus, watercress and black olive oil. to say this falafel was amazing would be a gross understatement. it was extra thick and dense, not spongy like a regular chickpea falafel. the leaves were delicate and fresh, the tomatoes were juicy, and the hummus was extra creamy. everybody at the table was thoroughly impressed with this dish.

    king trumpet mushroom with potato, almonds, and artichoke puree

    king trumpet mushroom with potato, almonds, and artichoke puree

    our third course was a small bowl of king trumpet mushrooms covered in greens, with crunchy almonds in an artichoke puree. the rich and smooth artichoke puree was so delicious, i could drink it straight. it was super thick and coated the leaves and mushrooms perfectly, giving everything a quite decadent taste.

    fried sushi rice with vegetables

    fried sushi rice with vegetables

    course four was a dish of fried sushi rice and vegetables. it came sprinkled with some black flecks that i think were called ukari. i don’t know exactly what was in this rice, but whatever it was, i loved it. each grain was slightly fried and packed just the right amount of flavor and crunch.

    fingerling potato with beluga lentils, shaved celery and carrot curry sauce.

    fingerling potato with beluga lentils, shaved celery and carrot curry sauce.

    the fifth course was gorgeously presented—a fingerling potato with beluga lentils, shaved celery and carrot curry sauce. this dish was definitely a standout, and everyone at the table was basically licking their plate to get every last drop of the sauce.

    seared tofu, smoked parsnip sauce, maitake mushroom, cipollini onion, cumin spaghetti squash

    seared tofu, smoked parsnip sauce, maitake mushroom, cipollini onion, cumin spaghetti squash

    course number six brought together some of the best tastes i’ve ever had in my life. the dish consisted of a seared tofu patty with smoked parsnip sauce, a maitake mushroom atop a cipollini onion, and a mound of cumin spaghetti squash. OMG. if i could prepare tofu this way, i would never leave the house. the parsnip sauce, the succulent mushroom and the barely sweet onion were all perfect as well. to me, this course was pure bliss.

    so by this point, we were all getting a bit full and tipsy. we’d had 6 dishes and a beer pairing to go with each one, so when they asked us how many more courses we had left in us we told them we could probably only make it through just one more. (i’m so curious as to what they would have brought had we requested several more.)

    melon sorbet, reduced apple cider, plum, sweet potato and shiso with grated cashew

    melon sorbet, reduced apple cider, plum, sweet potato and shiso with grated cashew

    so with that they brought out course seven, our final and dessert course, a scoop of melon sorbet with reduced apple cider, plum, sweet potato and grated cashew. there were so many flavors going on in this thing, it was unreal. sweet, fruity, salty, and nutty all at once. a total party in my mouth.

    beer pairing...and this was just for dessert!

    beer pairing...and this was just for dessert!

    after seven courses of this amazing food, the four of us could barely move. and i didn’t even get into the excellent beer pairings that bottlerock brought with each one. we tried so much stuff from from a fresh hopped IPA, to hefferveisen, to thick rich dessert beers. the staff was also super friendly and excited about the food, willing to explain all the flavors to us in detail. the chef even came out to meet us and told us that he whipped up everything with ingredients he had on hand, no special planning or preparation. wow, now that’s what i call talent!

    so i bet you are wondering how you can experience this delicious food, because after all, none of it is on the menu. well, the chef told us that bottlerock could accommodate all vegans…it’s just a matter of getting creative and clearing off a preparation space in the kitchen. my advice would be to call ahead, make reservations for a tasting menu, and alert them to your veganocity. you may not end up with the exact courses we had, but you will end up with something amazing nonetheless.

    so seriously, call bottlerock and get some of the amazing vegan food, wine and beer they have to offer. maybe if enough of us go there, they will add a vegan tasting meal to the normal menu. wouldn’t that be awesome? yeah, it would…because this is the best vegan tasting meal i’ve had in los angeles by far. who’s in? i am going back as soon as i possibly can.


    1050 Flower Street # 167
    Los Angeles, CA 90015
    Phone: 213.747.1100

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