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    vegans, rejoice! there is a new cruelty-free product on the block from none other than chicago soy dairy. if you aren’t familiar with them, they are the same folks who created teese, which tied for 1st place in our best vegan cheese for pizza showdown and also covers our favorite pizzas in los angeles. as if making great vegan cheese wasn’t enough, chicago soy dairy has recently rolled out their most convincing product yet…a line of treats called dandies vegan marshmallows. lemme tell ya, the word dandy doesn’t even begin to describe how tasty these sweet, moist, little, gelatin-free puffs are…they are nothing short of exceptional.

    vegan rice krispies treats made with dandies from chicago soy dairy!

    vegan rice krispies treats made with dandies from chicago soy dairy!

    i tested the dandies out in the standard rice krispies treat recipe from the kelloggs website, and the batch came out absolutely perfect. i haven’t had real rice krispies treats (or marshmallows for that matter!) in AT LEAST ten years, and still these little squares propelled me back in time to a place when eating cereal coated with gelatin was the uninformed yet delicious norm.

    dandies vegan marshmallows: $5.29/10 oz bag

    dandies vegan marshmallows: $5.29/10 oz bag

    i kept the recipe exactly the same as on the kelloggs website, but i substituted dandies for real marshmallows and used earth balance sticks in the place of margarine. i tasted a few of the dandies raw before making the rice krispies treats, and i can assure you that chicago soy dairy has nailed the exact marshmallow flavor AND texture. i ordered my dandies the moment they were available from veganessentials.com, and they were very quickly sold out. they are still currently out of stock, but for more updates you can always follow chicago soy dairy on twitter.

    dandies vegan marshmallows melting away!

    dandies vegan marshmallows melting away!

    i prepared the rice krispies treats exactly according to the original recipe…melting the dandies with margarine and mixing them up in a pan with the cereal. the dandies had a thick and gummy texture that was so close to real marshmallows, i could barely believe it! they melted down immediately and became a thick sticky stew that coated the spatula and kelloggs alike.

    when i let the cereal/dandies/earth balance mixture cool, it turned into a perfect slab of rice krispies treat that was easy to cut and tasted great. i am so used to eating the vegan brown rice marshmallow treats from trader joe’s, which suck ass compared to the dandies version. i even took a bite of each one side by side, and the dandies treats were so incredible, i don’t think i will ever buy the trader joe’s ones again. the vegan marshmallows were soft, creamy, and chewy…the rice krispies treat was in every way identical to its non-vegetarian counterpart.


    just for fun, i also tried roasting a dandie over the fire. it turned out perfectly. crispy edges and gooey insides, just like the real thing. if i were a camping person, i would definitely be loaded up with tons of dandies for campfire smores.

    melted dandies vegan marshmallow on top of some dark chocolate. yum.

    melted dandies vegan marshmallow on top of some dark chocolate. yum.

    lastly, i threw the dandies in some hot chocolate to see how they did. they got soft and mushy, again, just like real marshmallows. it was so awesome being able to just drink a mug of cocoa with puffy white marshmallows…a simple pleasure that’s been off limits to me for over a decade.

    hot chocolate piled high with vegan dandies marshmallows

    hot chocolate piled high with vegan dandies marshmallows

    so overall, dandies vegan marshmallows are a pretty impressive break through product. the marshmallow taste and texture are hard things to get right, and chicago soy dairy has got them both nailed. a+! i will be adding these to my list of staples to order from vegan essentials.

    for more info check dandies out on the web, on myspace, and on twitter.

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  • I can personally vouch for the ridiculous level of deliciousness. So good!!!

  • YES! Cue “We Are The Champions”. I am so excited. Ps. I’m hitting Purgatory Saturday. Will update you accordingly.

  • Oh QuarryGirl, why do you teese me so(y)..?!?!

  • Ohhhmyyygaaaawd… I want that for breakfast.

  • you’re making me hungry!

  • Uh, do Dandies tip the scale for Teese to be number 1? yea. Dandies are incredible…and very hard to stop eating.

  • Ahem, Avistrange, if there aren’t any left when you come home, I’m gonna beat you up! 😉 No, seriously, save me some!

  • OH MY GOODNESS, I want to try these new marshmallows ASAP! Look at you cooking up desserts, Miss Anthrope!

  • The real question here is: DO YOU DELIVER???

  • wow this is insanely good news. I was just lamenting the fact that I havent had a smore in a bazillion years, so I am totally pumped!

  • awesome review! i can’t wait to try them!

    would you mind if i linked to your site from my blog? (veganreview.wordpress.com) and should i link to your “products” category or your “vegan stuff” category? (or is there a better one?) thanks!

  • I have also made the Rice Krispies treats with an earlier batch of Dandies back when we were still in pre-production and they were indeed the best! I made them with brown rice though so I didn’t get the full experience.

    Your photos are top notch! Great post!

  • I had the exact same experience with Dandies. So, so good.

  • Hey! Your comment on Vegansaurus got erased?! I only saw it on the disqus alert and then when I went to go respond, I couldn’t find it. Maybe I am going crazy.


    However, your post is now going to be linked from the vegansaurus post because it is by far the best review of dandies online and maybe me cry out in jealousy. also, that hot chocolate looks more like hot marshmallows with splash of chocolate. genius!

  • i became a Vegan three years ago and i can say that my health have been very very good. meat and dairy substitutes like soy also works well for the body.

  • YES! They are awesome aren’t they? Exactly how I remember marshmallows tasting. I want to buy a bag at Food Fight and makes some smores soon 🙂

  • i like to fry marshmallow in an open fire, they taste really great.`*~

  • Hi! Is it Okay if I ask something kind of off topic? I am trying to view this page on my new iPad nonetheless it will not show up properly, do you may have any options? Thanks in advance!

  • Yes…it is good. I can’t deny it.

  • these look wicked (in a good way). i recently made vegan peanut butter chocolate chip rice crispy treats using The Kind Diet’s recipe and I thought they came out awesome (see my blog). They aren’t for traditional rice crispy purists, but they are fantastic if you want the gooey-ness without the bad fats or processed sugars. I really want to try these dandies though b/c i’d love to chop them up and mix them into the crispy treat. MMMMMMMM or do s’mores like you did. UGH. marshmellow-gasmic.

  • I actually tried these last year they are delicious! http://www.sweetandsara.com/

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