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  • what the hell….just a few months ago i was looking forward to them bringing more of their stuff to the US and now they’re doing the opposite???

  • Well shit. This sucks. I might as well kill myself.

  • Gauri Radha गौरी राधा

    Oh shucks, I hadn’t even tried this stuff yet!

  • NOOOO! Westerly in NYC was my go-to place for Cheezly. I went to buy more the other day and it was gone- I figured it was just them. THAT SUCKS. It was my absolute fave. BUMMERRRRRR.

  • If you want to pay an obscene (and I do mean obscene) amount of money, you can still buy it online from overseas retailers, like this Australian one: http://www.veganonline.com.au/groceries/non-dairy

    But I’d save that for a truly desperate moment. I think I’ll be good with Daiya for the time being. 🙂

  • Unfortunately Heather Mills bought, and is in the process of destroying, a perfectly good company: Redwood Foods. Paul McCartney’s stolen money with her compulsive lies (VBites in Brighton will never re-open – of that we know) have done more to harm the vegan community than Paul’s last wife, Linda Eastman, did with her penchant for milk and eggs.

    Heather: Please go away. Forever.

  • @sadvegan

    yeah, mills is a real fucking asshole. so nice at first then just chopped liver within minutes. nobody loves her. nobody even likes her.


  • you got me laughing and crying at the same time!

  • And here I was just on the verge of getting curious about Cheezly. Oh, well.

  • There needs to be a “Bring Back Cheezly” movement. Started by us. Does anyone else love Cheezly enough to harass them about distributing in the US?

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