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    UPDATED 2011: since the time of this post, a new revolutionary vegan cheese called daiya has come along. it melts and stretches like real cheese, and is available at whole foods and ralphs. you can read our review of it here. also, teese has come out with a new and improved version of their product that is vastly superior to the one below. lastly, cheezly is no longer available in the united states. so as it stands today, 2 years later, cheezly is still the best tasting vegan cheese, but daiya and teese are close behind and are pretty easy to find.

    PIZZA!! it’s the one thing i really miss as a vegan. i fantasize about one day in my future, when nondairy cheese is just as convincing as vegan ice cream—when the soy stuff tastes and feels like the real thing. until then, i am constantly looking for the best solution, even if that means ordering several vegan cheeses online and pitting them against each other in the ultimate pizza challenge. …so here it goes!

    sheese, teese, cheezly, and follow your heart. which vegan cheese will prevail?

    sheese, teese, cheezly, and follow your heart. which vegan cheese will prevail?

    we took all the top retail vegan cheeses and they faced off in the ultimate pizza contest. the contenders consisted of all the top competitors: follow your heart, sheese, cheezly and teese. we ordered them all online at veganessentials.com and used them all on a standard, basic, homemade pizza crust.

    let’s start off by defining the rating system. we will determine the absolute best of these cheeses by evaluating them based upon 5 very simple qualifications: taste uncooked, taste cooked, meltyness, value, and availability. the scale is on a 1 – 5 scale, 5 being the best of the best of the best.

    1.) teese

    from the ordering website: “Teese is the exciting new vegan cheese made by the Chicago Soydairy, makers of the popular Temptation brand vegan ice cream. Teese is the first dairy-free and casein-free cheese that melts and tastes like a real dairy cheese. Teese is crafted through a proprietary process by certified “Teesemakers” to taste just like artisanal cheese. Teese promises to deliver the taste and melt non-dairy connoisseurs have sought for years”

    teese pizza

    teese pizza

    taste uncooked: the taste raw is definitely sour. cheese-like, but weird, wet and waxy. 3 out of 5

    taste cooked: pretty close to real cheese, i’ll take it! 4 out of 5

    meltyness: teese’s melt factor was insane! we threw this pizza in the oven, and when it came out, the cheese on top was a pinkish SOUP. i have tried a few times subsequently, and it seems that teese cheese always turns into pink mush. i found if you let it cool for about 10 minutes, the pink teese soup turns into a decent edible pizza cheese, thus ultimately warranting a 3 out of 5

    teese melty-ness

    teese melty-ness

    value: teese is $7.49 for 16 oz, that works out to $0.47/oz. 4 out of 5

    availability: not sold in my area, but always available online. 4 out of 5

    2.) sheese

    from the ordering website: “imported from Scotland, Sheese is a delicious alternative to dairy-based cheese that’s firm in texture and is by far the best eat-straight-from-the-package vegan cheese we’ve ever tried. It can also be used in many recipes, too – it takes a bit longer to melt than other vegan cheeses due to the firmness, but it works extremely well in just about any recipe you use.”

    sheese pizza

    sheese pizza

    taste uncooked: oddly enough, this stuff grated beautifully, but it tasted like ice cream! there wasn’t a sour raw flavor to it, instead something oddly vanilla or cake-like. 3 out of 5

    taste cooked: when cooked, the vanilla taste of sheese was not so prominent. it was still a tad to sugary, but had definite hints of mozzarella. 4 out of 5

    melty-ness: sheese just straight up refuses to melt. you can see, the grated shreds just sit there, after 45 minutes in the oven, totally refusing to budge. 1 out of 5

    sheese melty-ness

    sheese melty-ness

    value: sheese typically costs 8.69 for an 8 oz package—this equates to $1.08/oz. 2 out of 5

    availability: while sheese isn’t available at your typical whole foods, it’s pretty easy to find. grab it online at veganessentials or one of the many vegan specialty internet grocers. 4 out of 5

    3.) follow your heart vegan gourmet

    from the ordering website: “Hailed as the best American-made vegan cheese, Vegan Gourmet melts beautifully and has a delicious, authentic cheese flavor. Perfect for topping pizzas, pastas, Mexican dishes, or shredded plain in salads!”

    follow your heart vegan gourmet pizza

    follow your heart vegan gourmet pizza

    taste uncooked: edible but not great. the shreds were wet and waxy and a slight taste of chemicals…WTF. 2 out of 5

    taste cooked: when on homemade pizza, follow your heart still has a strange taste. while not as prominent as when raw, there is a definitely chemical flavor. 3 out of 5.

    meltyness: follow your heart cheese melts sometimes; and in my experience, even after a round in the oven, it needs some microwave love to get it melted. plus, it started falling off the pizza in big clumps. 3 out of 5

    follow your heart melty-ness

    follow your heart melty-ness

    value: vegan gourmet does very well in this category—it seems that follow your heart is basically giving this shit away! a mere $4.69 for a 10 oz package puts it at a shocking $0.47/oz! 4 out of 5

    availability: finally, follow your heart’s reach is just as impressive as its price tag. i find this shit in basically every whole foods, and even some ralphs outlets. i’m in la, so i can’t speak for the rest of the country, but here the availability is 5 out of 5

    4.) cheezly

    from the ordering website: “Cheezly is simply incredible and must be tasted to be believed. We’ve never used a vegan cheese that melts this well AND tastes so much like real dairy cheese! Ideal for pizzas, quesadillas, pastas, grilled cheese sandwiches- anything you can imagine melting cheese onto or into!”

    cheezly pizza

    cheezly pizza

    taste uncooked: cheezly tasted pretty damn good raw. it was firm, chewy and slightly sour. pretty fucking impressive. 4 out of 5

    taste cooked: the taste of the cheezly on a pizza was absolutely delicious. it was salty, cheesy, milky, and probably the best tasting fake cheese i’ve ever had. 5 out of 5

    meltyness: cheezly’s melt factor was awesome. pretty much like real cheese. 4 out of 5

    cheezly melty-ness

    cheezly melty-ness

    value: when it’s not on sale, cheezly will run you $8.95 for 6.7 oz, that’s $1.34/oz! whoa!! pretty pricey. 1 out of 5

    availability: cheezly is only available for me in los angeles via internet order. still, it’s pretty easy to find online. 4 out of 5

    and now, for the results!


    in the end, teese and cheezly tied for the win with 18 points! follow your heart was right behind with 17 points, and sheese coming in last with 14 points.

    even though teese scored the same number of points, cheezly will always be the winner in my book. cheezly won most of its points on pure taste, but fell behind because it’s 3 times the price of teese. so if you don’t mind paying extra, go with cheezly. in my opinion, it is the best tasting vegan cheese.

    there ya have it. now go eat some vegan pizza! you’re welcome.

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  • Ooh, thanks for this great post! I’ve been making pizzas a lot these days and the casein in the soy cheese was depressing, almost as depressing as a naked, cheezless pie. Can’t thank you enough.

  • awesomely informative post, thanks for doing the dirty work!

  • Great info! VERY helpful. Cheezly again proves that you get what you pay for … but three times more? Yikes! I’d like to add one more category where Cheezly would also be the clear winner: “Best Looking When Photographed”!

  • Thanks for the post. As the developer of the FYH Vegan Gourmet Cheese I value the information. I would prefer if you didn’t refer to it as “shit” though, as the things you write stay on the internet forever. I did see that you raved about FYH cheese on your blog about the “Best Pizza Ever” on Sept. 23, thank you. http://archives.quarrygirl.com/category/other-cool-shit-you-may-be-interested-in/products/follow-your-heart/
    Tomatoe Joe’s (in Santa Clarita) does a fantastic job with our cheese and if you follow the directions on the package you should get pretty good results as well. Just a tip for next time and for anyone else who reads this, you get better results when the cheese is on top, with toppings underneath. Our cheese is designed to achieve a full melt on a pizza cooked at 450 degrees.
    The reason our cheese costs less than the others is because we we’ve worked very hard to have a large distribution area. It’s made in the United States
    (Southern California) and not imported, if you buy it in Canada though, it’s a little more pricey. If it cost more people would be complaining about the price, which sometimes they do. No matter what, you can’t please everyone. I’m just glad we can please enough people to support our large distribution network, and bottom line, if we’re helping people to be healthy and lessening the suffering of animals, that’s what I care about most.
    At FYH we are always working to improve our products, so thanks again for your valuable research. Also, you’ll be happy to know that in the next few months we will be releasing our new and improved cheeses, available everywhere our products are currently sold.

  • I can’t bring myself to taste any of them raw. I really like FYH. The fact that it can be easily found is a big plus. I LOVE white pizza. The Veganaise and FYH combo satisfies that craving.

  • Oh man new cheeses to try! I have to say I have much better luck melting the FYH cheese if it grated finely instead of with the large side of the grater.

    Thanks for the info!

  • earthknd: thanks for your comment, your cheese came in at second place..so you should be very proud!

    i didn’t call follow your heart cheese “shit” because of the way it tasted. i used the phrase “shit” to mean “stuff.” sentences like “they are giving this shit away” and “you can find this shit anywhere” wasn’t intended to offend or remark on the quality of the cheese. that’s the way i write, even about things i love. when i actually described the taste of FYH cheese, i was very literal ie. waxy, chemical-tasting, etc.

    i did love your cheese on tomato joe’s pizza! i have been to several places that got it melting pretty well. still, the taste isn’t quite up there with teese and cheezly, although their professional pizza ovens did wonders with your product.

    i’m looking forward to your new and improved vegan cheese, i have very high hopes. although teese and cheezly beat FYH taste-wise, i still buy your brand the most. like i said, it retails at a very reasonable price and is always available.

    you were a worthy opponent to the winners, believe you me.

  • adriana: cheezly is actually pretty good raw! you should try it out. while they are all better melted, i could definitely eat cheezly straight up with some wine.

    miss alix: i have tried that and it works! still not as melty as at the pro places, though. definitely helps, shredding it smaller.

  • Thanks for the taste test. I have wondered which vegan cheese is “good”, but don’t want to waste money on something that I may not like at all.
    I have to agree with Erthknd….I am really turned off when you talk about food being “shit”. I realize you mean stuff….but I don’t use that word to mean “stuff”…in my mind shit is shit….and I don’t eat shit. Reading that in a food blog leaves a bad taste in my mouth;-)
    But no worries Erthknd, I will try your product regardless lol.

  • Excellent review! I didn’t care for Cheezly and Sheese when I tried them. I like Teese, but I’m more likely to buy FYH because it’s local, I love FYH the store/restaurant, and it’s far easier to find in L.A. Obviously, because the other three aren’t sold at L.A. retailers!

    Score that you got a response from the FYH developer and I’m happy to hear that “new and improved” versions are on their way. I can barely wait to try those!

  • Oh geez, you gave them a better review than the product really deserves (in my opinion) and they are complaining that you used the (gasp!) “S-word”?

    Give me a break Follow Your Heart cheese people! You should be kissing her ass (oooops, I mean “butt”) and sending her boxes of free stuff for promoting your product for free to the vegan community rather than trying to tell her how she should express herself on her own blog! Nowhere in her review did she imply that your product itself is shit, that’s obvious to anyone who actually read this.

    Considering that most people out there usually have the same complaint, that your cheese will not melt no matter what, you really should be grateful that she choose to spotlight your product with a mostly positive review. They often can’t even get the cheese to melt even when I order it in your own restaurant, so all the right instructions in the world as to how to properly apply it to a pizza, etc… doesn’t make a difference if most of the people using the stuff can’t get it to work as intended.

  • Earthknd: WOW! What a sore loser you are. Truth be told that we vegans eat follow your heart cheese becuase we settle for it, not because we particularly like it. Can’t wait to try the new and improved formula. I’ll be first in line. How about a constrcutive comment that tell the secret of how you get the cheese to melt? I’m sure we’d all apreciate that. T

  • OMG! I totally want pizza now.

    You know, after trying many vegan cheeses I decided to just skip cheese on my pizzas. I don’t care for the vegan cheeses much. They never melt the way you want them to and they taste too ‘fake’ to me. But if I was ever really craving a cheese pizza I’d probably go with that cheezly stuff after reading this post. I haven’t tried that one yet, but it looks pretty good.

  • I’m LOLing at all the comments over the use of the word “shit.” C’mon people. But I get that Earthknd is probably worried it will show in Google rankings but who cares – once a user clicks the review they’ll see it wasn’t a description.

    Cheese is the no. 1 reason most of my friends won’t go vegan. I think I’m going to dedicate a chapter in my book to it.

  • Thanks for this post! I’ve only tried FYH, and will not buy it again. I’ve bookmarked cheezly to try in the future.

  • Or just eat some real goddamn cheese. It doesn’t hurt the cow. In fact, if you DON’T milk them, it causes severe discomfort, and infections will develop that can lead to death.

    So no, it’s not going to be bad if you eat some real cheese for once. It’s GOOD for the cows.

  • Also, Pizza Fusion is opening in Ocean Park this month and they do an awesome job with the FYH. Read more on my site under New Vegan Eats.

    This post is the shit! Thanks for going to all the trouble and putting these cheese together so well!

    When I do FYH I blend the Moz/Nacho/chedder (finely shredded) and then at the end of the bake time put some parchment paper over the crust (like a giant paper donut) and turn the oven to nuclear to melt it w/o burning the crust!

  • That was so fun to read! I need me some Cheezly now! I finally splurged on Teese a few months ago and liked it a lot, but I wasn’t able to finish it all within the 3 weeks of opening it… It’s hanging out in my freezer and I’m hoping it is still usable on something.

    Anyway, keep up the awesome posts! I’m in vegan cheeseland now, hehe. First I need some pizza and some grilled cheese next!

  • I agree with this! Teese is great for pizza (turn the temp down a bit & it doesn’t go all molten lava) & I adore Cheezly mature cheddar for grilled sandwiches. Ooh baby! You’d better be in London eating Grilled Cheezly right now!

  • I’d like to see “Anon” with his/her teats strapped into one of those milk suction devices, having their bodily fluids forcible sucked out day in and day out. Then we can talk to him afterwords to find out just how comfortable and good for him it really was. Oh, but we won’t be able to because by that point, after his body finally gives up from the strain of forced milking and malnutrition, he will have already been slaughtered before we get a chance for our interview. So much for forced milking as a cure for disease and death.

    “It’s good for the cows”. Yeah, the cows just love that shit. Turn off your tv Anon, those “happy cows from California” propaganda commercials have begun to rot your brain and make you stupid.

  • I LOVE FOLLOW YOUR HEART ‘CHEESE’ THE BEST!!! i think all have to remember (specifically to whomever said something about ‘we vegans’ as if vegans are little programmed robots that think the same)- it comes down to personal taste. thank you Follow Your Heart and thank you all who try to make a kinder world for animals!!! i wish some of the people commenting here were more encouraging, nicer. don’t understand the attacks and cruelty. how is this helping?

  • oh – just noticed, it was ‘Taffy’ who had the ‘we vegans’ comment i so disagree with.

    again, don’t understand what looks to me like mean-ness (is this a word?)

  • wow anon, utter ignorance. check out the post i found on this topic:

    There is a requirement to add for anyone who wishes to research the humanity of that which one eats – to those who think it is only factory farming which is the problem, that it is ok to eat diary or organic meat or meat from family farms, or meat labeled as ethically raised. To confirm that the animals are being treated humanely, one needs to visit at the times in question. It was not until I moved next to a farm that I learned the whole picture allowing me to make a truly informed decision. I too was lulled into an ignorant complacency as for a time I watched mother cows and their calves grazing peacefully in big green fields, until that one day when it was time for the babies to be ripped from their mothers, either usually to be slaughtered or to be bred to repeat this pattern of cruel madness. I do not think I have seen anything more heartbreaking. Dairy and it’s horrors are from my experience the most brutal cruelty. As a parent please, ask yourself what the worst to endure would be. I write now in honor of these beautiful and innocent and heartbroken, suffering creatures… I close as always, in honor of my sweetest Zorro and Billy BraveHeart, and Henry and Harry and Gracey, and Thomison, and Flower and her calves who were ripped from her as she cried (“Oh, she’ll only cry for a day” and it was 10 or more days through the day and night). And for the four little ones, the most beautiful and precious four little goats, who were rounded up and lifted by their hooves upside down and thrown in a car and taken from the huge green fields, the safe and only home they’d ever known, in which they’d fearlessly under the careful watch of their mom’s played and jumped and danced, thrown into the back of a car and taken away, never to see their mothers and friends and family again – who I saw the next day (I went to beg and plead to get them back) terrified, huddled together in an almost black stall in a dirty barn, the sunlight which had been their constant comfort denied them now, refusing to eat or drink, trembling alone, sheer terror in their eyes while the rest of the herd, over a hundred goats screamed and searched the fields and woods, ran through fences, frantically looking for the lost babies, crying and searching for DAYS!!! Heartbroken. I was not able to reunite them. The pain I witnessed… now the tears fall.

    To choose kindness, to vote yes on Prop 2, to go vegan can help end this insane cruelty. It is a moral decision and each of us must make it. There is only one right choice.

    – for the four and for the forty, for the fifteen and for the two hundred and twenty

    and for all of their lost loved ones

    … in honor of my sweetest Zorro, always –

  • Thanks for all your hard (yet deliciously rewarding!) work. What a thorough study! I’m too lazy to locate these awesome “cheeses” and try my hand at homemade pizza at the moment, so I think the next best thing is a trip to That’s Amore. Thanks, you’ve got me craving “cheesy” goodness once again. 😉

  • Such an awesome post. Cheezly has my heart right now. Even though it’s really expensive for a vegan cheese, it doesn’t even compare to how much the best real cheese costs.

  • WOW WOW WOW… Everyone loosen up. Erthknd don’t be so uptight.

    I <3 Foodeater. Period.

    Thanks for the tip on Cheezly, I’ll only trying because you said so 😉

  • FWIW; the FYH Monterey Jack is much better on a pizza than their Mozzarella. The Jack cheese doesn’t have that nasty sour aftertaste.

  • great experiment. i tried the same thing and was equally impressed with cheezly; tastes the best raw and melts really well.

  • Cheezly is definitely the best for pizza, but make sure to buy one of the “super-melting” varieties (mozzarella, edam, gouda), as regular Cheezly doesn’t melt nearly as well on pizza. I agree that putting Cheezly UNDER the toppings is the way to go. Melty Cheezly doesn’t keep nearly as long as Sheese or regular Cheezly though, so if you’re not using the entire block within a few days, freeze it. It’s easy to grate when it’s been partially thawed.

    I LOVE Sheese, though I’ve never tried their mozza; the Blue, Strong Cheddar and Hickory Smoked Cheddar are really tasty. Sheese and regular Cheezly WILL melt in sauces, and they can be used to make great scalloped potatoes, mac & cheese, cauli & cheese, etc etc. They are also fine in lasagne (not on top, but between the layers of noodles & sauce). I’ve used Sheese successfully on pizza to add a richer flavour, but I’ll add a light finely grated layer on top of the tomato sauce, then put melty Cheezly and toppings over that.

  • You’re the pizza queen! Thanks for breaking it all down!
    I first read this post while I was on the Master Cleanse and I kept coming back every day to torture myself. All of your pizzas look divine! Y-U-M!!! 🙂

  • Yummy… soy milk and oil… that’s all these faux cheeses are, and they contain a LOT of fat… more than the equivalent of whole milk mozzarella.

    Here’s the numerical analysis:

  • One reason I’m not a vegan is vegan cheese. My husband likes it far more than me. I prefer to eat less, but real cheese.

    I mixed up Sheeze and Teeze and bought some Sheeze for almost TEN BUCKS yesterday at Locali. (I love Locali and it’s a mile from home which rocks) My husband freaked when he saw how much it was.

    It does have a sweet taste and smell, it’s just odd. My husband swears that maybe it had gone bad, but it’s just sweet and weird.

    We made pizza with it last night. I don’t know WHAT happened but the pizza crust got way over cooked and wasn’t in long and the sheeze was just weird. We tried it once more this morning as an egg and cheese scramble…I couldn’t eat the eggs.

    So, I threw away ten bucks, because the rest really will go to the trash which is sad. Thank goodness the Hollywood Farmer’s Market is tomorrow. It’s not vegan, but we love buying the local farmers’ goat cheese. It is also ten bucks, but larger, and is so rich that it lasts a while.

    Thanks for your blog, I love it.

  • Cheezly makes the most amazing pizzas. I definitely agree with this review!

  • Foodeater,

    While I appreciate and agree with your sentiment in your reply to Anon, I have to admit, I’m still laughing…

    It must indeed be VERY inhumane, even beyond normal practices, when they try to hook up that poor “male cow’s” teats to one of those “milk sucking devices.”

  • Tray Cee, glad you’re amused… but not sure what you’re amused by or found so funny.

    I realize as does everyone else here (I assume) that only female cows can be milked. Anon left a stupid comment purely intent on being an asshole, so I left him an equally obnoxious reply. Obviously I know that male cows can’t be milked and I was just trying to make a point about where milk comes from and how cows are treated in the process. I think you got that point, right? So where’s the joke?

  • Wow… so glad to find this! As a new vegan, I was mourning my loss of cheesy pizza goodness… but how exciting! I tried FYH on a veggie burger once, and it didn’t melt in the slightest, and frankly I ended up chucking the slice because I was so turned off by the flavor (it was the chedder variety). I’m very encouraged to try the two winners and hopefully enjoy some cheesy pizza lovin soon!

  • This site has vegans calling cow cheese ‘real’ cheese- it’s cow cheese and soy cheese folks! Soy cheese is ‘real’ just touch it and find out. This site has people who don’t usually eat vegan cheese wanting to eat cheese- we all know that cow cheese and vegan cheese is not good for our health! And, this site is based on one person’s taste buds and their ability to cook. People have different tastes and some know how to cook better than others.

    I’m glad there are vegan cheeses for those babies out there who can’t give up the bad stuff but the reality is that cow or soy cheese is not good for our health.

    When vegetarians grow up they become vegans, when vegans grow up they forgo the junk foods and donate their ‘junk food’ money to help animals and in turn they have better health. Think about what we can do without, like cheese on the pizza, and give that money to help animals!!!! The pizza photos above look great WITHOUT the cheese.

    Thanks to the person who wrote this site because maybe it will encourage those who eat cow cheese to eat soy cheese instead which is, of course, better for the animals. Thanks to all the makers of vegan products who sell their foods for the ethical reasons of helping animals and not to line their pockets by exploiting vegans with overpriced junk foods.

  • Edit on post above:
    “This site has people who don’t usually eat vegan cheese wanting to eat cheese- we all know that cow cheese and vegan cheese is not good for our health!”

    Should say:
    This site has vegans who don’t usually consume vegan cheese wanting to try vegan cheese- we all know that cow cheese and the processed, vegan cheeses mentioned in this review are not good for our health!”

    Why not suggest/try some home made cheese recipes? You can make good tasting, healthy cheese sauces out of cashews and nutritional yeast for example.

  • Not *just* a vegan

    What a great post, thanks miss anthrope.

    If I want a cheese sauce for a cauliflower cheese sort of dish, I make one from nutritional yeast. The only faux cheese I use is Tofutti’s cream cheese, because it’s the only one that tastes like the dairy alternative and it can be eaten on crackers or in a sandwich, or softened (melted isn’t really the right word) on toast. I haven’t made a pizza since I became vegan, if I feel like pizza I usually order a cheeseless one from Dominos, but I would also use Tofutti cream cheese on that. I think it would be like having goat’s cheese on a pizza, which doesn’t really melt but is sort of lumpy.

    Personally I see nothing wrong with using meat/cheese/milk substitutes as a vegan. Eating faux cheese and tofu everyday isn’t healthy but it doesn’t make one less of a vegan. If a vegan craves some chicken and uses a substitute to kill the craving, I don’t see how that makes them “babies” or is a bad thing. If it doesn’t contribute to the exploitation of animals, it’s vegan in my book.

  • Thank you *SO* much for this insightful, honest review.

    I’ve been searching the net for a few days trying to find a review that compares all leading brands of vegan cheese and it took me a while to find this (I gues I typed the wrong thing into Google?) but it’s by far the most helpful information I’ve found!

    Thus far I’ve only tasted a few of the Cheezly products and have seen so many others blogging about Teese and Sheese – neither of which are easily accessible to someone who lives in Australia!! I’ve been so curious about whether it’s worth risking getting these items posted to Aust and whether they would make it untainted.

    It’s great to hear all this information… I hate it when people just rave about how great vegan cheeses are because I find most of them disgusting – especially the orange coloured cheddar style ones… Aussie cheddar is white and tastes nothing like that over done fake tan coloured wierd shit I have experienced thus far!! Hehe.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate all the trouble you’ve gone to with this!

  • I love follow your heart products and I used the cheddar flavor follow your heart cheese in my vegan lasagna. I mixed it into the tofu mixture and it was the best lasagna ever. So good. I am planning to use it in my pizza with their cream cheese and hot spicy tomato sauce.

  • Daiya Cheese is now the best Vegan Cheese out there and its awesome on pizza. http://www.dcvegan.com/2009/04/daiya-vegan-cheese-at-roots-market/

  • Ditto Foodeater, here, now, and forever and ever.

    Thanks Miss A for doing all this work! I happened to buy Teese yesterday at FYH’s market and got the last of the mozzarella flavor. I’m perfectly happy with cheeseless homemade pizza, but it’s fun to impress non-vegans sometimes.

    On the FYH cheese meltability: I recommend using the broiler on high, and watching it like a hawk. This works for nachos, at least. I also think the white cheeses (jack and moz) perform better than the yellows (cheddar and nacho), but I could be crazy.

    I do sort of think it’s strange that non-vegans would be so interested in a vegan food blog – and so vocal about their non-veganhood. But, hey, enjoy your goat and cow cheeses, try not to think about the kids and calves being fed milk substitutes so humans can consume their mother’s breast milk.

  • Love the survey. I’m trying very hard not to do dairy but I miss pizza soooooo much and I’m tired of nasty facimiles that cost way to much. I loved SOYA KAAS mozzarella style but it has casien in it. I’ve discovered this week that they now have VEGIE KAAS mozzarella that is totally vegan but I really don’t want to buy it without someone telling me they’ve tried it and found it at least on par with Cheezely.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    p.s……my natural food store guy has ordered a package for me to pick up by sunday 6/5. I would love to hear/read an opinion before then.


  • If anyone lives in the DC area and is looking to buy some Daiya cheese you can get it at either Roots Market or Pangea.

  • Got the Veggie Kaas as mentioned in my earlier post…….YUCK!!!! I was beyond disappointed especially since their Soya Kaas line is so good. Went to Whole Foods after and because they were out of FYH Mozzarella they gave me a free block of the FYH Monterey Jack. It’s very tasty if melted to liquid state, but has a horrible consistacy (crumbly) when eaten out of hand. I miss having a chunk of cheese with my apple SOOOOO much. I really wish Daiya would sell their product in stores because I need CHEEEEEESSSSEEEE!!!!

  • I know I am late on this…but have you tried the Tofutti brand of cheeses? We have been using the Toffuti American cheese slices for 4 yrs now and they are FANTASTIC!! Melt great. My son is allergic to dairy, and this has been a life saver…we make grilled cheese and pizza with it. Melts like cheese under the broiler and tastes pretty good raw.


  • Follow Your Heart is actually really good melted, BUT you must melt it in a pan with some oil first then pour it onto the pizza. I also mix some nutritional yeast into the pan too to give it a more intense flavor. When it comes out of the oven it has the bubbly cheesiness of real cheese.

    THE BEST cheese i have tried would have to be daiya. melts great! tastes good! even raw the stuff is addicting.

  • What temperature are you baking your pies at? I assume this would greatly affect the “melty-ness.” For instance, I usually bake pizzas at 550-600 on a stone for 6-8 minutes, and I have never had a problem getting Follow Your Heart to melt. Does anyone know if Sheese melts fine at higher temperatures?

  • There needs to be some organic vegan cheese out there!

  • Do you have your recipe for pizza crust? That looks so good. I am suddenly starving after reading this post. Your crust looks perfect–just how I like it. Chewy and delicious. Is the recipe on your blog? I couldn’t find it. I think vegan pizza is my favorite meal ever. But I’m still trying to perfect my crust.

    You can email me at justaudrey[at]yahoo[dot]com.

  • Erthknd, you and your company needn’t worry about the fact that these things stay on the internet forever, as this review convinced me that I should give Vegan Gourmet a try. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I’m new to vegetarianism and I’m trying to slowly cut out dairy and eggs. This is a huge help to me since most of the vegan cheeses I’ve tried so far have not been so great.

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