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    It’s no secret that we’re huge fans here of Verdugo Bar in Glassel Park. From 2008’s Oktoberfest through the summer afternoons of Hot Knives’ Gnosh Pit, several rendezvous with Mandoline Grill, and many late nights under the spell of a DJ, we’ve been through it all, and can’t help but keep going back for more.

    A few weeks ago, we blogged about a new bar opening in West Hollywood, The Surly Goat, which shares some common ownership with Verdugo Bar, particularly LA’s beer expert extraordinaire, Mr. Ryan Sweeney. Since the soft opening we’ve become regulars, drinking there several nights a week, enjoying the huge beer selection and sublime atmosphere. While the Goat has a full bar with all the cocktail and mixology accouterments, there’s no hiding the fact that this is a beer bar: by the beer people, for the beer people.

    Wherever you look you can’t escape the beer posters, beer list (yeah, 27 on tap) and a chalkboard explaining all the intricacies of beer ingredients and the brewing process. But why name a bar after a GOAT? Well, one of the more popular beer styles in Germany is “Bock”, a strong and heady beer that’s usually malty more than hoppy.

    Brewed since the 14th century, “Poeck-bier” as it was known would eventually become Bock Beer, then just Bock, which happens to be also be the German word for Billy Goat, hence the name Surly Goat. Additionally, goat caricatures have been used in the advertising and brewery logos for hundreds of years (just look at the posters on the wall in the bar if you don’t believe me).

    Also, and conveniently, Bock is nearly always vegan (remember to check Barnivore if in doubt). If you’re a beer fan, there are few places you could start off your evening better than the Goat. Whether you sit at the comfy bar or sprawl out on one of the couches you feel very much at home: soft lighting, retro movies an awesome soundtrack and friendly servers will make you not want to leave. To be sure, I have to tear myself away every time.

    So, what is there to do after a few beers? What about the grub, after the pub? Well, a 45 second walk away from Surly Goat is the Sanfair Whole Foods Market, at Santa Monica and Fairfax, well known in LA’s vegan community for its huge selection of vegan stuff in the prepared foods section.

    Lately, I’ve been partial to the North Hollywood Vegan Kitchen Vege Burger – a simple and light patty on a fresh sesame bun with spicy mustard and eggless mayonnaise. This thing costs only $4, and is very tasty and filling on its own, but if you spend another $1 at the salad bar on a few lettuce leaves, a tomato and some onion slices you can have an incredible feast for a half to a third of the price of any vegan burger in town.

    vege burger from whole foods by the vegan kitchen.

    I usually get the burger and salad to go, then microwave up the burger for a few seconds before dressing it with salad. After a few beers, this is an excellent way to fill up, and is surprisingly satisfying yet light. The salad bar really helps you customize the burger to your taste, and the speed and low price of this wholesome vegan fast-food burger gives even the chain omni-burger joints a run for their money.

    Get over to the Surly Goat, sample a few (or even all) of the 27 beers on tap, then hop over to Whole Foods, grab a Vegan Kitchen burger to go or just sit in the eating area (they have a microwave) and (h)eat it up. There’s also a taxi rank just outside Whole Foods, so you don’t even have to worry about driving home.

    A big thanks to Surly Goat for bringing a serious beer bar to West Hollywood for the first time. Let’s give them all our support as they grow what will no doubt be one of LA’s premier watering holes in the months to come.

    The Surly Goat
    7929 Santa Monica Blvd.
    West Hollywood, CA 90046


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  • I’ve been a big fan of Vegan Kitchen, but they never answer emails! They were shut down once for roaches, too! Has anyone ever talked to them?

  • @mrmeaner: WTF?! last time i checked, this was a vegan blog. it seems like you just used the “pub n grub” category to ramble on and on about a bar.

    that being said, surly goat rules.

  • there you go, quarrygirl, putting me down in public again. sigh.

  • Uh oh, trouble in paradise!

  • I love Surly Goat! That burger looks pretty good too. I will be sure to try this combo.

    BTW, Surly Goat should take after Verdugo and host some food truck action!

  • gonna have to try out the surly goat. those burgers make a perfect lunch at work – 45 seconds in the microwave, some hot sauce, and you’re all set.

  • @lex – the probably didn’t respond to your emails as you hassled them about using less oil. Let’s face it, Vegan Kitchen ain’t that healthy. Tastes good, though.

  • miss anthrope

    @lex i tried to email the vegan kitchen as well, and they never got back to me!

  • Oh man, now I wish I went there the other night when I was invited! : (

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