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    if you are a vegan in los angeles, you may already be aware of the depressing fact that doomie’s home cookin’ (one of our favorite restaurants ever) has closed its doors. they are currently looking for a new place to set up shop, but for now doomie’s is no more. you still have one last chance to eat doomie’s food though, you can head over to silver lake tomorrow and pay ten bucks for an epic all-you-can-eat vegan feast.

    2 flavors of doomie's vegan mac n cheese!

    2 flavors of doomie's vegan mac n cheese!

    doomie’s is throwing two parties this weekend, both all-you-can-eat buffets to get rid of their perishable food, and to remind the vegan community what a kick ass restaurant they were. i attended the shindig today in south gate, and it was fucking amazing. i implore you to go check them out on the eastside tomorrow, this could be your last chance to eat the genius vegan food that is doomie’s.

    doomie's home cookin', squatting in the m-vision graphics warehouse in south gate.

    doomie's home cookin', squatting in the m-vision graphics warehouse in south gate.

    we drove all the way from hollywood to get our doomie’s fix and arrived in south gate at around 3:30pm. by the time we got there, the place was already buzzin’ with vegan hipsters carrying patch-covered backpacks and strange old hippie types with animal rights slogans printed on their t-shirts. there was a box for payment, ten bucks a head, sitting on the table and everyone was on the honor system to kick down some cash and hopefully a donation towards the reopening fund. doomie was standing behind a long table, cooking dish after dish, adding more and more food to the buffet table as people lined up pile their plates high with vegan goodness.

    the doomie crew serving it up!

    the doomie crew serving it up!

    hungry vegans!

    hungry vegans!

    everything on the table was flat-out delicious, and even as we were leaving, doomie was cooking up more recipes. i looked around the warehouse and almost everyone was holding an empty plate, patting their stuffed bellies, and still eyeing up the trays of food. people who had never tried doomie’s found a reason to be depressed like the rest of us; the food is just so fucking good, and it’s a shame it won’t be available anymore.

    spicy gumbo, herbed macaroni and cheese, delicious pot roast

    spicy gumbo, herbed macaroni and cheese, delicious pot roast

    the husband and i tried to sample a bit of everything, and i think we left about ten pounds heavier. pictured above are the spicy seafood gumbo, a new type of herbed mac n cheese, as well as a hearty pot roast. all of it was very tasty, but the pot roast was out of this world. seriously, the fake meat was all thick and succulent, the gravy was rich and salty, and the vegetables were chunky and and soft. pot roast may sound kind of standard or boring, but this was some of the best food i’ve ever eaten. and i’ve eaten a lot of food, man!

    i also finally got to try doomie’s standard mac n cheese, and OMFG i LOVED it!

    mac n cheese with salad.

    mac n cheese with salad.

    this was some of the best vegan mac i’ve ever had. this could take the pepsi challenge with any other vegan mac n cheese shit, any day of the fuckin’ week. what the hell does doomie put in his cheese sauce? it was so thick and creamy, and tasted like REAL cheese in a really creepy and exciting way. i could have eaten like 5 helpings…but with all that food there, i had pace myself. the salad was also damn good.

    doomie's burger, piled high with bacon and slathered with cheese.

    doomie's burger, piled high with bacon and slathered with cheese.

    in between cooking amazing mac n cheese and quite possibly the best pot roast ever, doomie was taking special burger orders as well. the husband and i split a cheesy bacon burger and it was INSANE. they had chili burgers as well, but we skipped those because of the mess factor. regardless, our burger was awesome—from the perfectly grilled patty, to the crispy rashers of bacon, to the runny cheese sauce. i am so glad we got to try it. the crowd was super pleased as well, everyone i saw with burgers shoved in their mouths were chewing and smiling at the same time.

    frito pie! fritos smothered with chili and cheese.

    frito pie! fritos smothered with chili and cheese.

    lastly, we helped ourselves to a serving of frito pie. it was basically chili cheese nachos with fritos instead of tortilla chips. talk about guilty pleasure. i don’t even want to think of what went into this dish…all i know is that it didn’t contain any dead animal body parts, and it tasted incredible. again, the cheese sauce was killer…it tasted just like that sketchy but tasty runny stuff that comes out of a pump and covers nachos at the movie theater or the baseball stadium. sinfully authentic vegan food. i love it.

    that’s it. i tried, but i couldn’t eat anymore. as we were leaving, doomie was well into cooking some mashed potatoes and asked someone, “hey, where are the pie crusts?” we took that as our cue to run for the door. dude, too much good food! and whatever the heck involved mashed potatoes and pie crusts, well, i’m sure that was great too.

    so go, go, go, GO to silver lake tomorrow and eat what doomie has to offer. who knows, this may be your last chance. i can tell you, you will definitely get your ten bucks worth and probably eat some of the best vegan food you’ve ever tried. go there, eat lots, and tip well. you and doomie both deserve it.


    R.I.P. DOOMIE’S HOME COOKIN’ (at least for now). let’s hope doomie’s reopens again very soon. here’s to arguably the best restaurant ever to serve up affordable and tasty vegan food in los angeles. it’s an outright crime that they were only open for 3 short months.

    for all of you who want to reminisce, click here. and here.

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  • Five hours later I’m still stuffed from Doomie. He knows how to feed us hungry vegans, for sure. And, something I’ve noticed in the few times we’ve met is what a nice guy he his. It must have been tough for him preparing all that food with zillions of people milling around, but he was smiling the entire time. Also, his girlfriend – who had waited on us a couple of times when we’d been at the restaurant – recognized us and thanked us for coming. I think the thanks go to Doomie and her for putting on a great show, and feeding us all so well. I miss them already.

  • Wow I’m so sorry I missed this!!! That is one hell of a feast! I have faith in the Doomie crew to get their restaurant back in business!

  • To say that I’m salivating while reading all this and looking at your pictures sounds cliche, but it’s true. Damn… it all looks so freeeking good!

    I am so glad that you’ve finally had the glory that is Doomie’s mac & cheese. The world needs to know.

  • lex and foodeater: you should have been there! it was epic. you should definitely go tomorrow if you can, you won’t be sorry.

    thanks for the compliment on my pix, foodeater! i can tell you, the food tasted even better….!

  • Actually, the spicy seafood gumbo you had was our seafood pasta salad and the herbed mac ‘n’ cheese was our creamy pesto! Haha. Seafood gumbo was busted out a bit after you left (Doomie and I didn’t see you guys leaving! We didn’t get a chance to say bye!) And the pesto didn’t turn out so creamy because of being reheated in the buffet warmers… and because of that I say…our mac ‘n’ cheese is usually better too! At a certain temperature the sauce breaks and loses its creaminess, but we’re glad you liked it anyway.

    Thank you both again so much for coming! We totally weren’t expecting that kind of turn out…we actually have to cook some more stuff tonight to make it worth while for people tomorrow! Haha.

  • Awesome site! I’m sorry to have to miss such an awesome restuarant. I’m glad I found this site as I will be moving to Cali soon. Nashville just doesn’t do it forme in terms of veg resturants.

  • We’ll be going to the one on Glendale today. I can’t wait!

  • This was seriously THE SHIT! Doomie & Melanie are super duper nice & cook up some awesome food. I was so excited to finally get some Doomie’s grub in my tummy. The mashed potatos & gravy and chicken burger were awesome too! Thanks you guys!

  • I’m going to head over for dinner/day 2 of binging. I didn’t eat anything for the rest of the night last night! I hope there’s still food left tonight!

  • We went on Sunday, and it was awesome as well! It was great to taste a bunch of stuff that I hadn’t tried before. And I will miss that mac ‘n cheese… (tear)

  • that menu sounds so delicious and decadent. Yum, look at the melty cheeze.

  • I missed it, just couldn’t get away but hopefully they are able to find a new location and start cooking again.

  • oh. my. GOD. Paradise! I want to hit up that mac n’ cheese.

  • Oh man, I wish this would have been the weekend I was in town!

  • Man, I just read about Doomies on your blog just a week or two ago (after they closed) and now I read about this a week too late. :[ I knew Phil was selling food sometimes at Club Violaine (also at Roberto’s) but I never heard about his restaurant.

    Shoot, I was just downtown on Sunday too!

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