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    Since I heard about a new bar opening in Burbank with OVER 30 BEERS ON TAP, a complete vegan menu, and an environmentally sustainable mission statement, I’ve become like a thing obsessed, spending hours refreshing the “coming soon” page at Tony’s Darts Away in my web browser waiting for an announcement that they are open for business. As soon as the page changed and hours were posted, I drove like a mad thing from my work in Beverly Hills to Burbank, reviewing the beer and food menu on my iPhone while negotiating CA 170.

    I can tell you that the rush hour commute was well worth it, and I’m destined to be a regular at Tony’s Darts Away. The original bar (it never really had a name, but the “Darts Away” sign outside kinda gave locals a handle by which to refer to it) was your typical neighborhood dive bar: bottled beer, Budweiser on tap, a greasy meat-based food menu and chewing gum encrusted floors and bar area.

    Since Tony took on the lease and license, he’s scraped up the gum, replaced most of the interior wood paneling, laid out comfortable seating and (best of all) installed over 30 beer pumps with a selection of California’s greatest beers. Why only California beers? Well, Tony wants the bar to be sustainable, and bringing beer in from out of state adds to its carbon footprint. Also, with California brewing some of the best beer in North America at the moment, the focus on in-state only brews is in no way a hardship!

    I heard a rumor that one of the partners in the business is a vegan, and had a hand in the food options leading to a full-on set of vegan options taking up half the menu. Right now, there are vegan hot dogs (several varieties of sausage, and mostly vegan toppings) but the menu is self-proclaimed “in beta”, and Tony will be adding new items shortly. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

    On the evening Of my visit, I settled into one of the comfortable seats at a table along the wall and drank a couple of excellent IPAs while pondering the hot dog I was going to order. The menu is ingenious: you choose your vegan (or non-vegan if you swing that way) sausage then two “large toppings” – I went for onions and sauerkraut which were great choices. You also get the option of two small toppings, and I chose the veganaise and vegan aioli. So, I ended up with a bumper hot dog that was succulent and tasty (they use tofurkey sausages, so you know you’ll be in good hands) and everything is cooked separately in the kitchen so you know you don’t have contamination).

    Italian Vegan Sausage with slow-grilled onions, saurkraut, vegenaise, and vegan aoili. $6

    Additionally, there are vegan salads (a couple of them very healthy sounding) as well as Chili and a bunch of fried things like potato chips, fried onions and garlic stuffed olives (God, give me strength!). There is even a $3 “Vegan Almond Mix” on the menu if you have any room left after shoving a 6″ vegan sausage in your face.

    Food-wise, the hot dog reminded me very much of something from the Frankenstand – the sausages are the same, and the bread rolls and toppings are quite similar. I love the Frankenstand, its only disadvantage being that it’s difficult to track down (on the rare occasion it’s actually even open!), and I can’t always have a vegan hot dog when I feel like it. Now, with Tony’s Darts Away, I can have one whenever I fucking want, as well as some fries and a pint or two of beer all in a bar environment. I’m as sound as a pound now.

    The vibe is somewhat eclectic, to say the least. There are clearly some disoriented former patrons who can’t understand why there’s no liquor being served (one nice older gentleman even asked me if I knew why they had no “Jack and Coke” any more!) as well as several construction workers with painty overalls from a local jobsite. Everybody was having fun, everybody was nice, and the place had a real sense of community that a local pub should have.

    There was a group of friends down the back playing game after game of pool (one guy was awesome – he should turn pro if he isn’t already) and the darts board looked like a big round smiling happy face beaming down on the jollity below.

    I’d go as far as to say that Tony’s Darts Away is the BEST bar in LA for vegans. The beer selection, food choices and ambiance give that perfect combination of consumption and enjoyment. The staff get on first-name terms as soon as they have your credit card, and remember who you are and what you were drinking.

    Tony and his team have done a super job with the bar – I’ll be a regular despite the fact it’s over 10 miles from my home. I’ll probably be there for lunch at the weekends, and maybe for the occasional late night snack and drink.

    Tony’s Darts Away
    1710 W. Magnolia Blvd.
    Burbank, CA 91506

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  • I tried to find it on Google street view since I used to drive down Magnolia all the time. It looks like the address is 1710 W. Magnolia Blvd.

    The toppings sound really good– Daiya cheddar, sweet-onion jam, mango salsa, or brinjal chutney. Is the Chili sin Carne vegan? This is really cool for Burbank since I’m there pretty often.

  • Oh, the web site also says they’re planning another location in Echo Park, 2141 W Sunset Blvd. for later 2010. (Right next to Elf on the American Apparel block.)

  • I can’t believe they have both daiya and vegan chili on the menu, and you didn’t get a chili cheese dog!

  • Thank you Quarry Girl for this glowing review. I am very glad to hear that you liked the experience. When we were developing the concept, veganism was a major factor from day 1. Not wanting to scare off those who find tofu scarier the slaughter, we have included a generous number of non-vegan options. You will notice that the menu is clearly marked as “Vegan” and “Not Vegan”. Vegan always comes first on the menu and in our minds. The deep fryer is 100% vegan – no eggs, milk or meat ever find their way in. So rest assured about that.
    Next time you come in, please ask for Amy or me (owners), we are usually there.
    Thanks for coming in.

  • i have a feeling i will be going to this place a LOT after work. beer and dogs…. mmm.

  • I’m not even a beer drinker, but this place is on my drive home from work – I have a feeling I’ll be getting my vegan weiner fix (hurr hurr) here.

  • WARNING: The website says they open at 11am, but they don’t. I went there yesterday with a bunch of friends at 4pm, and there was a note saying they are not opening until 5pm until the weekend when they will open normal hours.

    I’ll give it a few days before I try again.

  • There are clearly some disoriented former patrons who can’t understand why there’s no liquor being served (one nice older gentleman even asked me if I knew why they had no “Jack and Coke” any more!) —- huh??? The old Darts Away never severed jack and coke or any liquor at all. I would know I have been going to that place since i was 18. The writer of the article doesnt know what she is talking about.

  • @Tim – I swear, I was sitting by the door and an elderly man walked up to me and asked me that question. He seemed to be asking people for money beforehand, so I’m not sure how reliable his testimony for prior alcoholic beverage options in the place is.

    Maybe the place LOOKS like it should serve Jack and Coke? I don’t know but I just reported on what I experienced.

    By the way, I’m a HE not a SHE and you are unnecessarily rude!

  • tim/mrmeaner my boyfriend and I were sitting at the bar last night around 6pm and an old man came in asking us to buy him a jack and coke. i think he asked everybody at the bar and in the bar.

    the vegan dogs were incredible… we’ll be back tonight.

  • half of me is in one of the pictures above. i love the beer selection and the laid back atmosphere. I will definitely be a regular there.

  • Apologizes for the gender confusion, but believe me the only bars in the area that have a full booze license ever on Magnolia are the Snug, and Joes Great American!! Also I am pretty reliable on my intel, I drank there before when it was a total armpit. At least they cleaned it up and made it nice. Thank God no Bud or Coors. If you want that head up the street, you got the Beanery or Buffalo Wings Place

  • Cool!! It’s great to read about more vegan options in the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena area.

  • I wonder if those sweet potato fries with almonds are vegan…they sound so decadent! This place looks awesome; thanks for scoping it out, Mr. Meaner!

  • Sounds awesome, esp the Echo Park prospect! Unfortunately, I actually don’t like what most people consider “good” beer and really do enjoy what most people consider “swill.” So, looks like I’ll be eating, but not drinking here.

  • Vegan Drinks is definitely going here soon!

  • All I can say is FUCK YESSSSS!!!! Its all I can do not to abandon my job and run there right now!

  • I noticed a little ad on Facebook for this place just yesterday! Was thinking about going there, but heard it was such a dive before the renovations that I was a little unsure if it would be worth the try. What a great surprise to come on here and see that you reviewed it! I work not far away so am definitely going to go sometime after work soon. Looks great.

  • My husband and I are going there tonight! I’m so excited!!

  • Regarding the sweet potato fries (as asked by Vegyogini) This dish can be made vegan and believe me it is delicious. Please just ask your bartender to hold the toffee almonds. The cook likes to serve them with crushed butter toffee almonds sprinkled on top but they are not an essential or integral part of the dish.

  • HOLY HELL! I drive by this place all the time! It’s minutes away from my salon, too (Frenchy’s, also on Magnolia). I may just end up going there for a dog tonight. So rad to hear that it’s revamped and veganized!

  • Oh my god this place is great news. I hope they open for lunch sometime during the week–I would be there every day for mid-day beers!!! And if they open up in Echo Park I will be there every weekend!!!

  • Awesome….I live in Valley Village, just off Magnolia….Can’t wait to give this place a try! I have driven by the old bar many, many times.

  • Great find! And in my neighborhood – who’s up for a game of pool?!?!

  • Amazing! I also used to hit this bar a few days a week when i was 20 and up, the last couple years i have not been in but I am so excited about the new change!
    and yes it is true they never served liquor before, only beer and wine but Tim did not have to be a butthole about what you wrote.

  • Finally, some more stuff in Burbank! That town is sooo sparse on vegan food.

    Too bad it’s not viable for lunch break for me, since I very strictly get only 30 minutes off, and I work near the airport. And I guess they wouldn’t be open anyway? Still, nice to know it’s there!

  • “Now, with Tony’s Darts Away, I can have one whenever I fucking want,”

    LOVE the single superfluous “fuck” in this review. Totally serious.

  • We are open for lunch starting at 11AM (starting this Friday) and we have carry out food if that suits you.

  • I just had the vegan chili dog with vegan cheese and homemade potato chips. Outrageously good! And the Shipwreck double IPA was a perfect compliment.

    I’ll be back tomorrow. Can’t wait to come here for lunches. I’ll be bringing a lot of people from Warners.

  • WOW! I live in the valley and I am so happy to see another vegan option other than thai food and that shitty hippy raw sunray restaurant! I am going here tomorrow no matter what.

  • Oh my goodness. The fried olives weren’t on the menu anymore, but wow.

    Me: Kielbasa, Vegenaise, dijon, onions, peppers.
    Hubs: Apple/Sage, dijon, Daiya cheddar, onions.

    Whoaaaa, man. We’re going back ASAP.

    (And I haven’t even mentioned the ridiculously good beer!)

  • never saw a place like this .. looks great.
    wish more places like this were around

  • i can’t wait for the echo park location Tony!
    thank you!

  • I went there last night with a friend, and the beer, food and staff were awesome, just like this review says. Lots of people were ordering vegan stuff and one even asked if I was quarrygirl… blush.

    I will be back again this weekend. Can’t wait.

  • eeeechooooo paaaaaark!!!!!! please.

  • WOW!!! It’s like this place was MADE for me, except that it’s in Burbank. I am definitely going to check it out, though. I love the focus in California beers, especially since it can be hard to find some CA beers on tap here, so this should raise the odds.

    Speaking of, are the beers on the websites beer list their rotating draft selection or does it include bottled beers as well?

  • Oh, how fun! I hope they have Anchor Steam on tap!

  • Nevermind, further exploration of their website reveals that Tony’s Darts Away is bottle-free. All-draft, all good!

  • Melisser – we do have Anchor on tap!

  • Melisser – if you like Anchor Steam, you obviously don’t like beer! There are much, much better options in Tony’s….

    Please stop calling me. But I can’t wait to try this place out!

  • No Beer: OOPS! I fixed it.

  • Thank you!

  • They open for Lunch tomorrow according to Tony. I called yesterday. Seems like tomorrow and always thereafter.

    I will be there.


  • Barbara, you’re crazy! Anchor Steam is a fine beer, one of my all-time favorite session beers. I wish more places had it on draft, as it’s nice to enjoy a flavorful beer or three while out and not getting loaded; especially when some driving is involved. Further, the Anchor Brewing company with their Anchor Steam Beer pretty much started the micro brewing and craft beer revolution which gave birth to the new, fantastic, American-beer culture we are enjoying today.

    If it were not for Anchor Steam, or more accurately if it were not for Fritz Maytag buying and resurrecting the failing brewery, it is unlikely we would have great new places like Tony’s to get excited about. At least, we would probably not get excited about Tony’s advertising locally brewed beer from the Anheuser Busch brewery in Van Nuys.

  • went for lunch wanted to stay through dinner. The place got pretty busy for the first day. Nice to see. Great food, beer and people. Working in Burbank this is now my place for (infrequent) lunches.


    p.s. Tony – thank you for the anecdotes and the information I will subscribe to your twitter feed.

  • Ate here today at lunch, and it was great!

  • This looks like it could be my favorite place. If only it were closer to my house!

  • So….The wife and I went there today(4/17) and I was told by Tony we missed Quarry Girl by an hour…

    Anyhow….Fucking awesome.

    Had the Brat/Chili/Daiya/Onion Jam(?) and Sweet Potato Fries…..aka God sticks…..Oh and a bunch of IPA’s.

    We will be back…and back, and back.

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