• June 15th, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    it’s almost here! do you have your tickets yet for the 2nd epic beer fest we’re hosting with tony’s darts away and the roxy?! here’s the vital info:

    the LA vegan beer fest will take place on june 25, 2011 at the roxy in hollywood from 1-5pm.

    UNLIMITED BEER is included with general and VIP admission. and not just any beer, i’m talking good stuff from craft breweries all over the country like stone, dogfish head, green flash, north coast, deschutes and many more! plus, there’s a non-drinker/staightedge admission this year! VIP tickets get you early entrance to the fest at noon, plus access to a VIP lounge with special beer. you can purchase tickets here. proceeds will be donated to ARME, who have been rocking it lately with their beagle freedom project!

    there will be loads of vegan food trucks and vendors, including the following:

    doomie’s home cookin’! (one of our favorite restaurants in LA will be serving up home-cooked goodness. not sure what’s on their menu this year, but at the last beer fest they had jalapeno poppers, buffalo legs, empanadas, taquitos, sushi, shrimp cocktails, chocolate covered bacon, and VEGAN BEER CUPCAKES! oh my!)

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  • March 31st, 2011quarrygirlvegan events

    a wide selection of unlimited craft beer. several food trucks and vendors offering only vegan food. music in a historic sunset strip venue. sound appealing? you can find it all at the los angeles vegan beer fest.

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  • November 8th, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    the los angeles vegan beer fest has come and gone, i am completely overwhelmed by what a huge success it was! thanks so much to everyone who came out, to the breweries, to the food trucks and vendors, to the folks at the roxy and tony’s darts away, and to all the lovely volunteers. we couldn’t have done it without you! this was honestly the most enjoyable beer fest i’ve ever been to, and i really hope we can do it again soon. here are some pix of the event:

    the official vegan beer fest glass! let's just say this was filled up many times.

    this is what the roxy looked like just hours before the beer fest…

    and during the beer fest…

    unlimited beer was flowing all afternoon thanks to volunteers like andy…

    and gina & aj!

    we got something to eat from every single vendor, starting with the much anticipated doomie’s.

    doomie's buffalo legs. $3

    the buffalo legs were awesome! super meaty with a spicy kick.

    doomie's jalapeno poppers. $2

    the jalapeno poppers were so good, they sold out before the fest was over. doomie’s had loads of other stuff that i didn’t personally taste, but i hear it was all awesome…

    doomie's mexican shrimp cocktails. $2

    doomie's vegan sushi. $3

    doomie's shredded beef taquitos. $3

    doomie's empanadas. $3

    amelia's coconut porter beer frosting cupcakes. $3

    YES, doomie’s did come through with the beer frosting cupcakes! they ran out of these as well!

    doomie's chocolate covered bacon. $1

    in addition to serving up food, doomies had a big announcement…that their restaurant is re-opening next month in a new location. how exciting is that?!

    the doomie’s crew also teamed up with the folks from the fresh fries truck and helped them veganize their menu with homemade ranch and thousand island.

    the vegan fresh fries menu!

    the doomie's and fresh fries crew

    fresh fries with doomie's vegan ranch. $4.50

    vampire repellent minced garlic fries. $5

    curry crazy fries: vegan curry mayo, curry ketchup, and mango chutney. $5

    fresh fries also made a special vegan version of their curry crazy fries (which normally contain real mayo), and it was delicious! the creamy curry sauce is one of the best condiments i’ve ever tasted. man, i wish they had a vegan version on the menu all the time! SO GOOD!

    the frankenstand was also on hand with delicious vegan sausages as usual. nic adler, owner of the roxy, went a little crazy with the frankenstand toppings…one of everything to make a “suicide” sausage…

    the witch sausage made with full sail ale. $4

    i also spotted jamie, one the volunteers, taking a break with a franken. (no bun, for a low carb option!)…

    of course we filled up on mandoline grill goodness as well. they went all vegan especially for the fest, and even had some new menu items on hand.

    mandoline grill lemon grass tofu banh mi. $6

    we can never resist the tofu banh mi, it’s probably the best sandwich in los angeles.

    our other blogger buddies alix and shawn were digging the mandoline grill sandwiches as well.

    mandoline grill vegan nachos. $4.50

    we also got an order of nachos, which come covered in sriracha aioli, fried tofu, jalapeno, mint and scallions. incredible!

    mandoline grill summer roll. $2

    i got a summer roll as well…vermicelli noodles, fried tofu, and fresh mint wrapped in rice paper…very tasty and refreshing.

    crispy banana spring roll roleed in cinnamon and sugar. $2

    mandoline grill hooked us up with something i’d never tried before, vegan crispy banana spring rolls! i hope they add these to the menu, who doesn’t love deep fried sugary things?!

    seabirds truck came all the way from orange county to serve food at the LA vegan beer fest, and everyone gave them a warm welcome. their avocado tacos and jackfruit taquitos were so popular that they sold out before i got a chance to try them. i did get a chance to eat other things from seabirds though, and it was all excellent.

    seabirds burger: seed and nut patty topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and thousand island. $5

    seabirds locals burrito: potatoes, organic beans, brown rice, caramelized onions, guacamole, and vegan sour cream. $6

    seabirds jerk jackfruit taco: jerk seasoned jackfruit topped with onion, cilantro, and green salsa. $2

    seabirds makes the best jackfruit i’ve ever tried, and lots of people at the fest said the same thing.

    seabirds hummus nachos: truck made pita chips, creamy hummus, grilled peppers and onions, jalapenos, diced tomatoes, tzaziki and cilantro. $6

    the hummus nachos were a new item at the seabirds truck, and they were phenomenal! the pita tasted so fresh, and the hummus was beyond creamy. i hope they add them to the regular menu.

    yalla truck was also at the fest in full force, serving up an entirely vegan menu of falafel sandwiches! i ordered my favorite one, the firestarter, and it was perfect.

    yalla firestarter: falafel, red cabbage salad, pickled turnips, pepperonchini, onion salad, pickled carrots. dressed with shaata (chili paste and tahini) $4

    in fact, yalla truck was SO GOOD, even JESUS HIMSELF WAS THERE!

    yep, jesus came out to support LA's first vegan beer fest!

    in addition to food and unlimited beer, there were also bands playing all day inside the roxy…

    and on the rox, the bar above the roxy, was open as a vip area…

    stairs going up to on the rox. oh hey look, it's paul! the quarrygirl mascot!

    it was super cool drinking at on the rox, because john lennon use to hang out there regularly in the 70s!!

    they also had an exclusive beer just for vips upstairs, speakeasy’s the don…an 11% triple ipa. let’s just say that some very important persons were getting very wasted.

    drinkin' the don on the rox

    after an action-packed day of drinking and eating, we were very sad to have to kick everyone out and clean up. thanks again to all the fantastic volunteers who helped out and got to drink up the leftovers.

    LA vegan beer fest volunteers are THE BEST!

    overall, the LA vegan beer fest was incredible. it was by far the best beer fest i’ve ever been to, and i’m not saying that just because i helped organize it! the crowd was super chill, the food was amazing, there was tons of beer, and nobody got out of hand. i’ll remember it as a wonderful day for the rest of my life.

    much love to tony and paige from tony’s darts away and nic and tina from the roxy. let’s make this an annual shindig!

  • November 6th, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    hey everyone! the LA vegan beer fest is TODAY and there are still tickets available at the door! please come down to the roxy and party with us from 1pm – 5pm!

    ticket price is $45 and includes 5 bands and UNLIMITED BEER from several craft breweries including stone, eagle rock brewery, bootlegger’s, ballast point, new belgium, speakeasy and many many more!

    there will be an insane amount of vegan food for sale as well from folks like doomie’s, seabirds truck, mandoline grill, yalla truck, fresh fries, and the frankenstand. check out the sneak peaks of the doomie’s and seabirds menu. EPIC!

    fest details are as follows:
    1pm to 5pm
    $45 for unlimited beer and music (proceeds go to ARME! this is for a good cause, people!)
    at the roxy
    9009 w sunset blvd
    west hollywood, ca 90069

    PS: please bring your NON-VEGAN friends and just sell this as a beer fest! this is a GREAT deal for unlimited beer, and it just may introduce them to how lovely vegans and vegan food can be. 🙂

  • November 5th, 2010quarrygirlLA restaurants, seabirds

    what up everyone! seabirds truck has just released their menu for the LA vegan beer fest taking place tomorrow at the roxy, and it looks AMAZING.

    Beer Battered Avocado Taco - Topped w/shredded cabbage, red onion and creamy tequila-jalapeno sauce. $2

    the all vegan truck’s menu will include:

    Sweet Potato Fries
    Beer Battered Avocado Taco
    Jerk Jackfruit Taco
    BBQ Tofu Taco
    Locals Burrito
    Potato-Jackfruit Taquitos
    Seabirds Burger
    BBQ Burger
    Hummus Nachos (truck made pita chips topped with our creamy hummus, grilled peppers & onions, chopped tomato, jalapenos, cucumber-mint tzaziki and cilantro)

    i’ve eaten at seabirds before, and i can definitely say that everything they make is amazing. i am beyond excited to try out this menu, especially the brand new hummus nachos!

    hope to see ALL OF YOU at the vegan beer fest tomorrow! UNLIMITED BEER, music, and the best food in town!

    no fees: call 310-278-9457 or visit the roxy theatre box office at 9009 w sunset blvd. (opening hours are 10am – 6pm monday through friday, plus 8pm-12am tuesday through Sunday.)
    you can also order tickets right now online at ticketmaster!

    proceeds go to ARME!

    ticket prices for the LA vegan beer fest include unlimited beer and music. food is sold separately!

  • November 5th, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    hey everyone! our friends at drink eat travel are giving away a pair of tickets to the LA vegan beer fest. you only have until noon to enter, so head over to their site and do it! GOOD LUCK!

  • November 4th, 2010quarrygirlfresh fries, LA restaurants, vegan events

    you probably haven’t heard about it, because it’s been on the super down low…but we are throwing an EPIC VEGAN BEER FEST on saturday with tony’s darts away at the roxy! and you should come!

    one of the huge perks of the beer fest is that ALL of our top 5 food trucks will be there, and each one of them will be serving an ENTIRELY VEGAN MENU. this is especially exciting news when it comes to fresh fries.

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  • November 3rd, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    today was a happy day in my email inbox, because i got a message from doomie’s home cookin’ about their potential menu at saturday’s upcoming LA vegan beer fest.

    the famous frito pie! fritos smothered with chili and cheese. PLUS MUCH MORE...

    i am no stranger to doomie’s pop up events, and i know that under any circumstance, they can make ambitious food that tastes amazing. they are gonna be taking over the roxy kitchen on saturday for the fest, and serving up an insane menu. here is what they have penciled in (all vegan, duh!):

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  • November 2nd, 2010quarrygirlvegan events

    LA’s first vegan beer fest is almost here! it’s happening this saturday november 6th at the roxy from 1pm – 5pm. there’s gonna be bands, food, and UNLIMITED BEER! proceeds from the event go to animal rescue media education, so this is your chance to get buzzed for a good cause. do you have your ticket yet?! you should!

    to get tickets now at an advance discount price with no fees, call 310-278-9457 or visit the roxy theatre box office at 9009 w sunset blvd. (opening hours are 10am – 6pm monday through friday, plus 8pm-12am tuesday through Sunday.)

    you can also order tickets right now online at ticketmaster!

    if you like beer and vegan food, you have no excuse to miss this. here are some of the awesome things that are gonna be at the fest:

    yeah, for the price of admission you get to see five vegan bands perform including paul chesne, owlacid, holland greco, ease up and makepeace brothers. i’ve heard great things about these guys, so i’m really looking forward to checking them out on saturday.

    there is going to be so much craft beer there, as much as you can drink in fact. we are gonna have over 50 beers from over 20 of our favorite breweries including bootleggers brewery, eagle rock brewery, ballast point, speakeasy, lagunitas, stone, and many many more. AND ALL THE BEERS WILL BE VEGAN! it’s a dream come true.

    the food for sale at the vegan beer fest is gonna be INSANE! doomie is making a return and taking over the roxy’s kitchen to make all sorts of crazy stuff. we are gonna try to get a hold of his menu soon and post it here. the frankenstand will also be there in full force with its gourmet vegan sausages, as well as OUR TOP 5 FOOD TRUCKS IN LA: seabirds, mandoline grill, fresh fries, and yalla truck. they will all have entirely animal-free menus for the fest, so this will definitely be the biggest gathering of vegan street food that LA has ever seen.

    fried potato and jackfruit taquitos from seabirds truck

    on top of the unlimited beer, great music, and huge selection of vegan food, this is the perfect chance to get out and mingle with other folks. bring your non-vegan friends and show them that we can party and put on fun events too, without killing animals. yay!

    hope to see you all there! feel free to comment if you are coming. let’s have a meet up at the fest!

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