• weekend chillin’ with a zico martini

    November 8th, 2009quarrygirlproducts

    vegan zico martini

    ahhhh…what better way to finish off a weekend than with some trusty vegan booze. today’s poison was vodka, mixed with a healthy amount of zico pure coconut water.

    you see, the nice folks over at zico sent me a generous case of products to sample with not just their plain coconut water, but their mango and passion fruit flavors as well. i thought, what better way to put this stuff to use than to make a fucking bomb martini with it…and luckily zico had a recipe for just that on their website. there are actually several drink recipes to choose from online, but i went with the mangotini—3oz of zico mango and 2oz of vodka, garnished with a twist of lemon and a cherry.

    this drink went down so smooth…maybe even a little too smooth, considering the mango/coconut combination completely masked the taste of alcohol! this thing was super refreshing and really hit the spot. i’m so used coconut flavor in much heavier dishes, but this light drink was a welcome change. plus, it was absolutely delicious.

    and not only does coconut water taste great, but it’s supposedly pretty healthy. it has got loads of electrolytes and more potassium than a banana…maybe that’s why its tag line is “nature’s sport drink”. i can tell you, i sure felt awesome after drinking this martini. i can’t wait to bust into the passion fruit flavor.

    check out zico’s website and twitter for more info. and here in LA, you can buy zico at whole foods!

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  • Ummm…next time I’m at your place, will you please make me one of those? 🙂

  • I drink Vita Coco in my martini’s after work, try the pineapple flavored one. (I’ve always preferred it over Zico) It also works like magic on hangovers.

  • I agree with Ella– I like Vita Coco better than Zico because it has less sodium and is organic.

  • I agree with Ella and Rebecca… the vita coco flavors are better! you should absolutely switch over. Also, try freezing it and eating it as a sorbet

  • Vita Coco is delicious because it’s all natural. There’s no sugar in it and yet it still tastes great! My favorite flavor is tangerine I love the citrus with the coconut water.

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